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Bronze medal game: USA/Finland open thread

Even though they lost to Canada in unimpressive fashion yesterday, Team USA can still win a medal today by beating the Finns and capturing the bronze. The Finns boast ex-Rangers Olli Jokinen, Lauri Kospikoski, and Jarkko Immonen, in addition to the a few stars (Tuukka Rask, Teemu Selanne, Kimmo Timmonen). The Finns don’t have much offensive punch, but they are probably the best defensive team in the Olympics this year. That stifling defense helped them beat Russia in the quarterfinals, and put up a good fight against Sweden in the semis.

Use this as your open thread for the game. Talk about anything you want, but keep it civil.

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  • They were favored for the game against Canada???? After that loss, they lost any heart that they had, too bad it was such a poor showing for the USA!!!!!

  • Bright side is McDonagh will be a Norris Trophy winner soon. He was spectacular even in both losses and Callahan blocking shots when it was 5-0 goes a long way. US should have had Ryan in the line up…I do not understand how Pacioretty was selected over Ryan and why Stepan did not play more as Stastny became invisible in the medal rounds. Patrick Kane ughhhh

  • For the Olympics McDonagh played the right side with Suter on the left and never looked like he was effected by playing his off side, but we never tried that with Del Zotto. Why didn’t we try the following?

    Staal Girardi
    Del Z McDonagh
    Moore Stralman

    I’m all for the Klein trade so far, but I don’t like what Del Zotto potentially could be for Nashville in a couple of years. Staal has played on the shut down pair with Girardi before, but from what I remember, I don’t believe we ever tried putting McDonagh with Del Zotto this year.

    • I don’t think you want to put your best defenseman on his off-side. He may be able handle it, but you want to put him in the best situation to succeed.

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