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USA/Czech Republic Open Thread

Yesterday afternoon, the Czech Republic defeated one-time country-mates Slovakia by a score of 5-3 in the qualification round. That win set up today’s game in the quarterfinals against Team USA for a spot to face Canada (probably) in the semi-finals. The Czechs actually came into pool play as the third ranked team in the world. The US was ranked #7 by the IIHF. Entering the quarterfinals, Team USA is ranked third and the Czechs seventh. My how times have changed.

Use this to discuss the game. Team USA is the better team, but the Czechs are still a solid squad. If Latvia can beat the Swiss, then anything can happen.

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      1. This game was more important to me than going to work today. All my Co-Plumbers are calling me asking why I’m not there getting soaked by the rain. US with a huge win over a tough Czech team. I thought the Czech team looked fast. Doesn’t the USA have the greatest goal differential in the tournament. +13 or +14.

  1. I have to leave for work by 2:30 the latest. This better be a blowout by then otherwise I’m gonna be late.

    1. My Grandmother was born in Riga so I was really pulling for the Latvians. They had the hated Candians on the ropes. Even tho they were out shot by 30 something SOG. USA vs Canada on Friday and the US looks like the most complete team in this tournament.

  2. Great showing so far by the Ranger representatives. Lundqvuist 2 shutouts, McDonagh arguably the best hockey player in the tournament…Hags, Cally…two thumbs up

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