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Identifying potential trade targets for Ryan Callahan

Still don't think he's going anywhere
Still don’t think he’s going anywhere

Last night, news broke that TSN’s Bob McKenzie joined the discussion about the possibility of trading Ryan Callahan. While McKenzie did not specifically state Cally would be traded, he alluded to the fact that he will either re-sign or be dealt by the trade deadline. I am sticking to my prediction that Cally re-signs, but when McKenzie says there’s a chance Cally will be traded, you listen.

I again need to be on record: A team that is in the thick of things in the conference –and has a legitimate shot at representing the Eastern Conference this May/June– doesn’t trade their captain. It doesn’t happen. That said, McKenzie’s comments have shifted things, and for the sake of argument, there are 29 teams that could use Cally’s services. So let’s go through these possibilities.

The Rangers (likely) aren’t trading Cally to an Eastern Conference foe. They won’t deal him to a team from the East that is going to make the playoffs. Any team that is out of the playoffs won’t deal assets for him. So the East is out.

The Blues are the heavily rumored target, since Chris Stewart has been a name linked to the Rangers. Of course, Cally for Stewart is a coup for the Blues. That isn’t happening. The conversation begins and ends with either Vladimir Tarasenko or Jaden Schwartz. I doubt the Blues consider that, but I’m not in the know. Let’s rule them out for now.

Vancouver and John Tortorella are the next logical target due to history. The only problem is that I don’t see the ‘Nucks dealing something worth while to land Cally. If you’re thinking you can get Ryan Kesler, think again. Is there anyone else in Vancouver that makes sense?

Colorado is a possibility, given the rampant scouting the past month. Paul Stastny certainly fills a hole. P.A. Parenteau is rumored to be on the block, although I doubt the Rangers trade Cally for someone they let go for free (Seriousy, who saw that coming? Oof). Ryan O’Reilly is a name that keeps coming up, but I doubt he gets moved. Jamie McGinn makes no sense unless it’s a package deal, and the package would need to be significant. Colorado would be the most likely target. Again, that’s a big IF.

My take?

Cally is not necessarily irreplaceable, but he’s not easily replaced. He means more to the team than he does as a tradeable asset. Therein lies the conundrum. A team built for a run through the conference does not trade their captain. A team with Henrik Lundqvist that can feasibly win the conference can also ask their elite goaltender to steal a series. Hank has stolen a few series before. No reason why he can’t do it again.

The problem with trading Ryan Callahan is that you may not get the return that helps this year and in future years. This isn’t NHL ’14, where you can trade him based on an arbitrary trade value bar. Cally is worth more to the Rangers than he is to other teams at the trade deadline. The UFA market is different of course, but this is a Rangers team that’s won 15 of 21 and is steamrolling opponents. Status quo may not get it done, but trading the captain doesn’t get it done either.

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  • Hay folks, let’s remember how Mess, Graves, and Lowe came to us in the first place. Who was the GM of the Oilers??????

    Hell the Great One was traded by this same guy, what makes anyone think he won’t do it to Callie?????

    I just hope that a deal with Callie, that doesn’t break the bank in terms of money, and years can be worked out. I really love his game, but the bottom line is anyone is replaceable, and Callie is no exception.

    I believe if there is a deal to be made, it will be with Colorado for either Stastny, or ROR, due to his contract!!!!! In either case that would be a fair trade

    • Point of clarification — Sather didn’t trade Gretzky, Pocklington did. Sather was against it until he found out that Gretz was in on the negotiations with LA. Oh, and it happened after they won the Stanley Cup. Also, Messier demanded his trade (again, after the season ended).Graves was an RFA and not part of the Oiler core when he signed with NYR. Point is — these big moves happened AFTER the season ended, not during a playoff run. Trading the Captain when we’re in the playoff run is a very risky move, especially when the team is clicking the way it is. I doubt any of the proposed moves would be worth it (right now). I’m with Dave — Cally is worth more to us right now than any (realistic) trade.

      • It doesn’t make a difference when the trade was made, it was made. Slat’s moved Leetch, how much did he mean to our team?? Bottom line, he has to get something in return, not loose him for nothing. I’m in the camp that you do everything to keep Callie, but if wants out, show him the door!!

        • Brian Leetch is my favorite Ranger of all time, but that deal had to be made. It hurt, but it was necessary, the organization needed young assets and draft picks, true the Leetch assets didn’t help in the end but that’s not the point. Also, comparing a poorly aging Brian Leetch’s significance in 2004 to Callahan’s on this current team is nuts.

          The pre-lockout Rangers were an abomination thanks to Neil Smith drafting pretty much nothing for almost six years. Slats finally had an avenue to a rebuild that year and he took it. Think back to when they traded Leetch, the team dumped pretty much every other veteran at the same time and started acquiring the pieces that would lead to the post-lockout revival, Jagr, Roszival, Malik (he really was a useful Ranger at one time, I promise), Nylander, Straka, Rucinsky and Betts.

          • But what’s the point if the man wants out?? Slats will treat him fairly, but if won’t sign on, he will be forceing his hand.

            Here are some stars in the NHL, and their salaries as per cap geek:
            Crosby 8.7 mil
            Neal 5.0 mil
            Gireaux 8.25
            Jon Tavares 5.5 mil
            Bergeron 4.5 mil
            Pat Kane 6.3 mil
            Jon Toews 6.3 mil
            Hossa 5.275 mil
            Parise 7.54 mil
            Perry 8.625 mil
            Getzlaf 8.625 mmil
            J Staal 6.0
            Zajac 5.75 mil
            Henrique 4.0
            Sadin twins 7.0 mil each
            Backstrom 6.7 mil
            Wheeler 5.6 mil
            Evander Kane 5.25 mil

            On this list are 8 cup winners, and almost all have out scored Cllie, and he is asking for up to 7 mil. That is out of line, I don’t care how many people don’t like what I’m saying, his demands are too high. Yet Slats is willing to pay him plenty, but not give away the store in the process. We all love the guy, but that is flat out greed, and if doesn’t sign, well again show him the door, the ball is in his court!

            Look over the list, and then think this through with your brains, not your hearts!!!!!

        • I don’t think that Callie wants out. He love’s the Rangers, he is the captain and not that far from his home in Rochester. I believe he want to stick around and win a cup with the Rangers. I would be shocked if he was traded, though with Sather, you never know.

      • Well said. I didn’t know that about Pocklington. However the Gretzky trade was one that was going to happen eventually. The Oilers were going to lose him at some point to a larger market team. Why lose the great one for nothing. Even if that was Sather it was an inevitable move and a different set of circumstances.
        I can’t see how trading him helps us now that we’re in the thick of a playoff run and whipping the floor with teams.
        I thought Torts should have been allowed to coach the Rangers to the finals one more year. Boy was I wrong. AV has this team looking tougher and faster than Torts did on his best day. Looking at the collapse in Vancouver, it’s hard to say Sather was wrong to make the coaching change now. Get Cally resigned and keep this core together a few more years.

    • ROR is the only player that I’d personally trade Callahan for. A young center that helps us now and in the future. Cally will go to another team and be a 2nd or 3rd line player and mix it up. He means much more to the Rangers as the captain. I think trading him will hurt moral and chemistry built over the past several seasons. Cally has a lot of playoff experience now and is in a good point in his career to have a monster playoff run. This team with this coach and style can beat any team in the East. Worry about the West when you get there. To get to the Finals win or lose would be a huge boom for NY hockey and the NHL.
      Boyle is a player I could see moved as a $1.7 mil 4th liner. Dorsett and Carcillo would be able to play their own side. Right now Carcillo is on the off side with Boyle at wing. I see Boyle being traded to a West team. Otherwise the Rangers should stand pay at the deadline.

      • Now I don’t claim first hand knowledge, as I haven’t seen the kid play, but Colorado fans don’t seem too pleased with O’Reilly’s all around game. Raw, offensive talent for sure, but apparently he is considered a major defensive liability. He was -5 against the Rangers the other night.

        • All the talk last year during his contract hold out/ offer sheet fiasco with Jay Feaster was that he was a 3 zone guy who provided solid scoring but nothing crazy (50-65 pts) and really shined on the defensive side of the puck.

          So, not that I’m in the know, but my pedestrian scouting report on him is pretty much the polar opposite of what your’re saying.

          • As I said, I haven’t seen the kid play really.

            But the other night after the Rangers win, I was reading comments and Avs fans were really hard on him, not just for that game, but rather the whole season.

            Defensive liability and no effort away from the play. Could just be bitter fans venting after an embarrassing loss, though.

    • i don’t see a trade until the trade deadline but maybe his agent will go down a little and be a little more flexible because you don’t give away your heart and soul something that cally is.

  • Buffalo is a rumored target as well, but they would only provide us with future value, nothing that could help us win now.

    Remember, this is negotiating. He has to ask high and NYR management needs to talk up trades and his injuries. 5 years, $33M or 6 @ $36M or deal him for the future. Tough to have more than 33% of cap space tied up in 4 players.

    • Great point on the % tied up with only 4 players. I just love how many fans are cavalier with Dolan’s money, and have zero understanding of how business works. Everyone wants him because they feel for him, and what he brings to the game. Next time you go out a buy a house from a little old lady, give her an extra 20% because you feel for her. That won’t happen, so why expect the team to do what you won’t if it were your money???

      We all love the guy, and I for one would miss Callie if he is moved, but it is a business, and if he won’t sign a fair contract, Slats has to look out for the Rangers long term, and get some assits back for him!!!!!

      • Exactly. Everyone feels “bad” for Cally, even though he’s trying to cash in big on his popularity. We love the guy, but it’s time to stop knee jerking with “but look at what they gave to Redden and Gomez.”
        I think the teams, since they only remember the last lesson they took, have learned from the David Clarkson and Brown contracts. Cally might be in for a rude awakening if he thinks he’ll get $7 for 7 on the UFA market in the summer.

      • Maybe to save face, or if they think this is the only way to get him. If he goes free agent, does he really want to play for a club that is that bad? I know his home in Rochester, but still, losing gets old very quickly.

    • Last I heard, Buffalo was interested in him in the summer (or maybe for his rights at the draft) but not sooner. There would be no reason for them to give something up for him when (1) they aren’t going anywhere this season and (2) they can get him for nothing or next to nothing in a few months.

      • If Cally is sent to Buffalo, I’ll take Stafford, a prospect and a pick. Stafford makes $4 mil. is a big body and would fit in well on the 3rd line for now. Listen folks, I love Cally but ANYTHING over $6 mil is ridiculous for a 3rd line RW. His contract could hamstring us in trying to sign McDonough, Kreider etc. down the road.

  • Business is business. If they can get a decent haul and cally won’t sign right now then he probably gets moved. If slats cannot get a decent haul then they keep working and cally stays. It all depends on the assets available and if cally will take the offer now. I think Boyle a better chance at being moved before deadline than cally. And I like Boyle but expiring contract and newbies in the system.

    • I disagree, I believe moving Boyle may actually hurt the Rangers chances this year more than moving Cally. He is a beast who gets no respect from fans, but just keeps doing his job. We lose alot if we move him. Quite frankly, I want to keep Cally as well. I like this team!

  • This is going be interesting and most likely come down to the wire. Here is where I am having a hard time with dally and his agent:
    he wants 6 years at 7 million
    – He has never scored over 60 points
    – He has never scored 30 goals

    Cally is not an elite score and yes I understand he does other things. In my opinion he compares with Dustin Brown at 5.8 million. Enough of hearing he wants to stay in NY, it all is PR BS. If he really wanted to stay here a reasonable deal will get done. I really wouldn’t want to go more then 5 years but I am guessing he will get six.

    I agree with Slats this team is not a cup contender. They have been way too inconsistent. They are playing really well right now. They need to win tonight and beat pittsburgh. Having Henrik anything could happen in the playoffs.

    The forgotten man here is Giradi. I really think he is super important to this team. Do the Rangers have a enough depth to make Stall a number 2 and find someone else to fill his spot? I love Stall and I am happy is regaining is form. I think Giradi gets done and Cally comes down to the wire.

    • I must have missed the info where Sather said this “team is not a cup contender”, could you please reference where I could get this info??

    • Absolutely correct! See my entry above. Girardi is huge. Love Cally, but again if he’s lookin’ for that type of money Slats is gonna find a team and make the right deal. Stewart for Cally is a joke (need more assets)! But I’ll take Drew Stafford from Buffalo plus a prospect and a pick. He’s a big body who would slot in well on the 3rd line and can score 20-25 goals who makes $4 mil per.

  • I would not count out Anaheim. In fact if the Rangers can trade Cally to Buffalo for their first and say Geigerenko or Amira and Girardi to Edmonton for Yapukov, Petry and their first I would be obliged to do it. The Firsts could translate in to Ekbald and Reinhart.

        • Gaustaad is NOT the benchmark here. Bad signings happen, and they should be looked at in perspective. Nashville was desperate to get anyone even half way significant on their team since they historically had a hard time attracting marquee players. So they overpaid for a third liner.

  • This is not two years ago. The captain is not the embodiment of the team. I’m sorry but there is nothing wrong with trading a captain per se. Nor is Callahan’s play crucial. Any team that would be lost without its ninth best player is probably lost anyway. Now, tossing aside a player in the top half of your roster with no short term replacement of quality will hurt the Cup run and seems unlikely.

    Personally though, when your ninth best player asks for 10% of the cap space, it’s time to show him the door.

  • 1. Sign him for a reasonable contract at market value (5x$6?).
    2. If we can’t sign him at reasonable market value then try and trade him but only if the return really makes sense. It can’t be the kind of trade that’s evaluated as “well, it’s better than losing him for nothing after the season.” It has to be in a trade that’s evaluated as, “It sucks we lost the Captain but I understand why Sather made the move.” Very hard to pull off.
    3. If we can’t sign him at a fair value and if we can’t make a trade for him that gives us 100 cents on the dollar then we keep him, treat him as a trade deadline rental for the playoff run and pick up the pieces after the season.

    No one will blame Sather if Cally leaves for a contract that pays him for 6+ years at $6M+.

    • That’s it and that’s all. Where do I sign, Paco?

      It’s pretty similar to Parise and the Devils a couple years ago. The Devils went into the playoffs with no contract for Parise, risking losing him on July 1. That is what ended up happening, as he bolted for 100 million Minnesotian dollars and left the Devils with nothing.

      Still, the Devils made the right move. They went on a deep run… all the way to the SCF. If anyone recalls, the Devils were bounced in 5 but games 1 and 2 were down to the wire. Both OT losses. Despite what many thought, the Devils were so close to taking down the mighty Kings of the ’12 spring.

      Now, if the Rangers choose the same route, I’m fine with it. And I would hope for the Rangers to make a run just like the Devils did that year. If they do get bounced in the first or second round, yes, it would be a tough pill to swallow but, in my eyes, it would be the right move to give her a go.

      No one knows what our team is going to look like next year. I expect us to be as strong as this year, but it is a big question mark. Will we have Girardi, Boyle, Stralman, Brassard, Richards and Pouliot next year? Will we have Staal the following year? With so many question marks on the roster next year and given how the team is firing on all cylinders right now, we should give her a go this spring. And as others have mentioned, we won’t have to give up prospects and picks for a potential rental to give us a better shot– we already have our Captain to lead us this spring.

      As Paco said, the only way we move Callahan now is summarized in his bullet #2- there is reasonable certainty we will not come to terms with him AND we find a partner willing to part with usable assets which will help us this spring and beyond.

  • In my opinion, Sather should trade Callahan for several reasons. First, he is on decline due to his injuries, second he will turn 30 next year and frankly he’s not worth $6 mil. per year. The biggest issue here is what will Rangers get in return for him. If the right deal is out here Sather will trade him. After all he traded the Mesiah, Kevin Lowe, Anderson, Leach, and numerous other top players during his career as a GM. I think the rangers have enough leadership on this team with Lundquist back in top form and with the emergence of Kreider, Zuccarello and Stall finaly playing the way he can we can possibly come out of the east. I dont think if Callahan stays or goes it affects the final outcome of this season, let’s just hope the Rangers get someone who will contribute to the team and/or a nice draft pick/prospect.

  • Pa parentrau.. for one I saw the talent in this kid from the start. As far as callahan.. let him go for stewart and a 2nd rounder. Thats whay the rangers need. Size.

  • Dave, why do you say we could not get Kesler ? ,Package Cally and a young prospect for him. Kesler would fit perfectly for our team big,RH shot,hits,fights and can score .

  • If the Rangers traded Cally for Stewart, I’ll have an apoplectic fit!!!! It’s all up to Cally now(he won’t get better tan 6 mil for 5 years). He says his hearts in NY. Prove it! Buffalo would be the perfect team to trade him to as they have some really good prospects. Nikita Zadorov and #1.

  • Disagree w/
    “I again need to be on record: A team that is in the thick of things in the conference –and has a legitimate shot at representing the Eastern Conference this May/June– doesn’t trade their captain. It doesn’t happen.”

    If you are good enough to be at least even $$ in the SCF, then you keep Cally.

    Maybe getting there or the ECF only if lucky and then getting blown out by dominating team is penny wise pound foolish.

    Rangers need horses.
    Add good assets. Keep adding.
    Eventually get ahead.

    Keeping Cally not a good move at this point if lose for nothing.

    Signing extension, punting for now ok to buy time as alternative.

    But in no case, keep, then he leaves for nothing.

  • In his last six years – his best years – Callahan has averaged 21 goals per. And, he is in decline. Given that forwards peak around age 26, and, given Callahan’s reckless/admirable style, he is probably in serious decline. Statistically, he is a $3.5m to $4m player. Beyond that, you are paying for intangibles, and, as we learned from Chris Drury, when production declines, the intangibles also leak into the nether. Next year Callahan is worth $6m. The year after that…?

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