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Addressing the Dan Girardi rumor; Michael Del Zotto rumor update

Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America
Photo: Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America

A lot of noise has been made over the past 12 hours about Glenn Healy’s comments on Hockey Night in Canada last night. For those who missed it, Healy said the following:

If the Rangers trade (Del Zotto) it will be a D for a D because of the Stralman situation but look for the Boston Bruins to call the Rangers about Dan Girardi. That is going to happen because that is a good player and there is no deal done. He isn’t for a whole host of a ransom but it still isn’t done. If they can get a lot back they will make that move.

This is just Healy spitballing, in my opinion, and isn’t really something that would happen. With Anton Stralman out, Girardi is the Rangers last right handed shot on the blue line. Throw in the Marc Staal injury, the uncertain future of Michael Del Zotto, and the inconsistent play of John Moore and Justin Falk, the Rangers can’t afford to deal one of two guys they can count on for defense. Despite his struggles, Girardi is still a top-four defenseman, and dealing him in the current situation –to a conference rival no less– isn’t something that I see the team doing unless the return is unreal.

Don’t misunderstand, this isn’t to say that Girardi is untouchable or won’t be traded, I just don’t believe now is the time that the team to trade him, especially to a Boston Bruins team that is short on reliable defense as is. The two teams just don’t appear to be a match.

Regarding the Del Zotto rumor, Pat Leonard noted that the Rangers are probably better off holding on to him for now, in light of the Stralman injury. Del Zotto’s play lately has been better, logging over 24 minutes of ice time on Friday night. In the short term, Leonard is spot on: The Rangers can’t afford to deal him unless the return is another defenseman. They simply don’t have the depth to take another hit to the blue line.

Del Zotto has been linked to the Leafs for Jake Gardiner or Cody Franson. Those deals make sense. He’s also been linked to Ottawa for Marc Methot (makes sense because of the type of player Methot is, but Ottawa won’t do it) or Patrick Wiercioch (sideways move).

The team will make a trade to upgrade the blue line, but now may not be the appropriate time to do so. Del Zotto and Girardi are key cogs as the Rangers deal with injuries. Trade talk will heat up as the Olympic roster freeze approaches in February. The team will not make the mistake of making a trade just to be active.

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    1. Neither team will trade with the other. Krug is also too small and Julienne plays him on the bottom pair. He gets his mins on the PP. His TOI at even stength is bottom pair mins. The Rangers need one of the D from Vancouver to show the Rangers back end how AV’s strategy works. They have been playing better the last 3-4 games. IMO a right handed D that can beat the Forecheck with one long pass up ice and shoot on goal for rebounds from the slot or off the boards from the wing. To me having a puck moving defenseman would open up the scoring for the team.

  1. The Rangers are not a rival of the Bruins. They are a doormat to be stepped on by the Bruins.

  2. I don’t see any moves until close to the trade deadline when all teams assess what their clubs need present and future. Available for sellers the usual draft picks and prospects. For teams aiming to make a run in the playoffs; they will be seeking roster players, particularly the usual rental UFA rosters players.

    Where the Rangers are in the standings will determine whether they are buyers or sellers. Also, they have to decide if their UFA’s are part of their long term plans. I don’t know what Cally’s and Girardi’s contract demands are, but if they are through the roof then I believe it is in the club’s best interest to move them. The teams that manage their salary cap and derive the most value from their players are the most successful ones. Chicago is a good example.

    I am also wondering if there is a market for Brad Richards. If the Rangers are willing to take back part of his salary, a team wanting to make a splash in the playoffs might take a gamble on him.

  3. You really need to do your homework.

    Franson is a UFA
    Wiercioh is injury prone, a finesse, LEFT side defenseman, who will need 10 more years in the pros (highly unlikely) to put up the career totals of MDZ at 23.

    Cody Ceci, a 20 yr old right side 6-2 defenseman with maybe 10 NHL gms under his belt, is a definite possible as is center Zach mith.

    MDZ has been an on/off top 4 defenseman for the Rangers for like 4 years-you don’t trade him for a guy who maynot even make your team (Wiercioch).

    Wait til later in the season. Maybe Vigneault will be fired by then, or Callahan, Staal, Lundquist, Nash will be either healthy or playing up to their salaries.

    Luke Schenn, a young, very physical, right handed defenseman was available earlier, but Phila is playing better and may no longer be available.

  4. If the Bruins do acquire Girardi i would hope the Rangers would acquire 2 out of the following
    Boychuk, Dougie Hamilton and Torey Krug. All right handed shots. Hamilton is currently injured. Doubt they would trade him. But Boychuk and Krug would be interesting. Krug is young while Boychuk is like 29. If they plan to contend then i doubt they would trade Boychuk. I always liked Krug, he is still cheap and developing. Either way if the do get Krug and draft picks then i would assune they will try to acquire someone on offense who can score and play consistently. With the extra cap space.

    1. The Bruins are not going to trade one of those guys for Girardi, nevermind two. He’s a rental. The Rangers will get a dman like Bartkowski for Girardi. Obviously adding to that deal, on the bruins side.

      Bartkowski, Caron, 2nd for Girardi

      Would be a good deal.

      1. Contenders like Boston aren’t giving up roster players for Dan G. your scenario is the most likely. He will be very sought at the trade deadline as he is the missing piece for many teams seeking to win the Stanley Cup.

  5. I would like Krug… Big upgrade to the PP as well. A puck moving defensemen would pretty nice.

      1. People say Zucc is too small but look what he has done. Plays consistently and one of the leading scorers on this team. Size isn’t everything. Its skill and talent.

  6. I have been watching Girardi put the puck right between the hash marks to the opposing team for the last few years. He’s a turnover machine, He doesn’t hit anyone…and Torts ran him into the ground. We have gotten what we could for him as far as usefulness. I would not resign him….and Boston IS NOT giving us Tory Krug…. This team is in so much trouble. Nothing but 3rd liners on this team and a very soft D. Kreider gets benched every nite…JT gets sent down to the minors if he makes a mistake….But Brian Boyle, who is the most useless guy on this team, gets a regular shift. That is why we wont be in the playoffs for a long while…and Henrik is out of gas too, his shelf life has been reached, move him, and Nash too, He’s awful, total bust. Ranger fan for over 30 years. Im sick of the 1 step forward and 5 steps back approach this organization takes. They took Hugh Jessiman over Zach Parise. nuff said

    1. The overall hitting on this team is way down and the d is part of the reason. Lately they make quite a few sideways steps. Krieder is the new punching bag… This kid is pretty darn good but the Rangers dont tend to pick at vets. Look at how many chances some of those guys get vs. the younger players. So far not impressed at all with AV

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