Callahan out 4-6 weeks

As if the season couldn’t get worse, AV said in his post-game press conference that Ryan Callahan has a 2nd degree MCL injury.┬áCally will likely be out 4-6 weeks. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more news.

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  • Callahans’ injury is a ominous sign of things to come for the club. Stick a fork it them, they are done.

  • The season was destined to be a wash. You don’t go from blue-collar to offensive juggernauts in one season; in fact, it takes several years to make that transition — even then odds are unfavorable for success.

    This is the type of organizational confusion, and lack of direction, that occurs when Glen Sather is your GM. After 14 years, this is what, version 5.0 of his grand master plan?

    What a joke.

  • Good thing we waited to give hank a big deal after we saw where this team is headed…. oh wait.

    Going to the game thursday. Should be ugly

    • You’d take Richards 6.7 mil contract for 6 more years on your team if you’re GM? Not gonna happen. Richards isn’t unmovable but he’s as close as it gets. He’s not going anywhere this season.

    • something has not been right with Cally. As much as i love the guy, he has not been himself this year and made any type of semi-consistent impact. There has to be something physically wrong (besides today’s injury) that has kept him from finishing his checks and his relentless puck chasing.

    • It appears that Hank has developed 50-50 vison, he can’t see anything any more!! Glad I shut the TV off after the first last night, what a farce…..

  • its not like #24 was making that big an impact anyway. let someone else give him 7m.

    maybe kristo can get a look.

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