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Asham, Biron clear waivers

Per Pierre LeBrun, both Arron Asham and Martin Biron have cleared waivers. Both will be (have not at the moment) assigned to the Hartford Wolfpack of the AHL. However, Biron has hinted he might retire instead. Can’t blame him, he’s got a family to think about.

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  • Did Biron hint he might retire or was he asked that question (right after he found out about being waived) and just not rule it out because he was still sorting through everything in his head? Maybe he will but I think that was a timing thing, not him admitting he was actually contemplating it.

    • I think he’s thinking about it. It’s not easy for an NHL goalie to go play minor league hockey at 35 years old. Retirement has to be on his mins. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be back. Who knows how well Talbot will play in an NHL start.

  • If Marty is going to retire, then to me, it means his “head” was not into it this season. I wonder if whatever he had to take care of in camp has an effect on his decision.

    If they stay with Talbot, I hope they let him play some. I would hate for Hank to play 72 games this season. And I can’t see Sather getting a vet in here, due to the cap situation.

  • If Biron retires does his 1.3 million still count against the cap? Even since he was assigned to the AHL? I still don’t completely remember all the rules under this new CBA!

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