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Who will Alain Vigneault use in shootouts?

Dominic Moore is five-of-12 in his career

Though the skills competition isn’t really a fair way to determine the winner of a hockey game, success in the shootout has granted some teams entry to the postseason and – as Rangers fans know all too well – denied others.

Thanks in large part to Henrik Lundqvist’s heroics, New York has traditionally been a solid shootout club.  The Blueshirts went 4-4 in the event last season and are 53-40 overall since its inception in 2005.

Last season, coach John Tortorella relied heavily on Ryan Callahan and Rick Nash in the shootout and it’s likely that new coach Alain Vigneault will do the same.  It also seems like a no-brainer that Vigneault will deploy one of New York’s most deadly shootout weapons – Mats Zuccarello – now that the Norwegian is back for a full season.  So who could Vigneault turn to in Callahan’s absence to start the season and in the event of future slumps/injuries?  Let’s take a look at how New York’s forwards did in the skills competition last year:

Goals Attempts Percentage
Ryan Callahan 3 7 42.9
Rick Nash 3 7 42.9
Mats Zuccarello 1 2 50.0
J.T. Miller 1 2 50.0
Derek Stepan 1 2 50.0
Derick Brassard 1 2 50.0
Chris Kreider 0 1 0.0
Carl Hagelin 0 1 0.0
Brad Richards 0 3 0.0

And how they’ve performed throughout their careers:

Goals Attempts Percentage
Rick Nash 29 74 36.5%
Brad Richards 26 72 36.1%
Mats Zuccarello 6 12 50.0
Ryan Callahan 6 20 30.0%
Dominic Moore 5 12 41.7%
Derick Brassard 2 7 28.5%
Derek Stepan 2 10 20.0
J.T. Miller 1 2 50.0
Taylor Pyatt 1 13 7.7%
Chris Kreider 0 1 0.0
Benoit Pouliot 0 1 0.0
Carl Hagelin 0 1 0.0
Derek Dorsett 0 1 0.0
Arron Asham 0 2 0.0
Brian Boyle 0 2 0.0

Brad Richards has obviously had a ton of success in the past, but is a ghastly one-of-12 in his two seasons with the Rangers.  Could Dominic Moore be next in line?  He’s probably not the guy you would have guessed, but he has both attempted and converted several more attempts than anyone else on the club.


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  • Based on what we saw his two seasons with us, BR looks terrible. The trio will more than likely be Nash, Zucc, and Moore! After that Callie will be our top four.

    Would love to see the two young Sweeds, Fast, and Lindberg in the shoot outs. Also Brass looks like he would help if needed, but I can’t believe that Pouliot is that poor a shooter.

      • Will be interesting to see if Miller/Kreider or the Swedes get a shot. Would make sense that a new coach gives proven vets a shot first, but maybe not…

  • I’m surprised a skilled guy like Brassard only has a 28% success rate. Of course it’s a small sample size but I thought he would have been better.

  • Its not as much a skills contest as a do you have 2 moves contest as cally proved with the wrister/deke move. Dont bring up datsuk cause he’s not human

  • I think Richards will be the #3 guy the first couple of weeks, until Cally comes back. Sort of a nod toward the veteran. But then Cally joins Nash and Zuc. as the 1st group, with Richards (if he is decent while Cally is out) and Moore and Brassard the next group.

    I wonder if a guy like Pyatt got most of his attempts in shootouts that went 6-8 rounds deep. I can’t fathom that he was a top 3-4 guy for any team he played with.

    • I don’t know for sure, but 8 of Pyatt’s attempts came in a year when Vancouver as a team had a ton. So I’m thinking that’s exactly what happened…

    • Now your talking!! Loved the between the legs move. The only thing he ever did right for this team, ha ha!

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