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Zuccarello filing for arbitration is part of the business

In case you missed it yesterday, Mats Zuccarello filed for arbitration before the 5pm deadline. He and the Rangers were unable to come to an agreement before the deadline, so it makes sense that he filed for arbitration. This is just a step in the process, and does not represent any ill-will on either side. Some things to note about player-elected arbitration:

  • Since he has filed for arbitration, no one can offer sheet Zuccarello anymore.
  • In player elected arbitration, the team has the ability to walk away from the decision (if the salary is higher than $3.5 million). The Rangers did this with Nik Zherdev.
  • Both sides can still hammer out a deal before the hearing date (date TBD).
  • An arbitration filing all but guarantees that Zuccarello will be back next season, unless point #2 comes into play.

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  • I hate arbitration because the players usually get over paid for some strange reason!

    Let’s hope we can iron out an agreement without hard feelings.

    • It seems that 99% percent of the time the result of arbitration is exactly the average of the players request and the teams offer. It’s pretty much just a formality.

      Hopefully they bang out a deal before it even gets to arbitration. That’s what happened with Callahan a couple years ago.

      • Not basing this off of numbers just how I feel most of arbitration has happened in the past. I guess 99% is a bit of an exaggeration, I should have said most.

        I guess what I was trying to say is that in my opinion arbitration doesn’t usually sway greatly towards the players offer or the teams offer. The team low balls their offer while the player inflates their value so the ruling tends to fall in the middle of these numbers.
        Feel free to call me out with stats because I obviously don’t have any but in my experience this is how it usually pans out.

        This isn’t an all encompassing analysis of arbitration just what I remember off the top of my head.

        Rangers offer 3.25
        Player 4.5
        Ruling 3.9

        Rangers offer 1.3
        Player 2.6
        Ruling 1.9

        Like I said its not all encompassing but I guess these two stick out the most for me in recent memory.

  • Let’s hope for a sign and trade…not sure why fans care about Zucc so much…I’d rather see Kristo or another rookie win his spot. Teams with a physical presence like Boston will just swat him away like the gnat he is. The Canadians would probably covet him since they seem to love small players.

    • I would like to swat you away like the gnat you are. That’s your opinion but it pretty much blows. I’d like to see Kristo make the team but not at Zucs’ expense. You’re the only one that says that. Come here let me get my fly swatter!

      • I’ve never been a big fan of Zuccarello…he was impressive this season but he hasn’t been consistent enough to garner all the love he’s been given.

        • Now that he has a strong feel for the North American style of play, I’m sure he’ll continue as strong as he was this past season.

          Let him have a chance to show consistency. With his added physicality from this spring, I think he can have a very strong season. Maybe on the Richards line. Zucc’s great hands and vision might complement Richards, and help him bounce back.

        • This is true, but I think he is fan favorite because he is in my opinion, very exciting to watch. Equivalent to Nash exciting.

  • I doubt the arbitrator will award Zuccarello anything close to 3.5 mil. If he gets more than 2 then he will be a detriment to the team. The Rangers can spend about 70mil but have to be at or under 64.3 by the start of the regular season. Callahan and Hagelin will likely be on LTIR for the 1st month of the season or so. That will take their collective salaries temporarily off the books but Stepan has not been signed yet. So with 3.3 mil below the upper limit of the salary cap the Rangers are sure to use that 10% allowed above the cap. Get Stepan signed. What are you people waiting for?

  • Hear,Hear. Zucc’s stint with the khl did wonders 4 his took him 2 the next level of play,and getting 2 that next level is what it’s all about.he proved his worth by the amount of points he amassed during the playoffs. at times it seems like he has eyes in the back of his head. if your in position,if your where your supposed 2 b on the ice,he’ll hit u on the tape every time. WORD !!!

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