Rangers send Newbury to Philly for Danny Syvret

In a minor trade, the Rangers have sent forward Kris Newbury to Philadelphia for left-handed defenseman Danny Syrvet. Syvret, who was a teammate of Dan Girardi’s with London in the OHL, is essentially the defensive version of Newbury. Both players are solid at the AHL level, but neither can gain solid footing in the NHL. They are your quintessential AAAA players.

Newbury was never going to be given a shot with the Rangers, especially with his undisciplined play. Syvret adds more AHL depth on the blue line, something that was sorely needed. The trade also frees up top-six minutes in the AHL for forwards like Oscar Lindberg, Jesper Fast, Michael St. Croix, and Christian Thomas.

The Rangers continue to focus on defensive depth this offseason, which is something that was exploited during the Bruins series. Syvret, 28, has a line of 3-4-7 in 59 career NHL games.

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  • Newbury a lifelong and solid AHL player could never quite stay up the NHL. Would of been nice to see him score in the playoffs. The guy always played balls out…. a true hockey player. Good luck in Philly Newbury!

  • I always liked Kris. Solid tough guy. Played well in the AHL, and had scoring ability. Never saw that translate to the NHL in his very limited opportunities in New York. I wish him well, although not against the Rangers.

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