2013 Rangers draft pick breakdown

The Rangers have just five picks in this very deep 2013 draft, a product of trades to help build the current team. They will have three picks in the third round, one in the fourth, and one in the sixth. Here is the breakdown of how the picks were acquired/traded:

  • 1st – traded to Columbus for Rick Nash
  • 2nd – traded to San Jose for Ryane Clowe
  • 3rd:
    • 1st pick: Acquired from Florida for Wojtek Wolski, sent to San Jose for Clowe
    • 4th pick: Acquired from Nashville for 2012 3rd round pick
    • 14th pick: Acquired from CBJ for Marian Gaborik
    • 19th pick: their own pick
  • 4th – their own pick (pick #19)
  • 5th – traded to Nashville for 2012 5th (Thomas Spelling)
  • 6th – their own pick (pick #19)
  • 7th – traded to MIN with Erik Christensen for Casey Wellman
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    1. Agreed. Christensen trade was bad, Nashville trade was bad, and I never liked Clowe coming to NY. Especially trading away the early draft picks.

  1. The pick spots are 65, 75, 80, 110, and 170.

    The Rangers have been so-so with 3rd round picks, decent with 4th round picks and 6th round picks haven’t delivered

  2. Just looking at the trade for Clowe, we gave away Florida’s #1 pick this year, oh my god! That would be the 2-3rd over all pick for someone who may, or may not sign with us, what was Slats thinking?????

  3. If this draft is as deep as its said to be, Sather aught to get back into the 1st & 2nd rounds. Now they have those 3 3rd round pick and with the addition of John Moore. Now might be the time to move Del Zotto. Pat Roy has said he’s not dead set on picking 1st overall. IMO that is like putting a Want Ad in the paper as to entice the other 29 GM’s in the league.
    To get your hands on either Jones, Mckiney, or Drouin could be a jump start for the team. Drouin or McKinney are said to be NHL ready forwards. Del Zotto for the Avs 1st and a Dman or Prospect sounds about right. The Oilers have a top 5 pick as well and would be drooling to get a 2 way Defenseman on their Blue Line. Moving DZ would clear another 2.5 mil off the NYR books to resign Hank. I think for a 22 year old kid DZ had come along very well and is gonna be very good some day. He is a solid 2way defenseman now. He has gotten better each year in the NHL. I just think Moore is a better all around player and is the same age. As long as Sather don’t think Staal will want to go play with the Carolina Staals before or after his deal is up. This might be the time to dump Del Zotto. Only because of the talent in this years Entry Draft.

    1. Sorry dude but when the drafts are this kind of deep then nobody wants to part with their draft picks unless they can get a high price in return.

      Patrick Roy is blowing smoke up people’s butts as he isn’t the Av’s GM and trust me he is not going to pass on taking his pick of Seth Jones, Nathan MacKinnon or Jonathan Drouin.

      Take any one of these 3 and you have a franchise player so unless you would like to see Sather give them Lundqvist then forget about the 1st pick.

      1. I think Roy could convince the GM to trade the pick; having said that, you’re right, it would take a huge amount to get that pick. If they had a chance to overhaul the team quickly, it would behove them to do so. But, the price would be very steep. I suspect what they would want would take your breath away!

    2. It’s not MDZ for the Av’s first round pick and. It’s the Av’s first round pick for MDZ and. And not a trivial and at that. First overall picks don’t come cheap.

  4. Many things to look at for this draft:

    1) Is Staal healthy and does he want to stay here (wants to sign with carolina t the end of his contract) can we trade him to carolina for their ist round pick 5th overall and a prospect (murphy and or skinner)

    2) If stall wants to stay, can we trade Del zotto to edmonton for their first pick (7th overall)

    3) does pyatt / Asham/ and maybe others have trade value for picks?

    I think the above are very important and could and will shape the Rangers for know and future

    1. Trade Pyatt for a 5th rounder..IF you are going to trade MDZ or Staal then you must get back someone that can play in the NHL.. The clock is ticking on Hank (even if he re-ups with the Rangers). Cannot wait another 3 years for a player to develop like we have been with McILrath. You have a top top goalie and some very solid players and the time is now, not 3 years from now.

  5. I am suprised people want to trade for picks.

    We have done very well in the last 5 years at the draft. Without first round picks.

    I am more interested in what system messier will run.

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