McColgan, Noreau, Ceresnak have until June 1 to sign

Although our attention is rightfully on Game Five today, there is one small item that will require Glen Sather’s attention this week. A trio of 2011 draft picks have until June 1 to sign, or else they will become UFAs and free to sign elsewhere. Shane McColgan (4th), Sam Noreau (6th), and Peter Ceresnak (7th) are the three prospects that await word of an offered entry-level contract this week.

McColgan and Noreau are, in my opinion, likely to sign ELCs. The Rangers are thin on prospect depth at the AHL level, and both have proved that they can play well in the CHL. Ceresnak, on the other hand, had a poor year and was actually a healthy scratch for his OHL club for a few games this season.

By this time next week, we will know where the organization stands on these three prospects. My gut feeling is that even if one or all are not tendered ELCs, they will pick up somewhere else.

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  1. I think if they were going to be offered ELCs, it would have happened by now. The batch of undrafted players the Rangers signed was a clue. Giving up Noreau with almost no defense prospects does surprise me though.

    1. Well McColgan’s season just ended yesterday, so that may have been a hold up with him.

      Ceresnak is almost definitely not getting a deal, but Noreau does surprise me. I think he gets one.

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