Staal, Clowe, Powe all ruled out for tonight

Per Pat Leonard, Marc Staal, Ryane Clowe, and Darroll Powe are all out for tonight’s Game Seven in Washington. Powe and Clowe didn’t even travel with the team for the game tonight. With these three out, expect the same lineup as Game Six. It’s worth noting that the Rangers have not dressed their top lineup at all during the postseason.

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  • Absurd how Chimera can keep playing after dirty boarding hit to head of Clowe. Caps are clearly aiming for heads with each hit. If Bettman wants hits to head out, then Ovi, Chimera and most of the Caps D should be suspended for tonight. It’s disgusting to see players attempt to injure.

    • Let’s be fair. Del Zotto and Callahan have had a few questionable hits (high elbows) too. Not to mention Dorsett’s debatable “slewfoot”.

      Your overall point is solid though in that the league is not at all consistent with its mandate on head shots. It’s my biggest gripe with the league, actually. Very disingenuous.

      • There’s really nothing to debate on that “slewfoot.” Wasn’t even close; just two players jockeying for position, and it was Dorsett that ended up going feet first in the boards. Green yapped about a slew-foot in an attempt to justify his malicious cross-check to the face.

        Del Zotto’s hit on Perreault was shoulder to shoulder (though perhaps a tad late).

        Callahan is the only one who maybe should have been called. It was high (though not a head hit per se, more of a roughing type infraction).

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