Musings: the day after deadline day edition

Ryan Clowe had THE perfect impact.
Ryan Clowe had THE perfect impact.

It’s hard to call the Rangers 6-1 demolition of the Penguins last night anything other than an incredible first impact from the new guys. Wherever you looked, players were making a difference and it’s intriguing the momentum and impetus incoming players give the current roster. On to the musings; dedicated to the trade deadline

You just know the TSN crew were nervous given the lack of activity (to put it politely) going into the final few hours.

Ryane Clowe: I liked Brandon Prust; he overachieved, always gave his all and was perhaps the ultimate team player. There’s a reason however that everyone acknowledged the Canadiens overpaid to get him. He has a ceiling. Then there’s Clowe. Yes he had a poor start to the year but he’s potentially so much more for the Rangers than Prust could ever be. It’s foolish to compare them. Prust was the perfect bottom six player. Clowe can be a legitimate scorer, fighter, physical presence and thinly veiled threat. Whether he does it consistently, only time will tell but if he plays to his old level in SJ the draft picks were well worth it.

The Rangers got a lot younger this week. Wasn’t sure that was entirely possible.

I’m not embarrassed I said – just yesterday – that the Rangers would be better off holding onto Gaborik until the summer. I didn’t think Sather could get an elite (still young) defensive prospect that the Rangers were desperate for, a young 50-70 point potential skill center and another gritty forward at the deadline. He outdid himself. Ridding cap space was the cherry on top. Gaborik will be missed, and may come back to score against the Rangers but the Rangers added a huge dollop of depth, potential and grit in their deals this past few days.

Derick Brassard: His presence could mean more space for a guy like Brad Richards or he could spell danger for Richards’ future. Either way, Richards aside, the Rangers have two exceptionally skilled young, intelligent centers in Stepan and Brassard. Brassard has had productive, yet underachieving seasons in Columbus and carries a health risk but it was all in the hapless Columbus organisation. With quality wingers, on a better team Brassard could be a huge coup for the Rangers.

Worst deal of the day: The Capitals send top prospect Forsberg to Nashville for Erat? Ouch. Erat is a second line player who’s perhaps peaked. Forsberg has the potential to be a superstar. The Caps were clearly going on proven ability as opposed to potential.

I wonder how much of Brian Boyle’s performance against the Penguins was born out of relief?

Despite the score, despite the additions I can’t help thinking the Rangers should have had a longer look at Pascal Dupuis way back when. He loves to score against the Rangers and his speed is impressive. But: product of his line mates or underappreciated player?

Jason Pominville’s move to Minnesota has sure made the Wild a dark horse this year. They have some impressive fire power and plenty more prospects on the way. If they can cement their goalie position beyond this year they’ve a chance to be a West heavyweight in a fairly wide open (but deep) conference.

Future regret: I can’t help thinking the Senators will enjoy Corey Conacher long after Ben Bishop is the backing up somewhere in the NHL. Both are good players now, but I like Conacher’s potential upside and the position available to him long term in Ottawa. That said, it’s nice to see two teams make a ‘hockey trade’.

The Rangers game at Pittsburgh on Friday will be a great test of dealing with the backlash from a wounded opponent, testing their ability to back up a result like Wednesday’s and to see what momentum they can draw from their special teams, beyond one game. Late season measuring stick?

One final thing: last night’s result allows the Rangers to leave Kreider, Miller and Fast in the AHL to develop. It’s the right place for them. You should never rush prospects where possible. Sather has managed to acquire time as well as talent this deadline day.

Question Time:

  • Who will be the biggest deadline day addition (long term) and why?
  • Does Brian Boyle have a long term future with the Rangers?
  • If he returns to his old form consistently, how much is enough to retain Ryane Clowe?
  • Given the new additions, where will Kreider and Miller start the 13/14 season?
  • Where does Brassard’s Rangers future lie (given the roster and organisational depth): wing or center?
  • More points at seasons’ end: Richards or Brassard?

A crazy day in Rangerland couldn’t have ended much better on Wednesday night. Although they did fail to capitalise on one of four powerplays… Tut, tut, tut (I kid) See you Friday night peeps. 

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  • I loved Gaborik, always admired him. But if I am honest, if he wasn’t scoring he was invisible too much of the time, and replaceable; or worse – how many times did he pass the puck to an opponent over the last 4 years? I wish him a lot of luck, and another 5-goal game (but against someone else).

    • Man I cant agree more on him giving away the puck. I would CRINGE every time he was carrying the puck along the boards because guaranteed he was going to cough up the puck. I am glad to see him go. He killed more offensive zone chances than anyone else. I watch EVERY GAME.

    • ok, but you must agree, this is all on Torts now. Got rid of Gabby who was having his difficulties in the system this year. Brought in gaggle of players that fit his system to a T. A great showing last night…Welcome to NY boys, its nice to see you! Torts must make the playoffs now! Thanks Gabby for all you did to make Rangers exciting wishing you much success in Columbus, was a pleasure to watch a player with such raw scoring skill in a blueshirt!

      • Im just saying he is just too ONE dimensional. He is a skilled player with the puck and no one on him. Once someone is covering him tight he is DONE. How often did he put moves and a defenseman and beat him. If you think about this…its was NOT that often. His board work was horrible. His percentages of passes on the tape is horrible. He has A SHOT and thats it. Elite players can find the open guy when you are being covered up the whahooooo. Elite players know how to make room for themselves in front of the net. Elite players know how to find the open ice so your team mates can find you. He stood STILL. Remember the one critisism we heard a lot from Torts was that he needs to MOVE his legs.
        Sorry… not bashing on the guy, I just think his ONE dimentional game (A SHOT) is not enough on this team.

    • Hey Ren….Linberg will be greatly appreciated after his Playoffs are over…cant wait to see him in New York !

  • Great post. Gaborik is a great, but one dimensional player — if he is not scoring, he does not do much for a team. I think that the front office realized that the Rangers were too easy to play against, and moved to add toughness. The fact that they also added some skill and got younger is a bonus.

    Two other points worth mentioning — (1) The trade cleared some cap space for next year, which is important and (2) I suspect that the potential of Kreider, Miller and Fast helped with the decision. I think the trade is sound, but it comes back to haunt the Rangers if Gaborik returns to form and none of the 3 youngsters develop into a true goal scorer.

    Overall, I like the trade, even though I appreciate what Gaborik gave us.

  • I really think the trade will go down as a bust. Gabs will either return to form and propel CLB to new heights, not necessarily the Cup, but legitimize the franchise, attracting quality FAs, and all of the new guys we got we be mediocre, or Gabs will continue to suck and our new guys will all turn out to be exceptional. If last night is an example of things to come, then I believe that latter is true.

    1. Either our trade or the Forsberg trade.
    2. He has next year to prove that.
    3. Dunno about NHL player values after the Prust deal.
    4. AHL, mid season call-ups, maybe.
    5. Center.
    6. They both tie with about 30 points.

  • ~Clowe will be the greatest addition short-term, with the potential to be a crucial aspect of a deep playoff run. However, at his age, one would expect Brassard to be the long-term key as a 2nd or 3rd line center for some time to come.

    ~I think Boyle still has a future with this team as a solid 4th line center, or with the right wingers, possibly even a 3rd line center. He’s a huge body with some offensive ability and is a great locker-room presence.

    ~Clowe could be held onto for a multiple year contract at between $3-3.5 million per. He’ll have to earn that contract in this last portion of the season though.

    ~I can see both Kreider and Miller back in the NHL to begin next season. I foresee some spots opening up with Powe, Pyatt and possibly Asham, or maybe Boyle (though I’d say keep him).

    ~I’d like to see Brassard at center on the 2nd line, Stepan at center on the 1st line. Cya Richards.


  • Conacher for Bishop, OTT is already very good missing some of their best players, adding a potential rookie of the year to their young core just seems deadly, and all they had to move was an excess piece.

    He does if he can keep up his play. I think the new guys really will help here. He didn’t really have guys to bang with after prust and fed’s left. Now he does.

    3years 10mill now so hopefully a little less. will be tough what prust got but actually worth it.

    I hope they don’t. They need to start in the minors. They are so important to the future of the rangers it is important they they develop right. Not “ok i scored a few goals in AHL, I developed”.

    3rd line center, but has huge potential. Already has had 40-50 point seasons on a underwhelming CBJ. If he stays healthy I think he could easily get 60 maybe even 70. If he can produce like that maybe 2nd line wing.

    Richards by 2points

    • I wish you could edit on this.
      3years 10million. hopefully a little less, will be tough. What prust got but actually worth it**

    I just want to say what a great Job that Slats did at the deadline, to not only improve our roster for the stretch run, but with the cap savings, hopefully get us more improved during free agency going into 2013-14..VERY NICE JOB…!!

    • Indeed. McIlrath, Lindberg and Miller should get spots next year to compete for. Kreider, Fasth and Thomas are on the cusp.
      People also forget we signed two good young defensemen recently so there are your picks we lost for this years draft. Also when the season is over we may still see some trades form Slats to move into the draft in the 1st round. The potential is there. I doubt we lose Richards, these trades seem to have rejuvenated both Boyle and Richards.
      Once in the playoffs its a brand new season and we are now a very tough and dangerous team to play against. I would like Montreal as our first round opponent and would love to crush them in every aspect and sing that stupid song they sing

      • Hey Leather…you speaketh the Truth, Big Mac…Thomas…Lindberg…JT…..Kreider…cant see a better Young Crop than this anywhere…Junior Young Guns…..yep !!!

  • One thing that nobody mentioned was just how good the Richards-Clowe-Zuccarello line was from the moment the puck dropped until the end of the game. About as dominant as any line I’ve ever seen (for one game of course) and frankly Zuke wasn’t all that great. Everyone’s talked about Clowe, and he was the best, but Richards had a fabulous game (better than Boyle IMO). If Clowe really has turned Richards around, this is a different team.

    Not sure about best deal
    No on Boyle
    $3 million per
    Rangers will plan on Connecticut, expect an early call-up for one or both.
    Richards (better line mates)

  • i agree entirely with youre future regret statement. unless a goalie is truly elite id trade one for a good young prospect as well. Its sorta like RB’s in football, some are great most others are expendable

  • -John Moore. He is in his ELC and plays top 4 minutes
    -ah i think he gonna go and Lindberg replaces him
    -$3 million? Plus no trade clause
    -They might crack the NHL roster
    -whatever position he played last night
    -Good question. This is gonna be close but i think Brassard will have more points

  • I wonder how much influence Assistant General Managers Jeff Gorton & Jim Schonfield had on Slats when he made these trades

  • I hate to disappoint you all, but these estimates for Clowe’s salary to re-sign are way off. Clowe is making $4 million (before pro-ration) this year. He is not going to take a pay-cut to stay with the Rangers. He’ll get 5-8 years at $4 to $5 million in the off-season.

    • What team would invest 5 per for 5+ years on a 31 year old coming off his worst offensive year in recent memory in a year in which the salary cap decreases by about 7 million?

      • Ray Shero, calling Ray Shero…..

        But yeah, unless he channels his inner Gretzky for the remainder and the playoffs it’s highly unlikely he get 5 per, especially for 5 years +

          • What he is asking for and what he is going to get are completely different. There are wry few people in this league who get 8 year contracts. There are even fewer 31 year olds. Clowe is not one of those guys and as Brooks said in that article Sather should be very careful about entering into extension talks with Clowe. If Philly wants to pay Clowe until he is 39 then they can be my guest.

          • Agree 100%!

            Philly has a history of over paying, and then trying to get rid of very large contracts. Unlike us, those fools don’t have a Slats for GM, and they have to eat those deals. Briere, Pronger, Space man in goal, are a few examples of what I mean. It couldn’t happen to a bigger dickhead than Ed Snyder, so if they want to sign him for the next 15 years at $10 million per, have at it! Then they wonder every year why they are at the cap ceiling.

          • Great points from all, and I also believe that the stock in players like Clowe has risen in recent years. It will be interesting what the market commands for him. So, as always money will be the the driving factor in the end.

  • The trades almost wipe away the season. It’s like the first game of the season again.

    So the new look rangers are 1-0

    Lets see how the rest of the year plays out. I am hoping the energy the new guys have rub off on the others and not vice versa

    • I really think the whole situation was just a big shakeup and kick in the ass for the team. Gaborik wasn’t exactly a locker room cancer, the entire team was just having and off year. This really was just a shakeup and for one game it looks like everyone got the message.

  • I like the idea that this was a shake-up. I also think that Torts now has his “type” of team. I like the results but I do have one worry. The guys we got can easily move from 4th to 3rd to 2nd liners. This will give Torts MORE ability to change lines. May be good, may be bad. Will have to wait and see.

  • Disagree on Bishop, think that will be a great goalie pickup. Time will tell but ….
    Brassard seems like a basketcase from what I’ve read and will make the dealings Gaborik/Torts had seem deja vu. Opposite story on Dorsett who will be a Garden favorite when he returns from injury before end of season. Moore gets mixed reviews but that’s typical of a young d-man but he looks like he has great upside and can get out of the zone quickly. Key to success.
    Clowe? How can you not fall in love with the guy. Like a cannonball shot across from the West Coast he made an impact on first shift and single handedly turned the emotion and season around for this under performing squad. Let’s hope he stays healthy. He gets space, makes the ice larger for his teammates and is a a huge plus. I dont believe we couldnt get fair dollar for Gabby, you just dont replace a 40-goal scorer and theres nothing like getting away from Torts to help a legitimate goal scorer come alive. Do you think Mike Bossy would have been told to play D like this under Torts back in the day? Love the trades.

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