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Goal breakdown: Caps beat Rangers in the shootout

This was a tough loss for the Rangers, since they outplayed the Capitals for most of the game. The Rangers out-shot the Caps, out hit them, won more faceoffs, had a better powerplay conversion and blocked more shots. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t get that coveted third regulation goal.

In the first period, there were some crucial shifts for the Rangers following goals and penalties where the Gaborik – Richie – Nash line was deployed and did squat. That line should not be getting pinned in their own zone by the Caps third line. I know everyone wants to have line combos etched in stone, but I thought Torts made the right move putting Kreider with Nasher and Richie in the second period. Kreider was forechecking well and that front line was just flat. It was also a good move to get Gaborik away from the Caps top defensive unit.

Interestingly enough, Torts gave Gaborik a lot of TOI during OT and was seen patting him on the back a lot on the bench. To be honest, I don’t know what else you can do to get Gaborik going.

On to the goals…

Capitals 1, Rangers 0

(PPG Backstrom)


Stepan partially blocks a point shot on the penalty kill. The shot took an odd hop in the slot, but Hank was able to make the initial save with his stick. Unfortunately, the puck bounced off of Hank’s stick and redirected off of Backstrom and in. I thought Girardi could have established better positioning on Backstrom, instead of trying to take a swipe at the puck. Tough break.

Capitals 2, Rangers 0



Stepan missed Callahan with an east-west pass at the blueline on an odd man rush. The errant pass lead to a rush by the Caps with Backstrom carrying. Backstrom pulled up on the rush, which allowed all of the Rangers to get back into coverage. Ovechkin snuck around Stepan in the DZ and ended up wide open on the left wing. From there, all Ovechkin had to do was re-direct a point shot passed Hank. 

Capitals 2, Rangers 1

(Arron Asham)


This is an easy one to break down. Mike Green pinched in from the blueline to keep the puck in the Rangers zone. Powe came in and delivered a big hit on Green, which caused the puck to kick out off of the boards. Newbury comes in for support and chips the puck off the wall. Asham collects and a 2-on-1 ensued. Arron finished with a beautiful wrist shot over Holtby’s glove, similar to his first goal as a New York Ranger. Cya Halpern.

Also if you’re a Caps fan, you can throw a brick at Perreault for overcommitment as Newbury was chipping the puck off the boards. That’s what got all of those Caps trapped in the Rangers zone.

Important Note:

The fourth line followed that goal up with a terrific shift in the Caps zone where they were able to draw a penalty. All they had to do was play simple hockey by getting the puck deep, playing physical and establishing their 2-1-2 forecheck. This is what we need out of our 4th line.

Capitals 2, Rangers 2

(Stepan PPG)


It was great to see Stepan rebound and score after being at fault on the Caps 2nd goal. As you can see from the photo, Holtby’s stance indicates that he’s anticipating a lateral pass from Stepan to Nash on the weakside. Holtby’s not going to get away with that at this level. Stepan made him pay with a bad angle goal. Great to see the boys battle back. Would have been nice to have Torts miked up this period huh?

Capitals 3, Rangers 2 (Shootout)

  1. Holtby pokechecks Nash
  2. Hendricks hits the outside net
  3. Callahan hits outer post
  4. Ovechkin scores under Lundqvist’s pads
  5. Derek Stepan scores on a nifty backhander underneath the cross bar
  6. Lundqvist makes a pad save on Ribeiro
  7. Holtby makes a blocker save on Brad Richards
  8. Niklas Backstrom scores on Hank’s glove side for the win

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  • Solid game by CK that prompted the solid promotion from Torts.

    He was actually battling. Even off the start of the 3rd period center ice face-off he was battling with his winger.

    MDZ with a very good game, maybe his best for me. But he is still a decent/good 2nd paring D and 2nd PP point.

    Gabby on the 3rd line? Well guess what, that is where he is on the depth chart. I pick Nash and Cally 100/100 times. And now you have to ask yourself where does this leave Miller? Do you really want this kid to get 4th line minutes? If the answer is no, then you can understand why Gabby is available for the right piece. Which should be a RD.

  • Expect the Rangers to make a move this week as the trading deadline is coming up. Gaborik, love you as a player but the team needs to get that contract off the books. You don’t carry the team like you used to. We need the money to resign ppl. Now scouts have been to Phoenix, Columbus and SJ. Now if i were a GM id look to acquire:
    Prospal, Umberger or Anisimov from Columbus,
    Vermette, Korpikoski or Hanzal from Phoenix,
    Pavelski, Coutoure or Boyle
    from SJ

  • Certain line combos do develop great chemistry. Unfortunately the Nash, Richards and Gabby line doesn’t. 2 ultra talent players with one hard working corner man using makes for a good line. A entertaining game despite the loss. I hope the Rangers can built on the positives on their upcoming road trip.

  • Boys battle back.They fell behind again at HOME to the Caps and loss at HOME again.You look for good things to hold on to,like being ready to play when the puck drops or scoring first at HOME.Every game at HOME shouldn’t be a struggle if your a good team.No one fears playing at the GARDEN.Are you really happy with that point.

  • Good fight … Tough loss.

    Richards and gabby both played like ass.

    They should both be playing on the third line… Maybe they can both use a 10 game conditioning stint.

  • Did Boyle suit up for this game . Win a face off and get off the ice . Think Torts reads these blogs , because everyone was saying Kreider had chemistry with Newbury , but no he plays with boyle . Just switch Boyle with Newbury and see , just saying PP goal was all Holtby . Great PK on the 5 on 3 that alone should have gave us enough to win this game in regulation . Maybe we just ride Biron for a few games Hank seems to me to be fighting the puck a little . What is wrong with this team . Watched the Pens play the Bullies last night and you just know they are going to tie and win it . They will be tough in the playoffs to beat . Keep the faith guys we only have to get in

  • Another great start for us. Another shoot out loss. Another weak team beats us. Another great game, NOT!!!!!

      • I don’t know dude.

        We were slated as faves this year.

        Off to a slow start. A few more losses, it’s just business you see. You can’t blame a whole team for sucking. You can blame the coach.

  • We are letting points slip away. When in eighth place, you can ill afford to do this. I expect a very unusual deal at the deadline. Something nobody sees coming. Look for us to part with a young star in order to obtain a scoring center. Then watch Zucc be back in the lineup everyday.

    • Something big must take place, because this team is just going through the motions. I believe that Ranger17’s post above may be onto something.

      Hank has not been himself this year, maybe he is being distracted by his new baby, or something, but the man has been off his game. Hank, historically, had been the master of the shoot-out. Look at him this season, he just doesn’t seem to be the same, and it’s cost us points!

      Also, the Rangers have given up the first goal of the game some 65% of the games played, nothing like last season. Some of these goals were real stinkers, weak, and if Hank were playing like last year, the vast majority would have been stopped. I’m not putting all this on Hank, but he has to be responsible for some of these losses.

      Granted, we haven’t scored like we should, especially with the names on this roster, and the defense hasn’t been the same. Yes we have injuries, so does everyone else. Teams have scouted us, know exactly what we are going to do, and are exploiting it. Any coach worth his weight would make adjustments, and we haven’t.

      Coaching change anyone????

      • Like Oates said about WAS top ranked power play.

        Everyone know what we are going to do. If we execute it properly, then cant stop us.

        Same goes for NYR. But it’s not being executed properly or by the proper people.

      • It’s not the goalie.The team in front of him is not prepare to play at the drop of the puck.AT HOME against weak teams.No one should roll into your building and kick your ass, no one.When that continues to happen it’s on the COACH.Don’t start making stupid trades thinking this group is close.It’s not.You want to trade someone B.RICH get rid of him and his contract.I love Gabby and how he has changed his game to fit this coach.He may have to go to get young skilled and tough assets.Players shouldn’t fit the coaches system.A coach should see what he has and play to the players strengths.See Pat Riley in L.A. and then with the Knicks.

  • I find it comical people keep talking about hank. He was superhuman last year and clearly hid the weaknesses of torts’ flawed system. Torts is over working him, is getting nothing out of gabi and Richards and in recent games it seems Nash has become invisible too. I blame our top guys for not showing up, but I am also blaming this system that doesn’t let our stars play freely.

    I think the horrible season starts with Richards and then goes straight to torts. This system is awful and we look atrociois. Not only that, but most of our remaining games are on the road. Torts can barely win when he has the final change at home.

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