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Brooks: Rangers not in on O’Reilly (Update: Asking price includes Del Zotto)

Update 2/18/13: Elliotte Friedman says that the Rangers spoke to the Avs over the weekend regarding O’Reilly, but balked at the asking price. The Avs were asking for Michael Del Zotto and either Chris Kreider or J.T. Miller. Clearly, the Avs are living in a fantasy world where they believe they have leverage with their star-in-the-making forward. Del Zotto is obviously a non-starter in a deal, as is Kreider. So with the Avs asking for two non-starters, the possibility for the Rangers traded for O’Reilly appears slim.

Original Post: Per Larry Brooks, the Rangers are not interested in acquiring Ryan O’Reilly. The issue isn’t so much the cost of acquiring O’Reilly in a trade, but the cost it would take to sign him. ROR has already turned down a two-year, $3.5 million deal that would probably be the best that the Rangers could offer. Kevin discussed the benefits of acquiring ROR on Wednesday.

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  • As expected. Sather would be sending the wrong message given the situation ROR is in.

    Just my 2 cents, but the offers Colorado have proposed are quite fair for kid who has only one good year of production. And what message is the team sending Duchene if they give in.

    My hunch says that a rebuilding team with cap space would be the most likely destinations for ROR. Maybe Toronto or CBJ, who have 3 first-rounders.

  • My read of the article was different — that Sather didn’t want to set the precedent of giving a longer-term deal to a RFA with no leverage, given that we have our own big-minutes RFAs coming up in the off-season…

    • Ziggy – that’s what I interpreted too and as much as I’d love to have ROR, I think this is a good policy for the Rangers to follow and am fine with them sticking too it

    • What no one is considering, ROR, what is he like in the locker? This guy is upset that he wasn’t named captain, what else is he upset about? We don’t need misfits now, do we? Slats made a good move by not making a move!

      Taking nothing away from the guy, but I think we are a better team without him.

    • I think it’s also an issue of that price. If they sign him to that $3.5m per year deal, then McDonagh and Hagelin (assuming Stepan goes in the deal) are going to look at that and ask for at least that much too.

  • A true player with captin attributes can handle not being named captin, I like the ideal of the rangers inquiring about the kid but I think it’s not going to happen. ROR is bigger than the game and is not needed in our locker room

  • I would only make this deal if it was Stepan an AHL prospect outside of McIlrath. And or a draft choice. And it wouldnt be a high draft choice at that.

  • Listen lets stop all of these DEAL IS DONE posts. This is Sather land. Just because they threw out some bait and they didnt like what they caught doesnt mean anything. Didnt we all learn this in the Nash deal.

    Hell if we gave up for Nash what everyone was saying it would take to get him. Half our roster would be gone.

    I say let this play itself out. Im sure if teams were throwing players at CO. like candy This guy would be playing in the NHL right now.

    By the way when is the NEW trade deadline???

      • Thanks Dave I agree The Rangers at this time are not in a position to move a player like MDZ. And to be honest as much as I like this ROR. Its way too soon to give up on a player like Del Z.

        MDZ doesnt seem to be playing as physical as he was last year. But with no camp. And everyone just trying to find their legs. i feel he will find that nasty side once again.

  • YIKES !! NOT NOW !!! I’m STILL hurting over the loss of Dubinsky & Anisiminov as well as ALL the blunders in the past. Seems to ME that O’Reilly’s “attitude” needs to be examined before the Blueshirts consider his prescence in the locker room. Leave ALL that is and let’s just focus on WINNING with what I deem to be a WINNING ROSTER !!!! Go RANGERS GO !!!

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