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Rangers trade Mike Rupp to Minnesota for Darroll Powe/Nick Palmieri

Per Bob McKenzie, the Rangers have sent Mike Rupp to Minnesota for Darroll Powe and Nick Palmieri. Rupp, who was signed last year to a three-year, $1.5m per year deal, was used sparingly in Torts’ system, but was a very useful locker room addition. In 24/7, it was evidenced that Torts leaned on Rupp in the locker room. That said, if you’re not going to use a $1.5 million player on the ice, locker room presence only goes so far.

As for the return, Powe will head straight to the Rangers, likely replacing Rupp (for $500,000 cheaper) in the lineup. Powe is significantly smaller than Rupp, but is right up there in the strength category and a much better skater. Powe has been leaned upon by Minnesota in defensive situations.

Palmieri will head to the Whale, where they are in desperate need of forwards.

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  • Powe is quicker, and can play D, drops the gloves, and cheaper, what more can we ask for?

    Say what you want, Rupp was a decent guy, and he may be missed as well.

  • OOOOh, trying some experiments, probably a quick look but extremely interesting.

    Per Jim Cerny:
    “Just confirmed: #NYR recall JT Miller—2011 top pick—and rugged Brandon Mashinter from @CTWhale…Benn Ferriero sent down”

      • Surprised they sent down Ferriero, but probably did it to take a look at the both of them for one game or so, or maybe just seeing if they are an effective stop-gap for Cally/Kreider?

        Never know how it winds up working out though.

    • Like the Miller move. This may shake up a few who may be dogging it somewhat! Nothing like someone breathing down your neck, for your job.

  • We will have to see what pans out here. But JT being called up is why you can never say never Same thing was said about Kreider last year.

    It is far more important to win the cup then it is to have a more time on ELC. And if Miller gives us a better shot I say go for it.

    In a perfect world he would get a year in Hartford.

  • How does Powe compare to Prust? Having never seen the guy play, what people are saying about him sounds similar to what Prust did for this team.

  • Holy crap, Sather strikes again. That’s been his M.O. as a Rangers GM – brilliant (mostly) trades, horrendous (mostly) free agents signings.

    • I love how this guy seems to be able to trade rust for silver. Like Ive said in the past if its not writen in stone. I dont put anything past this guy.

      Dont count out this Palmieri kid he has some upside too. He has good size and uses it.

  • Working the lines again.





    This would give the first line some of that down low ability that Boyle can provide. It will also allow Miller to come in and play with someone that can actully play. And at the same time keep the Stepan line together after such a great game.

    Now if we could just make a move for a 6th D man.

    • I think you switch Boyle and Gaborik and that is more likely what we will see. I don’t think you put that kind of pressure on Miller especially when most thought he needed more seasoning in the NHL and is only up here because of injuries. Having him center Gaborik probably is not the best idea. Gaborik also needs to see atleast top six minutes and with your current setup that means either his line gets that or Stepans line. I don’t think Miller and Halpern should be getting that. And I just don’t see what Boyle brings to the top line. Your lines do attempt to even out the scoring over 3 lines but I just don’t think it works. Ps no thu,bs down from me on this one

      • I see where your comming from But arent you tired of this team bringing up young players that were drafted for our top two lines and planting them with NO tallent bums in most cases???

        I for one am. If they use this kid use him where he should be used. I actully think playing with Gaborik would take some of the presure off him somewhat. And having Halpern out there will give the line some Def as well.

  • That clears like 4m in cap, something else is up.

    There is one name that yells at me….Dan Boyle. There might be some movement….

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