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Goal Breakdown: Rangers at Lightning

This was a fun game to watch. The Rangers and Lightning both came out firing, and there was a lot of back and forth action in the first period. Credit for this win goes to Marty Biron, who stood on his head and made some phenomenal saves to keep the Rangers in the game. This was the best overall game for the Rangers this year. It’s also worth noting that the Rangers finally got scoring from Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin. Their absence from the score sheet was the crux of the forward depth issue.

On to the goals:

2.2.13 goal 1
McDonagh too high, Girardi alone in front.

Lightning 1, Rangers 0

Stu Bickel took a bad hooking penalty, which gave one of the league’s most skilled teams a powerplay chance. After some corner work, the puck finds its way to Rick Nash, who doesn’t clear the zone. Ryan Malone took the puck away, giving the dangerous first PP unit more time with tired penalty killers on the ice. The puck works itself out to the point, and for some reason Ryan McDonagh follows the puck all the way to the point. The Lightning are skilled enough to pass the puck around and exploit this blown coverage. Dan Girardi can’t cover both guys in front, and this is an easy goal for Steven Stamkos.

Pyatt in front, no cover by Salo. Tyrell in No Man's Land.
Pyatt in front, no cover by Salo. Tyrell in No Man’s Land.

Rangers 1, Lightning 1

This goal happens because the Rangers got the puck to the net, but also because the Lightning blew some assignments following the end of the penalty. Carl Hagelin eventually winds up with the puck on his stick in the corner, and throws it towards the net. Taylor Pyatt, who was left untouched in front, tipped the puck on goal. Pyatt was open because Sami Salo neglected to cover him (above). Dana Tyrell was also in No Man’s Land.

Tyrell doesn't pick up Stepan.
Tyrell doesn’t pick up Stepan.

Matieu Garon left a big rebound after the puck hit him in the chest. Tyrell couldn’t recover in time from No Man’s Land and didn’t cover Derek Stepan cutting to the net. By the time Purcell got to Stepan, it was too late. Tie game.

Dude, you got beat.
Dude, you got beat.

Rangers 2, Lightning 1

Sometimes you just get beat. Victor Hedman got beat, badly, by one of the best in the game. That’s why you get Rick Nash. It also helps that Garon didn’t have his pad flush to the ice.


Rangers 3, Lightning 1

This goal is just a product of hard work by Taylor Pyatt, and pure speed by Carl Hagelin. The puck winds up on Matt Carle’s stick at the half-boards, and Pyatt just pressures him into turning the puck over. After that, Pyatt just floats the puck to the middle, where Hagelin uses his speed to burn past Nate Thompson (#44, far side of image) and Adam Hall (#18, near side). Hagelin just pokes it through the wide open wickets of Garon.

Collapsing box = open point men.
Collapsing box = open point men.

Lightning 2, Rangers 3

With Garon pulled, the Lightning threw everything they had at the Rangers, and they eventually got through. After some very tough board work, the puck worked its way to Carle, who had loads of time. The reason why he had loads of time is because the Rangers play a collapsing box in the zone, which leaves the point men wide open. Looking at the picture, you can see four Rangers in the box, with one Ranger off screen to the right. While Carle may have stayed at the blue line, Stamkos read this perfectly and drifted to his favorite spot: The top of the circle on the off-wing. All Carle had to do was put it in his wheelhouse. No goalie in the world is stopping that rocket. The long shift didn’t help either.

All in all, this was a solid Rangers win. They weren’t perfect, but they were far better than they have been this season. The secondary scoring is coming along. It was only a matter of time.

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  • “his numbers still suggest that his slow start will be a thing of the past very soon”. Good call on Hagelin in your earlier post.

  • JT Miller scored again for the Whale tonight could the Rangers not bring him up and pivot the 4th. line? I still think Bickle needs to go back to the farm and get some ice time to work out the kinks in his game. When Cally comes back, I like to see him on a line with Boyle. They have great chemistry and would make for a formidable checking line.

  • I love when they make me eat crow. After all I am a Rangers fan. Everyteam needs a line or a player that carries a team on its back from time to time and tonite we got both.

    That Nash goal was what we got him for. And was sorely needed when he scored it.

    The Stepan, Hags, Pyatt line was clearly the best line on the ice. All nite long. keep it up boys

    And the big three played their best Def game all year. Girardi, Staal and Mc D were fantastic. And we got a nice steady game out of Stralman too.

    Okay so we got a much needed win on the road and lets hope its the begining of a nice run.

  • Big win against one of the hottest teams in the league. February can be a big month for NYR.

    Thanks for the screen capture work there, Dave.

  • By the way Tampas 2nd goal should have never have been. Staal was blatently cross checked seconds before it To the side of the net. And NO CALL?

    • I think what you saw there with Fierrio was the Rangers knowing they had to slow down a very hot Tampa O. So Torts used what he thought would get it done.

      Seeing that Stu wasnt going to get much Ice time against this team. He just switched Ben with Halpern. It was a savy move on his part and paid off.

      It was also a move they could afford to make Not having to play again. Untill Tuesday. But they are gonna have to address that 4th line real soon.

        • This is the Happy Ricky. The one that knew that he was in for one hell of a ride tonite. And was happy that the hard work paid off.

          Going into this game I knew this team would have to play the way they did last year to have any chance what so ever to win.

          I was very pleased being tied 0-0 after one. And even more pleased being tied 1-1 going into the third. With a powerplay to boot.

          The powerplay looked disjointed once again. But the momentom carried thru for the goal.

  • Fierrio was benched because he was guilty by association, having being stuck on a line with Bickle and Ruff.

    • Ferriero got can’t play by himself. He needs actual nhl linemates and not two pylons. I hope they keep Hagelin, Stepan and Pyatt together, so when Kreider and Callahan come back, Halpern and Asham slide back to 4th line with Ferriero, and Rupp and Bickel can take their well deserved spots in the press box.

      • when those two come back i hope the line look like:


        Scratch Asham and Bickel: why? Asham just doesnt get it done in my opinion and Bickel, penalties.

    • It just goes to show, when the Rangers play their game they can beat anyone. More impressive than their offense – which was great- they kept that team to two goals, something no other team has done yet. Hopefully Rangers find consistency and get going.

      I love Torts fist bumps!

      • Well put Suit. And if they can get this 4th line fixed then we dont have to live on the edge of our seats every night.

        On another note. Eventhough he was hung out to dry by his team tonite. Did anyone see that sick stick save Marty made tonite? If the Devils had won that game. It might have gone down as the save of the year.

        And how about those two goals made by A. Anisimov. Man they were great. Kinda secretly rooting for them down their. Kinda got a NY thing going on down there.

  • Ansimov is lighting up the lamp, shame the Rangers gave up on him. He could be the next Tony Amonte or Dougie Weight.

    • They never gave up on him. They had to give something to get something. Who would you rather have: Nash or Anisimov?

      Fact is AA had no real place in the Torts system, so they dealt him for elite talent. We all knew AA would have a successful career, and hopefully he finds something in CBJ.

  • My question is why has Torts strayed from his typical strategy of giving Henrik plenty of rest and instead gone with him only exclusively? Biron proved that he is good enough to carry the team and win games and I’d be much happier knowing Henrik is fully rested come playoffs.

    • For all intents and purposes, the schedule is a game every other day. Goalies are a creature of habit. You’ll see Biron getting about 20% of the starts, which is what he’s on pace for now.

      • I think Marty proved he could play last year. He had 12 wins; 12-6 from a back-up is pretty darn good.

  • Our first 60 minute effort. Went well.

    That line of pyatt, step, hags did great out there. Pyatt was doing what dubi used to, control the wall.

    With Asham and happen playing with Boyle….that 4th line looks decrepit. Rupp, bickle, and ferreiro. Benn I like, the other two….they can go.

    Off topic, how about artem, two solid goals….too bad he couldnt do that here. You may not wear a ranger sweater but I still like watching you….

    • Anisimov had the best points per 60 at even strength of any Ranger over the previous two years. He’s finally getting the ice time and he’s rewarding CBJ.

      That deal was not a lopsided deal by any means.

  • Class act by the Tampa organization, and fans with a standing “O” for both Richards, and Torts!

    This was probably the best game of the season from our guys. Great move putting Pyatt, with Step, and Hags, home this is the begining of a good thing!

    Watching the Bolts PP, what I wouldn’t give to have that kind of puck movement by the Rangers.

    As for Atrie, and his game last night, good for him.

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