Gaborik good to go; Sauer done for the year

There has a lot of talk about Marian Gaborik and his shoulder, but John Tortorella put all concerns to bed today. Per Steve Zipay, Torts stated that Gaborik is ready to go, and will not miss any of training camp or opening night. Gaborik has been cleared medically for about a month now. This is one area where the lockout benefited the Rangers. A healthy Gaborik gives the Rangers another 40-goal threat in the lineup.

Unfortunately, those who are expecting Michael Sauer back soon are not going to be happy. Word went across Twitter yesterday (sorry, I don’t have an exact link, if someone could provide it would be great) that the young defenseman is not going to be ready for opening night, and likely will not be ready this season. Sauer has been out with post-concussion syndrome for over a year. Sauer suffered the injury following a clean Dion Phaneuf hit, where Sauer’s head hit the boards awkwardly.

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  1. It has become a scary reality that Sauer is done for good. This young man lost his career on just one hit, clean or dirty it doesnt matter at this point. A promising player is now down and out, sad thing to happen to a young man.

  2. Great news on Gabby. However sad, sad news for Sauer. I believe we saw the last of Sauer that awful nite against Toronto. Lets hope and pray he makes the right decision and retires.

  3. Mike is a great kid, and I for one will miss him in our line up. Let’s hope that his condition will improve for his long term health. If I were Mike, I’d hang up my skates, and call it a career. Too darn bad, but that is life, and he is too young to put himself in a position that may have long term problems.

    I believe that Mike had a brother who played football, and had to retire early for the same reason.

    1. The club doesn’t expect him back this year, after which his contract expires. Wouldn’t shock me if they don’t re-sign him.

  4. same thing happened to his older brother kurt who was playing for the phoenix coyotes.they had a older brother play in the nfl i think he was with atlanta dont know if he had concussion or not.

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