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It’s official: NHL cancels first block of regular season games

When CBA talks broke off early this week, we knew it was only a matter of time before the league would begin canceling regular season games. Now it is official, as the league announced they have cancelled all games through October 24.

For the Rangers this means that five games have officially been cancelled: 10/12 at Los Angeles, 10/15 at San Jose, 10/17 at New Jersey, 10/19 at Buffalo, and 10/23 at Tampa Bay.

The fact that it has come to this is ridiculous. It shows how greedy both sides are, and how much they all want that extra dollar. The fans are the ones that are suffering, and no one seems to care about that.

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  • I wouldn’t say this shows how greedy both sides are. The NHL wants MORE money than they are currently getting. The NHLPA has given proposals which will mean the players get less of a percentage than they are currently getting. The NHL is saying its not enough of a concession. To me this means the NHL is the greedy one.

    7 years ago the NHL was willing to lose an entire season to get the CBA THEY wanted. Now they say it isn’t good enough and want even more money. How about the players propose that the owners salaries are rolled back by the same percentage that the players salaries are rolled back if the NHL gets their way.

    • @Spozo, The owners are in charge and will get what they want. The players are postponing the inevitable. Negs shoulda started in January not September. Fehr was brought in not to defeat Bettman but to minimize the beating the players will take this time around. just like in any business the owner dictates how things go, since the salary cap is not an issue this time around they should be able to figure out how to divide revenues.

      • @Lord ResponsesI beg to differ.

        Last time around the other leagues in the world didn’t have that much money.

        Now they can offer more, the players can wait out the owners till they lose so much money they will need to cave in.

        I don’t see the issue here. The players currently have made the necessary concessions. Time for a mediator. Paging mike richter.

  • I am finished with buying my tickets for the few games a year that I can get to. Does not matter whether they are here in NY, or on the road when i am traveling for business. I will find something else to do instead of shelling out a nickel for these greedy owners. Players are not so innocent here, but the owners got the deal they wanted last time, and now it’s not good enough???

  • The NHL looks to be going more in the direction of the Arena football league than the NFL. Work stoppages cause ill will that is tough to recover from. While I am a diehard fan, the whole situation disgusts me to the point that I just do not care. Probably not alone in that and definitely not a place that either side wants the fans to be.

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