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Rangers still getting paid during the lockout

Although there’s a lockout, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all NHL players are without paychecks. In fact, it’s far from the truth. Any player that has a signing bonus will still receive that bonus. Also, any player that was injured before the lockout will still receive paychecks until he is cleared to play by the NHL doctors.

This means that injured players Marian Gaborik ($7.5 million) and Mike Sauer ($1.25 million) will still get paid until they are cleared to play by team doctors. For Gaborik, he will get paid for October and November at the minimum. As for Sauer, considering there was no timetable for his return, I’d expect that he will get paid for the entire duration of the lockout.

For Rangers with bonuses, those bonuses will still be paid out:

For the rest of the players who do not have bonuses, they will receive their escrow payments back as they start missing paychecks. Kevin Allen of USA Today notes that the players had 8.5% of their paychecks taken into an escrow account, and are expected to receive all of that money back.

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