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Looking to add Brock Beukeboom?

Although Brock Beukeboom –son of Jeff Beukeboom– hasn’t been able to stay healthy during his early career in the OHL, the Rangers have had him on their radar, according to Bruce Berlet. When the Rangers added Senior Beuk to the coaching staff in Connecticut, the interest appeared to have intensified.

Per Berlet, the Rangers were looking to bring in Beukeboom to the now canceled Traverse City Tournament. The former third round pick of the Tampa Bay Lightning (traded to St. Louis in the Eric Brewer deal)  is now a free agent. Concussions and head injuries led to the Blues deciding to let him go.

The Rangers were not only interested in bringing Beuk to the Traverse City Tournament, but were also interested in bringing him in to a pro contract:

Brock, who was born in Greenwich while dad was with the Rangers and was a forward during much of his youth hockey career, is a free agent and could have signed a pro contract with the Rangers. But he opted to play another season with the OHL’s Niagara IceDogs, who acquired him from Sault St. Marie last season.

It’s clear the Rangers have a lot of interest in Beukeboom. Based on Berlet’s analysis of the Rangers’ interest, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Beuk join the Rangers organization after this season in the OHL.

One thing is for sure, it would be intriguing to see how Brock would do under Jeff’s tutelage in Connecticut.

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  1. To me, New York’s interest in Beukeboom could mean one of two things.
    1) The team realized that it is short on defensive depth and wanted to take a flier on a still-young defenseman that could yet have a shot at developing into an NHL caliber player.
    2) The organization was trying to do alumni and current CT Whale assistant coach Jeff Beukeboom a favor by giving his son one more shot at his dream.
    Either scenario makes some sense, but if Berlet’s report that Beukeboom could have joined the Rangers as a free agent this summer is accurate, then it would seem that their interest in the blueliner was legitimate.
    Still, I’m not necessarily buying that this wouldn’t have just been a tryout at Jeff’s request.

    1. They are relatively thin on defensive depth now, especially at the NHL/AHL level. Amazing how that works.

    2. Yes they are very thin the defensive side but the NYR would not sign Brock as a favor to his father.

      Brock has worked hard not to live on his father’s coat tails. His game is opposite of what his father’s was.

      Is he a legit NHL prospect no I don’t think so not after all the injuries Brock has suffered. It is more than the concussions as the assortment of injuries hurt his development.

      Not to mention that young Brock is not a natural defenseman, a forward for the most of his hockey career

  2. With dad being one of the coaches, the Rangers at least should give the kid a look see. Based on his being traded already, and being concussed, the out look seems bleak!

    He played most of his career as a forward, are they thinking of making a d-man out of him?

    1. Lots of players have concussions early in their careers, but it’s definitely worth a look, considering he was a pretty solid prospect for a while.

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