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Flyers and Red Wings recruiting rivals for Rangers

Despite enduring a wretched summer, the Philadelphia Flyers manage to inconvenience the Rangers. On top of all their bad news the Flyers have had this off season came the recent announcement that veteran defenseman Andreas Lilja would miss at least the start of the next season, assuming it starts on time.

How does this affect the Rangers? Now, more than ever the Flyers will be looking to add defensive help to their roster. Ideally the Flyers are looking for an impact player, something that the Rangers aren’t desperate for, but the Flyers – given the scarcity of talent available – might have to be content with adding depth and a veteran to plug a whole, short term. In short, the Flyers are likely to compete with the Rangers for any and every viable blueliner over the next few weeks and months.

The Rangers top four is set, and ideally Mike Sauer and Anton Stralman will round out the blueline giving the Rangers enviable depth. However, with Mike Del Zotto’s contract situation, Sauer’s ongoing health concerns, injuries to kids like Dylan McIlrath and the lack of trust John Tortorella appears to have with Stu Bickel, competition promises to be minimal right now on the blueline come camp time.

Everyone assumes the Rangers will add some competition, at least for camp, to the blueline and this is where teams such as the Flyers and the Red Wings will influence availability to the Rangers. While Lilja isn’t the same solid depth player he was several years ago, he was still playing 13 minutes a night for the Flyers last year and will need to be replaced. Are the Red Wings happy Ian White will be munching major minutes in Detroit? Probably not.

With clubs like the Red Wings desperate for depth (disregarding the impossibility of replacing Nik Lidstrom atop of their depth chart) the price will be driven up for clubs such as the Rangers. Thanks to demand all of a sudden outnumbering supply don’t expect any moves on the Rangers behalf any time soon.

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  1. The Rangers problem is only Mike Sauer, and should he get healthy, we all are pulling for you Mike, then the case is closed!

    Stu will be our seventh man, and the Flyers can go to hell. Who cares what their needs are, they can get decent d-men, but they still have “Star Wars” in net, no one fears that space cadet!

    Look, that organization has always played goon hockey, and that is what they will be looking for, on their defense, so let them have at it. They will land someone who fits that mold, but stink up the ice surface in the process, and cost them games. Good luck to those scumbags!!!!!

  2. Flyers just need to offer Sheet Del Zotto…then we can really see where the Rangers stand…

  3. As usual, the Rangers fans show their class. The few pull the many down to their level. Have a great season.

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