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NHLPA to present on Tuesday, why did it take so long?

When the owners made their ludicrous first offer last month, there was a lot of panic around the interwebs. We all know that the offer itself was “a bit” in the one-sided realm, but there wasn’t really much cause for concern at that point. Sure, it was an offer that generated a lot of talk, but the talk was in the media and on blogs and on Twitter. The talk was not where it should have been.

The talk was not among the NHLPA.

Now, almost a month later, we are finally going to get the NHLPA’s counter offer. Yes, it took them a month to respond. That’s as ludicrous as the initial offer itself. It appears to be a message to the owners that the players won’t concede as much as they did in 2004-2005. But why did it take them a month to send this message? It took a month to tell the owners “no?”

Therein lies my biggest concern. It’s not the fact that the offer in July was absurd, it’s that the players took so long to respond. Most of the focus is on the owners presenting this first offer, and then the Flyers offer-sheeting Shea Weber for $110 million. It seems like a contradiction that the players caught on to very quickly. But to wait a month, after saying they are eager to get a deal done, is just as hypocritical.

Is it me, or are both sides playing chicken?

It’s mind boggling how the NHL/NHLPA, having built this much momentum with a TV deal and record revenues, is willing to risk another lockout and bring it all crashing down. Another lockout this year, and it will be the third lockout in 16 years. No other major sport has had that many work stoppages in such a short period of time.

The 2004-2005 lockout was due to a bad system. This time around it’s just greed on both sides. The owners realize it’s a flawed system, but they need to give into revenue sharing to really help the bottom teams. There’s no sympathy here, it’s these same owners that over-expanded in the 90s and stretched the talent pool too thin. Now they are paying the price for making that quick buck.

As for the players, they aren’t off the hook. I, along with many fans, want to know why it took them a month to make a counter proposal. Five weeks and counting gentlemen, get your acts together. Now.

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  • First of all, both sides are being led by scumbags, Don Fehr, and Gary Buttman. I know how to spell the little wimps name, but we will call him Buttman for this discussion!

    They are both confrontationable. Fehr showed his stripes with MLB, and the midget Buttman is just bad news, who suffers from the Little Man Syndrom. If they were serious, they would have sat down long before this contract was due to expire, but no, both had to be first class ASSES! Then you send a clown like Ed Snyder to represent the owners, what a laugh, he of the Flyers organization. As you mentioned the offer sheet, how in the world can he be crying hunger, and be pushing five grocery carts with all the goodies in it?

    If they want to really get this season started on time, and be fair with each other, then agree to a 50-50 deal, and be done with it. I’m afraid that greed will come into play, on both sides, and we the fans will get the shaft, and as always, without the K Y jelly!

  • Bettman has got to go, he’s already said he fully intends to lockout if there isn’t an agreement by the Spet. 15 deadline.

    • Bettman is just speaking for the owners in this situation. If the owners tell him were not having a season under the current CBA not much he can do. The big guys are tired of seeing their revenue go to the little guys, so to make them happy they need to find a way to get more for the big guys. Simple fix is take it from the players.

  • My problem isnt with the Flyers summer actions its with the Wild. In Feb (dont remember where I read it) their owner is crying poverty about not making enough, so how do they respond, handing out 2 of the biggest contracts in history. 2 contracts that regardless if their is a season or not pay out 20 million in signing bonus’s. Their reasoning, if they didnt offer it someone else would. My parents always said if your friends are jumping off the bridge are you going to also.

    They expanded into markets because of large population and cant get people in the door, so whos fault is that. Wheres the lower ticket prices the league promised last time. Atleast our raising prices are going to renovations. But when next years transformation plan is completed are ticket prices goin to stop raising? Doubtful.

    • Kris
      Just for your info, the management of the Wild had to dig deep into their collective pockets to make the payment that is due for signing bonus’s. If there is a work stoppage, or lock out, it would serve these fools right, to get into this agreement in the first place, and possibly bankrupt these idiots..

      • I know they had to dig into their pockets but how do you cry poverty then hand out both of these contracts a few months later. It is completely hypocritical, is my point. Its as hypocritical as the I really want to go there, sure the 100 million dollars help. If theres a lockout its because the owners are greedy.

        • That is the point I was trying to make when I mentioned Snyder in my first post above. You and I are on the same page!!!

      • Haha you should probably know that the NHLPA is still waiting on more documents from the league that were requested weeks ago. Welcome to contract negotiation folks. Hold fast.

        • Sorry Dave but the Suit is dead on here while you are blaming the NHLPA why aren’t you asking the owners how many times does the NHLPA have to ask for the financial information that is supposed to back up the NHL’s proposal?

          How can you respond with a counter offer when you go through what you have been given only to discover that there are still documents missing?

          There are several NHL owners who don’t want to share financial details with their fellow owners let alone the players.

          It doesn’t really matter what the player’s offer it is going to be rejected by the owners who foolishly expect the players to cave in again.

          Not this time.

          • I would agree with you Dave except the owners have behaved and acted since day 1 like they seriously believe they can break the NHLPA again with another lockout.

  • Rule 45 of negotiations. If they fail, make sure your no blamed.

    By giving the owners very little time I respond the players are basically stating this is our last chance or you will be to blame for the work stoppage.

    While the first offer was ludicrous, the players took it seriously. Not a first salvo type of
    Offer but a best offer.

    Let’s face it. The owners can’t afford to lose a season. The players can.

    Score so far.

    Owners -1. One point penalty for giving that ridiculous first offer

    Players union 1

  • the nhl is in big trouble if buttman remains in charge lets face it its the rich fighting the rich they need a reality check they need to live like the rest of the world is how about they try living on a minimum wage salary instead of being pamperd with catered pre game meals and personal chefs just get a deal done you guys are not going to go bankrupt if you take a less of a deal the owners or players. sports is nothing but greed anymore how much money do you want to make man they are making a killing just alone with the national televised games and the new NBC sports network mark my words if buttman is still in charge in 3 years from now they are going to lose alot of fans and this great sport will be the 4th best sport next to football and the rest

  • All this is is the owners showing their own inability to manage their businesses profitably, and crying that the players have to bail them out, and, oh, by the way, accept a contract that will keep the owners from making fools of themselves, AGAIN!. For 5 years the owners act like 30 arrogant schoolboys quarreling over who gets to play, refusing to help each other out, until they’re talking to the players, when they pretend that they are one big bunch of good friends.

  • They all make me sick If I didnt like hockey so much I would wish they didnt get it together for a year. Greedy SOBs.

    BUt really Bettmen needs to go and everyone in the office too. The owners are proving to us that they are clearly the dumbest in all of sports with this choice.

  • BTW the biggest difference this time around is not Don Fehr but rather that this times the hockey fans won’t be fooled by the NHL’s nonsense.

  • All contract negotiations go like this. I can’t get a $0.50 raise while my boss drives a Porsche to work. Owners make money and they get rich off the hourly worker. They also provide employment opportunities that may not be available elsewhere. NHL owners make money – NHL players make money – neither wants the other side to make more or believes the other side can survive without the other. Our hearts may bleed blue, but our pockets will ultimately pay the price. Either way, the fans lose.

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