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Rangers (finally) trade for Rick Nash

It should come as no surprise, but Glen Sather fleeced a rival general manager yet again.

After months of speculation and negotiations, Sather’s patience finally paid off this afternoon as the Rangers completed a trade for Rick Nash.  Derek Stepan wasn’t involved in the deal, neither were Michael Del Zotto, Chris Kreider or Ryan McDonagh.

No, in the end, Sather was able to obtain Nash for the pittance of Brandon Dubinsky, Artem Anisimov, Tim Erixon and a first-round pick.  The Rangers also received a third-round pick and minor league defenseman Steven Delisle.

Dubinsky, though a fan favorite, was long expected to be part of the deal following an awful season.  Anisimov’s development had stalled in New York and he’d clearly fallen out of favor with the organization.  Erixon is a top prospect, but given the strength and ages of the Rangers’ top-four, he was a logical chip.  The first-round pick should turn out to be in the 20-30 range, reducing its value significantly.

And so the Rangers finally got the stud power forward they’ve coveted for months.  Nash will be expected to carry the scoring load while Marian Gaborik recovers from a torn labrum, but once he returns the Rangers should have a much more powerful offensive attack than they did when they reached the Eastern Conference Finals.

Here’s an early look at the team’s depth chart (NOT LINE COMBINATIONS):

Rick Nash/Brad Richards/Marian Gaborik

Chris Kreider/Derek Stepan/Ryan Callahan

Carl Hagelin/Brian Boyle/Mike Rupp

Taylor Pyatt/Jeff Halpern/Arron Asham

We’ll have plenty more analysis later, but for now, let us know your thoughts below.


After months of speculation, the Rangers are finally about to acquire Rick Nash from the Columbus Blue Jackets, according to TSN’s Darren Dreger.

We’ll break down all the details of the blockbuster deal as they come in.

2:32 – Dreger reports that Derek Stepan is NOT part of the deal.

2:43 – Dreger reports that Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon and a first-round pick are three of the four pieces going back to Columbus.

2:47 – TSN’s Bob McKenzie reports that Artem Anisimov is the final piece of the deal.

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  • if the 4th is still pending could it still be a haglin or will the 4th be a non rostered prospect??

  • Anisimov is the 4th piece. WOW. Sather strikes again. Sent about 7-8 million in cap back and we did not lose stepan, mcd or kreider.

    Utterly amazing deal. I bet we snag doan now also.

  • Good job keeping Hags, Krieder, Stepan and our stable of NHL D-men. This will help against Philly with Weber.

  • Slats – i am sorry for having 0 faith in you. You did it again, absolutely amazing trade that nets us a scorer and we lose nothing. GM of the year.

  • Wow. As good as can be expected. I’ll miss Dubi (and I think he’s in for a major rebound year) and I’m a little nostalgic as the Rangers lose both Russian speakers in the same offseason, but you gotta do this deal.
    P.S. Poor Erixon! Snubbed Calgary, only to be shipped off to Columbus.

  • Dubi, AA, Erixon and a 1st. Steal. I like Dubi and AA and I thought Erixon had some good potential, but it’s worth it.

  • opening night:


    • i would think one of the kids is gonna get a long look in training camp to strengthen the third line

    • No way they have all three of Asham, Rupp and Haley in the same lineup.

      It’s gotta be one of Bourque, Thomas, Miller or any other kid who impresses in camp (Kyle Jean?)

    • Oh and Gabi will be in the opening night lineup because I expect the opening night to be some time in December/January.

    • Like the lines… bottom 6 is a little weak… Pyatt may be a wild card, big body could put the puck in the net… I would love to see Miller or Thomas get a crack at the big club instead of Haley…

      Maybe more to come, but with Gabby coming back in a month or 2 to that lineup… WOW…

      Cally Richard Nash
      Krieder Stepan Gabby
      Haglin Boyle Pyatt
      Asham Halpern Rupp (hopefully one of our prospects instead of both Ruppa nd Asham)

    • So really, when Gabby is healthy:


      Little room for another rookie unless you want to sit 2/3 of Rupp, Asham, Haley and give rookie 5 min a game… remember we’re talking Torts hockey

      Does this line up give Torts the comfort level of playing this 4th line more in the playoffs?

      • Nash-Richards-Gaborik (that’s scary)
        Kreider-Stepan-Cally (Torts will switch lines, but I would bet on Kreider-Stepan for 40+ games)
        Haley in Hartford, Rupp in the press box, except against Devils and Flyers.

  • Gotta say, I like this deal. Giving up two quality forwards and Erixon’s potential obviously hurts. But keeping Stepan, Kreider, McD and others, while adding a front line winger who will add some major production offensively along with Richards and Gaborik is something you can’t pass up. Solid job Glen Sather

  • I couldn’t be happier with this. Sather has his 1980s mojo back big time. We didn’t give up a single irreplaceable prospect. If our luck holds, maybe Sauer is further along that we also realize given Erixon’s inclusion :)?

  • If you had told me that a Nash deal to NYR was going down today, I would have guessed Stepan, Dubi/Anisimov, Erixon, and a 1st. To have Stepan not be a part of it is just great. YAYYYYYY

  • This is the first post I have ever saw that all the follow up comments are positive. Not one negative comment. Great job Slats,all is forgiven by this blogger.

  • This one almost rivals the Gomez deal. Dubi and AA were in top 6/bottom 6 limbo, Erixon has not proven anything at the NHL level and the Rangers always draft in the bottom half of the first round. For one of the top players in the league. Well done, Glen.

  • i don’t know how many other 30 year old men out there watch WWE but to quote Daniel Bryan….”YES YES YES YES YES”

  • The Rangers have a 2nd round pick as well as 3 3rd round picks a 4th rounder and two 5th round picks and a 6 and 7. They could easily swing a deal to move up.

  • Howson will get canned for this the deal was much better 3 months ago and he passed. JT miller borque or Thomas will get a long look.

    • I agree. I think for everyone who was advocating for the kids to get a chance, this is the best case scenario. Not only did we get a stud power forward for almost nothing, it opens up spots for kids to fill. Win-win for me

      • Still early but has the makings one of the best deals in ranger history. Duby and AA nothing more than third liners. We have many prospects coming up that can replace those two and we get a top player in his prime. Our defense has depth as well. We can absorb loss of Erixon u can tell torts just didn’t like him.

  • First, the positives:

    1) Rangers will start the season with Nash/Kreider in place of Dubinsky/Anisimov (a huge improvement in terms of production).

    2) The Rangers acquired the coveted Nash while not increasing overall cap hit.

    3) New top six consists of: Nash/Richards/Gaborik/Kreider/Stepan/Callahan (quite impressive)

    The downside:

    1) Bottom six is left at Hagelin/Boyle/Pyatt/Rupp/Asham/Halpern (less then impressive)

    2) Loss of Prust/Dubinsky/Fedotenko leaves some serious PK holes

    3) When the Rangers lift the Cup, it will feel wrong seeing Dubinsky on the ice.

    Overall, I believe the Rangers begin 2012-13 in better condition than they did 2011-12, but something feels off about this team.

    • I think it feels off because losing players like Prust and Dubi at least appears to detracts from the “blue collar” tone that the team has embraced. Here’s to hoping the infusion of skill doesn’t throw anything off.

        • It’s not about the style, at least for me. It’s the heart. I loved Prust and Dubinsky. And in the case of Dubinsky, what’s he’s meant to the team over the years… I really wanted to see him win a Cup in NY. But, alas, professional sports are a business, and business dictated his -and others- departure.

          They say to play (or root) for the logo on the front, not the name on the back. As a fan, sometimes that’s not such an easy choice.

          Duby will be missed. Here’s hoping guys like Nash and Pyatt can fill the emotional void.

  • I stand corrected We now have 4 3rd round picks in a very deep draft. One came back in the trade along with a minor league D man

  • Dubi and AA will each score 20 goals this year, and Erixon will net 5. That’s 45 goals. Think Nash will get 45? Still, you can’t dislike this deal because we got one of the top offensive players in the league, exactly what we lacked. Plus, he’s entering his prime. Still, I’ll miss Dubi’s heart, and AA’s defensive responsibility. With our defense, we could afford to lose Erixon.

    • “Dubi and AA will each score 20 goals this year, and Erixon will net 5. That’s 45 goals.”

      It’s an opportunity cost/roster spots thing. That’s three players scoring the same number of goals Nash at least has a chance to score by himself. He’s never played with a center of Richards’ caliber.

    • Flawed logic. Nash scores 40 himself, while AA/Dubi are 20 a piece. Assuming Kreider scores 20, that’s a net positive for the Rangers.

    • Dubi and AA could barely score 20 goals on the Rangers You think they are gonna both score 20 on a crappy team? If Dubi is half the guy we think he is. He will ask for a trade ASAP

      • Dubi and AA will be top 6 players for Columbus. At least one of them will have good shot at 20 because of extra ice time.

  • whether we admit it or not, WE ARE going to miss Dubi and to some extent Artem. BUT then again WE have one of the studs of the game. i’ve always loved this guy, he’s a horse and with a supporting cast, WOW !!! now we have to hope coach lets mr. nash be able to play some of his own game, NOT blocking every shot and getting injured. doan would be nice but only for two yrs.

  • Can’t believe it went down like this! Obviously hurts to see 2 guys go in Dubi and AA who we loved but feels great to see Stepan, Hagelin, MDZ, and McD still on the team. I think with Erixon- yes he is a great prospect but NYR have 3 (better) left-handed def in McD, Staal, and MDZ. Now we just have to wait to see Nash play.. Also I think for the powerplay, Nash will be a difference maker. I sometimes forget how bad our pp was last year and Nash (and Kreider) will help a lot.

  • Slats, I take back every bad thing I said about you in the past, this deal was highway robbery, and we got away with it!!!!!

    The only negative, and I must admit I’m a Dubi fan, he will be missed. AA never was impressive, and I stated many times, he was too soft, and needed upper body work, too narrow in the ass. Tim is a good prospect, but he too is soft. A #1 pick, way down in the 27to 29 area, no big loss.

    The up side, the kids weren’t moved. Say what you want, with Step staying, that boads well for re-signing he, and McD in the future, they are buds.

    Haley will be in the AHL all season, unless there is a call up for fighting needs. I would love to see the Miller kid get a shot, I believe he is more NHL ready that Thomas, or Bourque, and is more physical. Let him learn to PK, and to defend, and work his way up to the third line next year or two.

    Over all, I can’t be happier, and we still haven’t given away the store for this trade. Maybe Doan will come our way, at a reasonable rate, and term!

  • First of all, Sather is amazing and now Nash is going to be a huge STUD for this team.

    What is interesting is that this trade is that it puts Sather in the driving seat to sculpt a solid playoff team. He has $13M in cap space (so probably $10-11M after DZ signs) and a bunch of interesting free agents out there that could help this team ON ONE YEAR deals. I say only 1 year because we have some key RFAs (McD, Step, Haggy) coming up next summer and they need to be re-signed. The top two guys I see that could fit this team are Jason Arnott and Pavel Kubina, if they are willing to accept one year offers at this point int he summer (almost August). Arnott would push Boyle to the 4th line and Kubina would slide in nicely on that last defensive pair as a right-handed PP shot. Once again, note that the cap space is just free money to spend as long as it is only a 1 year deal. Doan would obviously be intriguing, but he will definitely want more than 1 year and that could negatively affect the team’s chance of re-signing those key RFAs next summer. Just my thoughts…

  • I am hopeful that the inclusion of Erixon has a deeper meaning….I’m hoping that Michael Sauer is healthier than being reported and that perhaps McIlrath’s surgery was successful. I believe in Sather’s trade skills.

    • Sounds reasonable one year deals won’t tie them up they are winners and torts has a history with kubina. Arnott solid two way guy great on draws.

  • Am I the only person who looks at our centers and gets heart palpitations? I mean after BR we have an unproven Stepan who may become a stud but is not there yet, and then lumbering Brian Boyle who has limited playmaking skills and a 40 year old Halpern. i love the deal but cold hearted realism suggests that wingers need centers they can click with and I am not sold that Nash thrives with Stepan and if not what’s the plan?.

    • I’m fairly certain Nash will see the majority of his time with Richards. I agree though that Step has some notable flaws for a 2nd line center. Namely face-offs and overall scoring.

      • Stepan is already showing more promise than Marc Savard and we know how losing him ended up for the Rangers. There is a reason Sather has been adamant about keeping Stepan and I think we are going to get rewarded with a stud. Quietly had 45 points and 51 points in his first 2 years and will only get more talent on his line this year. Expect him to be a 70 point guy

      • With Torts its very likely that Nash and Gabby will play with both Step and Richards. This is a non-issue.

  • Howson channeled his inner Gainey and Sather channeled his inner Chuck Norris. Well played Glenn, well played….

  • I posted earlier, but I failed to say this to the guys leaving us, Dubi, AA, Tim, I wish you all the best of luck, except against us of course.

    To Rick Nash, welcome to the NYR, and your decision to join us will prove to be a wonderful one. Here is to the 2013 Stanley Cup Champs, the New York Rangers!

  • This is a great deal.

    1. Dubi was not a blue collar player. He was a player that had no hockey sense so he ran around the rink doing whatever -> hence it appeared blue collar – it was just out of control. Torts clearly was aware of his lack of hockey playing ability. As for $$$ per production/potential Dubi is the most overpaid in the history of the NHL. Slats did a terrible job inking this contract, but pulled a Houdini to get out.

    2. The loss of Feds and Prust is overcomeable. Prust was crazy overpaid and Feds might be out of gas in his tank. As replacement, some of the young legs on The Whale or some retreads from the waiver wire (see Devils 4th line).

    3. Not losing an NHL defender is key. Still need a PP shooter, but that might be the hardest position in hockey to fill. However with Nash, it leaves Richards for D on the PP.

    4. Team chemistry will actually improve. Prust and Dubi really only fit with Boyle, but Boyle is very adaptive and truly a smart blue collar scoring hockey player. Prust and Dubi were impostors.

    This team will gel and play well. Defense and team play will be the focus, but scoring will be up to 2.95 goals per game. Addition of Nash and Krieder will equal better scoring for 5v5 plus huge improvement in PP.


    • Do you have any idea what you are talking about?? Dubi had a down year after signing a big contract. It was a bad year and tough to watch as a fan of his. If you possess the mental dexterity to look back to the 2010-11 season, you should remember that he was the most complete and effective ranger (save Lundqvist).

      • Sorry Hatty, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to Bobby’s posts RE Dubi

        Hint: logic, or any argument for that matter won’t work against it. Neither is mentioning how often Torts praises him or how almost every team that contacted NYR was reported to be asking for him…Bobby still knows that Torts secretly hates him and thinks he’s a bum.

  • After all the details were in it is hard not to like this trade. We get back a prospect albeit not as good as Erixon, BUT bigger and with potential and a 3rd round pick which should be a high one. We lose a 1st but hopefully number 30 and the earliest I would say 24 to 30 range. Now if somehow Sather can get back into this draft in the 1st round then no matter how you look at it it is a coupe.
    I was opposed to a Nash trade involving the likes of Del Zotto, McDonagh, Kreider and Stepan and Miller, McIlrath and Thomas. Had one of these players been involved I would have hated this trade. Only person I will miss is Dubinsky. Erixon and Miller were take it or leave it kinda players for me. Not giving up Miller or Thomas is where the brilliance of this trade is.

    Nash with Richards and Cally should be the line for next year

    Stepan has chemistry with both Kreider and Gaborik so that leads me to believe that will be the other line

    Boyle with Hagelin and Pyatt should be line 3

    and finally Halpren and Asham with either Miller, Rupp and Haley will be line 4

    Thomas will get a call up

    If Sauer is healthy this team will be odds on favorite to win the cup

    then we have the next FA coming and a few players could be had and I believe would desire to come to the Rangers in the likes of Perry or Getzlaf, Edler, Clowe

    No matter how we look at it we just got better because of the appeal of the team and keeping the youth together.

    Fedo, Prust, Arty, Mitchell, Dubi were great team mates so lets hope the new bunch can come in and fit in and keep the chemistry going

    • Torts would strangle him henwas suspended for playoff games for missing team curfews he is not a fit.

  • …[Several hours after the euphoria]…

    I just hope this doesn’t turn out like the Gomez trade where the best player in the deal turned out to be a first round defense prospect going the other way…

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