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Minor signing: Rangers add defenseman Sean Collins

In their second minor signing of the day, the Blueshirts have reportedly inked 28-year old defenseman Sean Collins.

Collins went undrafted but has been a member of the Washington Capitals’ organization for the last six years.  During that time, Collins has seen 21 games of NHL action and registered two goals and an assist.  Collins, a right-handed shot, has primarily played for the AHL’s Hershey Bears and has tallied eight goals and 48 assists in 255 games with the club.

Collins, a 6-1, 205-pounder, and Logan Pyett have both been added to the Whale’s stable of defensemen over the last two days.

As of now it appears that Connecticut’s defense will consist of some combination of Collins, Pyett, Stu Bickel, Dylan McIlrath, Tim Erixon, Wade Redden, Blake Parlett and Mike Vernace.

Collins did play in two games with the Capitals last season and it stands to reason that he could be an injury call-up for the Rangers.
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  • The Rangers seem to be behaving more like a team that is planning to trade quantity for quality than a team planning to sign Shane Doan. Teams are only allowed 50 players under contract for the whole year and don’t like to get too close because it ties their hands (Rangers had room last year to sign Woywitka, Stralman, Kreider.) The Rangers actually did have 50 in camp last year, but they knew three would be sent to juniors (this year, only Miller is even eligible).
    Already they have 44 and six RFAs have offer sheets (four of whom will presumably sign). Adding Doan would leave them almost no flexibility.
    Not saying they shouldn’t do it, just saying it looks like Sather is preparing for a different scenario.

    • I agree. If there was a signing, the team would look something like this:
      That would leave Rupp and Asham (signed to a 2-year deal no less) on the outside looking in.
      Makes no sense unless a two or three for one deal is coming.

      • great insight jeff and ray, i wouldnt have even noticed that.

        who would they be thinking of trading for, mid-level second line winger? if not nash or ryan

      • Your lines look good on paper but remember Gabby will miss months. And there is not one enforcer on your roster

  • I find it kind of funny how Andre Devaux is getting paid $700 k while Wolski is getting $600k. Does anyone think Redden could be part of a trade for Nash or Ryan? He could help the youngsters in Colombus if they want a winning team.

  • I do not see any trades happening unless it is Shea Weber. Bottom line is for me Stepan, Kreider and McD are the 3 untouchable guys. Stepan has Marc Savard written all over him and he is already showing more promise then Savard did before we prematurely traded Savard. Sather seems to be supplementing the team and wiating for the right deal. Our youth isnt going anywhere, no need to panic on moving them right now.

    Anaheim refuses to make the trade unless they get Stepan and I believe the same can be said of CBJ. Say we get Ryan or Nash, what good does that do us when we expose ourselves down the middle? We need the depth down the middle.

    For me I would sign either Semin or Doan, wait to see what weber decides and go from there. Id rather wait until next trade deadline to make a trade then do it right now at a price that isnt right. I am a huge proponent of getting offense, but I am starting to see that Stepan is a star in the making. Our offense is going to struggle, but we still have a good enough goalie, defense and enough scoring to be a playoff team going to the deadline. Then, Sather can see which of the potential rock star free agents next summer will be available via trade.

  • I wouldn’t trade Stepan but Anisimov instead, The trade would be Dubi, Arty, and next years #1.Take it or leave it.

  • Please oh please don’t make a trade. Just keep doing what your doing.

    Sign the pieces and grow within…screw the cup I want a dynasty.

  • Everyone is saying what the hell are the Rangers doing here? All they are doing is signing fringe players. And it is somewhat true. But what they are really doing is going after players who could provide what we did’nt have last year untill the kids are ready.

    And thats putting a roster together that can play 4 lines and at the same time have a few players that can come up when needed. This is something the team clearly did’nt have during its playoff run.

    Yes we need a player that can fill a hole till Gabby comes back Plus another scorer. And Im sure they are working on that. The only thing that is perplexing me is the fact that they havent gone after a D man that can play solid min.

    Yes we have a solid top 4 as of right now. Then hopefully the 5 and 6 are filled with Strallman and Erixon. Then you have Bickel as your 7

    But something is missing here Bickel is still a work in progress. And Erixon isnt a sure thing just yet.

  • What the Rangers are doing is filling holes on CT Whale roster and gaining some flexibility in doing so.

    Not every player being signed is being given an NHL contract, those given AHL contacts do not count towards the 50 contract limit.

    • Actually, every player reported so far has signed an NHL contract. The Collins signing surprised me because I thought the Rangers would fill that hole by signing Klassen or someone else to a CT Whale contract.

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