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Could the Rangers move Dubinsky back to center?

Everyone assumes that Brandon Dubinsky will be the one ‘major’ piece to move if the Rangers acquire a high priced/elite forward through a means other than free agency. Non free agency acquisition likely means Rick Nash or Bobby Ryan. One of the major issues here is that Anaheim likely wants a cheaper piece than Dubinsky and Columbus wants a lot more in addition to Dubinsky.

The demands and desires of the clubs possessing the shiny new toys the Rangers crave mean there’s a chance that the Rangers might need to keep Dubinsky and move other pieces such as Derek Stepan or Artem Anisimov. Derek Stepan’s level of organisational security depends on how desperate Sather and co. are for the big time scorer they need. Only people internally truly know the answers.

Assume for a moment one (or even both of) Stepan and Anisimov have to be moved. This then leaves a glaring hole down the middle of what had become a pretty deep position for the Rangers. Enter Dubinsky. The home grown Alaskan had proven he can play the position effectively but got moved to the wing where eventually he ended up having the worst season of his still young career. Could a switch back rejuvenate his career with the club that most considered he was finished with?

Dubinsky cannot be a top line center, we know this. He hasn’t shown the consistency or finishing ability to play top line minutes long term. However, can he be reunited with Ryan Callahan and a young winger such as Chris Kreider or Carl Hagelin to form an effective complimentary unit? Absolutely and it may be a realistic option given the Rangers need to acquire elite skill.

Tortorella prefers Dubinsky at wing and he clearly doesn’t want to lose Derek Stepan. The problem is you can’t have everything in life and sometimes you have to give to get. How free agency plays out could dramatically alter the makeup of not just the Rangers top line (and go-to scorers) but could also influence their center position. Maybe that means Brandon Dubinsky under center.

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  • I have been saying it all along He should have never have been moved in the first place. a

  • Dubi was moved to the wing, and wasn’t too successful, but he never complained. When we had Jagr, it was Dubi who centered that line, and he was effective. The move back to center may be all the doctor ordered for Dubi to be come back player of the year!

  • He’s a solid 2nd line center. With Kreider and Cally…it’s a done deal. But let’s be realistic. Brad Richards might be our no2 center. Without gabby to finish he needs to gel with two new line mates. Maybe him with hags and Kreider…..this coming season has lots of ???????

  • I really believe Dubi’s proper place is on a Boyle-Dubinsky-Callahan third line. A strong checking line that would match against the opponent’s top line – and against some opponents would rival the first line for playing time. Good defensively, but with the capability of scoring.

    • Could be a very good line, assuming the top lines are complete, and healthy. I could see this line also getting some 20 goals from Dubi, 24 from callie, and 15 from Boyle.

  • If the Rangers do deal for Nash, I believe the final deal will be Dubi, Anisimov, MDZ, Borque
    and a possiblele 1st Rounder…coming back with Nash and a couple of lower round picks.
    All of this depend on whether the Rangers are successful in getting either Scultz, Garrison or Yandle. (all UFA’s)

    • Although Nash would help with scoring and PP, i wouldnt want NYR taking on that cap hit. I wouldnt have MDZ in the trade prospal. I’d rather include Thomas, Ceresnak, JAM or Valentenko’s (rights(i think)),

      • Without MDZ in that trade proposal Columbus is not making the deal and I for one do not want him or McILrath in that trade. Get Shultz and then deal from strength for a scoring prospect or give less for Ryan. Enough with Nash, his numbers were not that great and his cap hit will kill us down the road.

  • It would be cool if we got Bobby Ryan, and then traded him to Philly for JVR. That way, both guys could play for the teams they grew up watching (JVR is from northern NJ and grew up a Rangers fan, while Ryan is from Cherry Hill, which is a couple towns away from where the Flyers practice, so I would assume he was a Flyers fan).

    That’s probably not a fair trade since JVR is so inconsistent and injury prone, but it would just be nice for those two players.

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