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Reader Q&A/Chat reminder

We just wanted to post a reminder that tomorrow we will have a reader Q&A, so you can send us questions today on twitter, email, or at the bottom of this post. Also, Justin will be back tomorrow hosting his weekly chat at 3pm. Be sure to stop by!

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  • Can I get a pizza with extra sausage to go? Please put it on Kevin Baumer’s tab as he wants to pay for it.

  • Say the asking price on Nash never comes down and they aren’t able to land Parise. Would you be content if the Rangers can’t land a big time scorer?

  • You’re not getting Parise, Nash’s price is too high. We don’t need a third or fourth liner, if we keep Prust, I’d like to keep Mitchell, sign Wideman, and kick the tires on Ryan. If Semin could be gotten relatively cheaply on a two year Max deal, go for him

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