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A unique opportunity to move up in the draft

Glen Sather is renowned for his usually small circle of trading partners. That circle often includes clubs where a connection to either former staff (Maloney, Phoenix) or teams where Sather has history such as Edmonton. Perhaps there is an opportunity for Sather to revisit his former club once again.

The Oilers are crying out for defensive help while the Rangers need an injection of pure skill. Clearly, there is at least the opportunity to feel each other out to help one another. While it is highly unlikely the Rangers would trade one of their core defenseman – and it is equally unlikely the Oilers would want to trade down too far in the upcoming draft – the Rangers do have significant resources on the blueline. Resources that could perhaps prize the first overall pick from the Alberta club.

At the very least, Sather should ring Edmonton and ask what the cost of acquiring the pick is. It can’t do any harm to ask. If rumours of Edmonton’s long standing fondness for Toronto’s Luke Schenn are true, then the Rangers could certainly better any offer centering around Schenn.

The Leafs blueliner is indeed talented but his career to date is underwhelming. The Rangers could offer a young defenseman with a better body of NHL work (and a pick and other ‘pieces’) and try and get the first overall pick and then select prospect Nail Yakupov.

It is undoubtedly an unlikely scenario, but the potential is there for the Rangers to at least explore making a bold move such as acquiring the 2012 first overall pick. While many people recognise the need for the Rangers to upgrade in the skill department, perhaps acquiring such a young unproven but elite NHL prospect isn’t the way people may think best.

The theory is food for thought for Rangers fans. Perhaps Sather, a savvy dealer, has looked in to it. Perhaps he doesn’t consider a prospect (even one considered NHL ready) to be the best option to upgrade the skill on the Rangers. However, given both the Rangers and Oilers current resources, standing, and immediate organisational futures, it seems at least plausible that such a move could benefit both parties in the future.

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  • With the future of Sauer unknown, I wouldn’t be trading away anyone from our blue line just yet (unless you think that Del Zotto has reached is full potential and the he won’t still improve).

    Let’s face it, the kid makes s lot of dumb mistakes. If Lowe will take him and a first round pick for their first round pick right now, I’d take the best goalie in the draft this time around. Have we got a worthy replacement down the road for Henrik in the system? It needs to be addressed.

    Trading for the first round pick now is not going to solve our problems on offense immediately. Better to trade or sign some offense this summer then trade up at the draft for a pick that may not make the team for a couple of years.

    • You’d take a goalie with the first overall?! Wow. Stretch Armstrong doesn’t reach further than you. Wow…

    • Why does it need to be addressed right now? Hank has 6-10 years left as an elite goaltender. We could use a 4th-rounder or something, but no need to waste a top pick on a goalie who wouldn’t even see the ice for a decade.

      • I don’t know about 6 to 10 years, but yeah, there’s no way I’d spend a first on a goalie right now. It’s rarely done even by teams that don’t have an all-world goalie. Maybe a second or third. There are plenty of good netminders available this year, absolutely no reason to waste a first.

        • Let us not forget we got an all world goalie 200+ overall…. so plenty of proof not to waste the first overall when you have it.

        • I see no reason he can’t play 6-10 more years at an elite level. Fatso is 40, and he just led his team to a Cup appearance (yes, they have good offensive talent, but their defense is garbage. Bryce Salvador is their best defender. BRYCE. SALVADOR. Brodeur was the sole reason they made it). Tim Thomas just won a Cup at Conn Smythe at 37 (although it should be pointed out that he is the luckiest man on the face of the Earth), and is taking a year off, with every intent to return at the ripe old age of 40 before playing another several seasons.

          Hank has some wear-and-tear on him because he’s played so much early on in his career, but then again, Brodeur used to play virtually every game for the Devils, and, as previously stated, he’s going ok for himself. I wouldn’t even address a developmental goalie for another two years or maybe even more; it would be a waste and we’d probably end up having to trade either him or Hank.

  • I have to think that even Girardi/Staal/DZ + the 28th pick is just a starting point. Can’t imagine any team with such a coveted pick making a deal with the NYR without demanding Kreider.

    • Kev, I have to disagree. You’re not going to have to stump up 2 all star defensemen, an all rookie defensemen and a pick from a contender just as a starter. If they offered two of them AND.a pick Oilers would snap their hands off.

      • That was supposed to be one o Girardi, Staal or DZ, plus the 28th, and then Kreider. Sorry for confusion.

        • right, ok! didn’t think you were that generous. Think you could get it done without kreider. Maybe another prospect would need to be included

    • I can’t see Kreider being included in any deal for a draft pick. Do any of you people remember Pavel Brendl? A “can’t miss offensive superstar” who did absolutely nothing in the NHL.

      • I don’t think Kreider is going anywhere, but every GM in the league would ask for him as a trade starting point.

  • Depth at defense was a glaring weakness this postseason, so unless we sign Schultz and he is viewed as NHL ready (which I doubt), I don’t see us trading a defenseman in a package for the #1 pick. Also, this offseason is about getting the club “over the hump” to win the Cup next year. Trading for a #1 is more about 2-3 years from now. I like the thought and I am sure Sather would explore it but unless it involves, for example, Dubinsky and our #1, I don’t see a trade of our depth at defense as the route Sather takes.

    • Agree I don’t think we’re in any position to be dealing D. Top 4 is rock solid, but nothing after that and that was clearly an issue last year.
      Schultz is widely considered to be NHL ready though.

    • Dont see a top defenseman going. McIlrath, Erixon, First round pick + dubinsky or Stepan would get it done. I dont want this trade but somehow i think a prospect defenseman will get traded. I hope it is not McIlrath.

  • Folks, it just isn’t going to happen. The whole concept of this post is kind of silly, because like Kevin said… Krieder is the only asset in our system that would get us that pick. Trading DZ + a 1st might move you up a max of 10-12 spots in the draft, and that might even be pushing it. And quantity of players added to the offer isn’t going to help in situations like this either… it is about quality of the player/prospect. And BTW, it is the same situation with Schenn in Toronto… it ain’t getting it done (even close).

    Basically the top few prospects are players teams build upon for the future. They aren’t moving them unless they get an absolute stud player/prospect in return.

    • Well Toronto does have the advantage of having the 5th pick overall. So if Edmonton likes a few different guys at the top, getting Schenn and one of them could be intriguing. Agree it’s probably not quite enough, but it’s definitely a starting point.

    • Don’t see how the concept is silly. Edmonton need D. They are open to trading the pick. The Oil and the Rangers have obvious links and significant history. They have traded several times. It’s unlikely but its a legitimate scenario/possibility/concept.

      I agree with a few comments though, that the Rangers would be a lot better placed to do this kind of bold move if Schultz was a cert. Which he obviously isn’t.

      • I am wondering if the option of two defencemen, one NHL ready and the other a prospect plus a draft choice would do it. I am thinking that the Oil might take McIlrath, Del Zotto and the 28th pick. I just don’t think that would benefit the Rangers as much as a current NHL player would.

          • So would I. Again, if you can swing a deal like that AND entice Schultz here then it’s a huge win-win.
            …And in fact, if you moved MDZ in a package like that I’d imagine Schultz would be more inclined to join as the puck moving #1 spot would be his to take.

          • Tend to agree. Problem with the whole Schultz thing is there are just so many teams that are interested and have enticing aspects to match the McDonagh/Stepan connection. Will be fascinating to hear Schultz’s reasoning for his final decision.

          • I think playing for an original 6 team that is #1 in the East, and you get to play with your school mates on the way to win the Stanley Cup. It would be hard to outbid the Rangers here.
            If Schultz wants to be a Ranger it shouldn’t be to difficult for Sather to sign him.

    • The concept isn’t silly at all. EDM and NYR make solid trading partners because of surplus/need differences.

      Can the Rangers move up to #1? Likely not, but I think there’s potential for a trade of D for skill.

      • The article states that we can move up to get the 1st pick. We cannot… it is just not possible with what we would be willing to give up. Hence the silly comment. It is unrealistic to think otherwise.

  • I’m not sold on the 1st round pick in this years draft has MORE value that Del Zotto right now. DZ is our top scoring Defensman. Scoring 40 pts and has a huge upside at his young age.

  • Unless your willing to offer Schultz a guarantee on a roster spot, you might as well just stop mentioning him.

    For a 1st round pick to Edmonton I would offer:
    a sign and trade for Zucc / Dubinsky
    Our 28th Pick

    With T. Ericson and D. McIlrath in the wings, we would only have to fill one spot.

    Then we can draft Nail, who is NHL ready, and work on filling out D and Our missing offense. And when Gabby comes back from injury we won’t need to gut the roster to keep him.

    But to be honest, I am definitely intrigued by the possibility of J. Staal and the reports out of Pit that they are willing to trade him. Which I would offer Dubi, and our 28th pick overall for him.

    I would love to have all the Staals playing for NYR, its a good goal to have.

    • Zuc holds no value right now, that’s not enough for Edmonton.
      If you were Pitt would you even think about dealing Jordan to your division rival? Keep dreaming.

      • Why not? Every team in the league was pursuing him, and Zucc has a clause in his KHL contract that allows him to come back to the NHL. If you guaranteed he would play for a a team that needs help , he would sign. And Pit is considering sending Jordan down to Carolina…if the pieces work you make the trade. I would be willing to send M.Staal down to Car if they have the right pieces.

        • That offer is laughable. Take our #4 D, a third-liner (Dubi), and our late first-rounder for what could be a franchise scoring machine. If we had a top 7 pick, then Edm might listen, but you are either severely underestimating the value of the #1 pick or overestimating the value of MDZ & Dubi. I am ignoring Zuc, because he is worth squat right now to anyone.

          • Agreed Zen. People think this guy could be a 40-goal guy. One of the future top talents in the league. There’s just no way Edmonton would give him up for a pittance like that.

          • Please explain why Zucc has no value?

            A players value in trades is not defined by what your team thinks about them but by what the other teams need.

            Edmonton needs D. And MDZ would be a top 3 dman for 50% of the other teams in the league. You undervalue our players because of where they fall in our depth charts. When you have players like McD, Girardi, and Staal being the #4 dman says a lot about their skill.

          • The other 29 GMs know the following about Zuccarello:

            1. The Rangers have no spot for him in their lineup.
            2. He couldn’t stick with the Rangers in their lineup.
            3. When he played, he was about a 40 point guy (averaging his PPG).
            4. He has a KHL contract.

            That’s why he has no trade value.

          • Zuccarello has no value because he scored 3 points in 10 games for the rangers and has signed a 2 year contract to play in the khl. So if you were Edmonton you would take a player who will be a #3 defenseman, a third line player/ a player who isn’t even planning on playing in the NHL next season and the 28th overall pick for the first overall?

        • Every team was pursuing him two years ago…not anymore. He’s clearly better suited for the European game. If his agent thought there would be lots of NHL interest, he wouldn’t have committed to the KHL 3 days after the season ended.
          And Carolina’s not in our division, so I’m not following that chain of thought…I suppose if the Rangers wanted to drastically overpay then Pittsburgh would consider it…

          • Zucc is an RFA. He can’t commit to another club, unless a team wants to give up picks to get him. His KHL clause has an out for an NHL team that wants to sign him. That’s why a sign and trade scenario for him is best. You don’t lose him for nothing. You get what you can out of him either in the lineup, or you sign him and trade him to a team where you can recoup some of your investment.

          • Even by your argument, I wouldn’t expect more than a 6th round pick for him. Thinking he holds any value in a deal for Yakupov is silly.

          • You are correct. Our depth chart has little to do with another teams, but MDZ wouldn’t be a top pairing D on any team in the league. He is a good player, but not a star, which is what Edm would want.

            In terms of your original offer, the best way to understand that it is not close to enough is to reverse the trade so that we have the 1st pick and the possibility of drafting a phenom. What would you ask for to pry that pick away? Think about it.

  • No offense to anyone but first off Kevin Lowe doesn’t make the decisions regarding Edmonton players anymore.

    Steve Tambellini is the current GM and given the amount of heat he has on him right now there isn’t a chance in heck he would even talked to Sather about a trade.

    Secondly Edmonton is trying get a new arena built in downtown Edmonton and trading off the number one pick is a great way to kill off public support in a hurry.

    There is also the embarrassment of being the 2nd best hockey team in your own city. The Edmonton Oil Kings (owned by the Oilers FYI) stuck to a 5 year plan and won a WHL title with it.

    And honestly if any of you had ever seen Nail Yakopuv play you wouldn’t trade the right to draft him away. He makes every one on the ice that much better

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