Tim Erixon is a Ranger because of Al Montoya

When I get bored, I like to research how specific players came to the Rangers organization. One of the first ones I researched was how Matthew Barnaby’s acquisition led to Brandon Dubinsky becoming a Ranger. Another I did was how Vladamir Malakhov’s signing led to Marc Staal becoming a Ranger. Now in some more research, feast your eyes on how Tim Erixon became a Ranger:

  • 2004: New York Rangers draft Al Montoya with the sixth overall pick.
  • 2/26/2008: Rangers trade Montoya and Marcel Hossa to the Phoenix Coyotes for Frederick Sjostrom, John Gratton, David┬áLeNeveu, and a conditional fifth round pick. The conditions of the pick were that LeNeveu did not re-sign with the Rangers (he did not) and that Montoya played at least 15 games with the Coyotes (he did).
  • As a result of these conditions being met, the Rangers were award the fifth round pick in 2009, which they used on Roman Horak.
  • 6/1/11: Rangers deal Roman Horak, and two second round picks to the Calgary Flames for Tim Erixon and a fifth round pick (Shane McColgan).

Your mind has been blown. Stop hating on drafting Montoya already.

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      • Have you heard of the Devils’ “No Blue” campaign?

        The organization is actually actively courting fans, asking them not to sell tickets to Rangers fans. They offer all sorts of tips about how to find the identity of people purchasing tickets on the secondary-market, and they direct Devils fans selling tickets to local NJ blogs where they can link up with fellow Devils fans, etc. They also provide a Devils Fan Experience Team Hotline that you can call to sell your tickets to Devils fans. The idea being to keep Rangers fans out of the Devils’ arena.

        Pretty wild, if you ask me.

          • I think it suggests poor sportsmanship on the part of the Devils organization –let the fans of the game experience the Conference Finals, regardless of their team loyalties– but it also reflects the growing desperation of NJ to put actual NJ fans in the seats. It shouldn’t even be a problem, these seats should have been sold out already, but as soon as it was announced that the Rangers were coming for the Conf. Finals, they’re scrambling, essentially pushing their own fanbase to recruit a fanbase.

        • Montoya was a necessary pick at that point in the draft and the team’s position.

          You SHOULD be pissed about the Korpikoski pick.

          • Well, they had a 33% chance of getting it right. They and the Blues failed…Vancouver won that goaltender draft.

          • Don’t forget Devan Dubnyk was drafted in the first round by the Oilers…and there was that gem hidden at #258 overall named Pekka Rinne…just sayin’

          • I beg to differ, Korpikoski was a much better choice, and is developing into a very good player for the dogs!

  • Eh Montoya put up great numbers his first two years with the Whale and face it none of us knew what we had in Hank Lundqvist when our opening day starter was Kevin Weekes with a 7th round pick from the swedish elite league backing him up…Montoya coulda been the next big thing, but instead all those years in the minors got inside his head. The wrong numbers went up and the right ones went down…then you end up on the island. yuck. He’s no hugh jessiman though…

    • With respect Tim, I don’t think it was all those years in the minors as opposed to him just not being any good. He got way overhyped in college/world jrs and was a major overdraft.

      I’ve never liked his game; he never had an elite skill (lateral movement, skating, reflexes, positioning etc) and I am absolutely of the opinion that the scouting department screwed up on that pick.

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