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Open Thread: Panthers look to take out Devils

There is only one hockey game tonight, as the Panthers are in New Jersey looking to eliminate the Devils in Game Six tonight at The Rock. That game starts at 7:30pm. Local teams in action are the Mets, who welcome back Jose Reyes and the Florida Miami Marlins tonight, and the Yankees (at Texas).

Use this as your open thread for the night. Discuss whatever you like, just keep it civil.

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  • Who heard the Pete Stemkowski interview pre game yesterday on the radio. Asked who is underperforming, Stemmer says DUBINSKY. Not only in playoffs but all season. I rest my case.

    • Good question.

      Theoretically, it’s supposed to be an advantage. The crowd is supposed to be a factor. Ottawa is supposed to be under enormous pressure coming into the Garden in a must win situation.

      However, the Senators have done well this year in the Garden, so it’s hard to say. Obviously, Thursday night is a hugely different stage than any of Ottawa’s previous visits to MSG, though. It’s a game 7 elimination game. Nerves could come into play, especially if the Rangers set the tone early and get the crowd into it.

      Honestly, though, I think being in the Garden will impact the Rangers more than the Senators, and not necessarily in a positive way. It can be tough playing to the home crowd in a must-win situation. There’s a lot of pressure to perform. It could be debilitating.

      Then again, there are some technical advantages such as line change priority, etc that could benefit the Rangers, especially given how monumental individual matchup have been this series. Getting the right players on the ice for face-offs could be pivotal.

      Ultimately, though, it’s game 7. Both teams are facing elimination. I expect the better team to win, crowd or no crowd. Home ice is second to heart. And both these teams have heart.

  • Now that the Devils and Panthers are even, it’s striking that all the series in the West were lopsided, and three of the four in the East remain extremely close. Tells me that there is much greater parity in the East, and I can’t help but wonder how that will impact the Cup Final. Will the East champ be the clear favorite, regardless of who it is?

  • JTC

    Probably not! There is a definate cast system out west, the haves, and the have nots. Whatever team comes out of the west will be big, strong, tough just the same. They also have some very good goaltending in St Louis, Coyotes, LA, and Nashville. With that in mind, it will be tough for any team coming out of the east.

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