Three “trades” the Rangers will make by the playoffs

As the trade deadline grows nearer, there is discussion amongst fans about whether now is the time to buy for a Cup run. The Rangers are the best team in the Eastern Conference, and are just points behind the Detroit Red Wings for best in the NHL, with games in hand. That said, many feel the Rangers are overachieving, and might be best served letting things go as they are, and not mess with chemistry. Others feel that now is the time to make a deal. Well, luckily for the Rangers, there are two “trades” the Rangers will hopefully make between now and the playoffs to make their team stronger.

  1. The Rangers will trade Steve Eminger or Anton Stralman for a top-four defenseman: If and when Michael Sauer is healthy, he will return to the lineup and make that strong blue line even stronger. Right now, the Rangers are getting by with Anton Stralman playing top four minutes. If Sauer can return healthy, then he adds an extra element to the Rangers that they haven’t had since December, and it costs them Stralman’s or Steve Eminger’s presence in the lineup. That’s a solid trade there.
  2. The Rangers will trade absolutely nothing for a streaky 20-goal scorer: Brandon Dubinsky won’t stay in single digit goals for long. He is one of the streakiest players on the Rangers, and they have been winning despite his lack of offense. The defense and goaltending have really saved Dubinsky, who has seen a lot of time on the bottom six. Dubi is still a key cog for the Rangers with his defensive and physical play, but they are paying him to score 20+ goals. He won’t get there this year, but he could be a wild card if he gets going.
  3. The Rangers will trade nothing for one of the best centers and powerplay point men in the game: Brad Richards is starting to come alive. He struggled mightily, ironically around the time that Olivia Munn broke up with him. But now, his game is getting back on track, and the powerplay is starting to look better and better. They are doing the right things, and they are finally starting to see results. A hot Brad Richards is a dangerous Brad Richards. Imagine where this team can go if their powerplay starts clicking at a 20% clip.

As you can see, the word “trade” is used rather liberally here. These aren’t really trades, but they are players that the Rangers hope to get back from injury or purgatory. Nevertheless, these are significant improvements that the Rangers can see from their players without even giving up a draft pick.

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  1. This post made my head hurt. So this is your way of implying that we won’t or shouldn’t make a trade?

    1. If there is a trade to be made I believe it should be for defense,a trade for Shea Weber for MDZ, Anisimov, Erixon, Zuccarello, and Emminger that way they get 4 young players fairly cheap with room to grow and another veteran D-man to step in now, that
      gives them offense and defense to me this is a good trade for both teams

    2. I agree w/Chris F, we don’t need another soft player like Richards who doesn’t fit into Tort’s system.. Nash was minus 22 last year.gabby my not be a checking fool or block alot of shots but at least he a plus player.I’m not saying we don’t need another piece of the puzzle,but I don’t think its Nash.

  2. Im not counting on Dubi right now. Other then like two games he has been allmost useless.

  3. If we can get Nash then we MUST trade for him; Dubi is up & down player getting 4.2M a year, Krieder is only high anticipation at this point and not proven player in NHL & it’s totally unknown who our 1st rounder will be.
    How often do you think Rangers will have the opportunity to win Stanley Cup? Not often at all.
    So, it’s either Rick Nash who is a proven player will help Rangers to win the Cup this year or we can keep being contenders years to come and keep developing young players

    1. Very good point that many don’t see it and still keep dreaming on Dubi a single consistent season. I would keep Kreider off the trade despite his unknown ability on NHL level and insert Bourque and Thomas instead. Agree, we will have very low 1st DP. If it possible, trade must be done, no question.

    2. Mike,

      Rick Nash is a soft-player who refuses to block shots or back-check. How would he fit in the Tortorella system? Simple answer: he wouldn’t.

      However, he can score 30+ plus goals. So, are the Rangers willing to lose Dubinsky, who plays the Rangers’ system well with physicality, defense and streaky scoring ability, and Kreider, who can easily be a 30 goal scorer, for Nash?

      What if you factor in that Nash’s $7.8 million cap hit (even trading off Dubisnky’s $4.2 million) inhibits the ability of the Rangers to re-sign franchise players like McDonagh, Stepan, Sauer and others?

      Going after Nash for the singular glory of the 2012 Stanley Cup comes at the expense of contending for years to come.

      This current NY Rangers team can win the Cup this year as they are. And they can certainly contend and win for years to so long as they do not disassemble long-term assets for short-goal rewards.

      Nash is a coveted distraction that would hugely backfire were the Rangers to offer for him.

      1. i’ll take a lineup of solid hard working high-teen low-20 goal scoring forwards, one gaborik, this awesome defense, and one King any day.

      2. I would not trade Kreider under any condition. He’s got great upside and in a couple of years he could be another Rick Nash or a Bobby Ryan.(6’4″ 225lb) He’s worth hanging on to. Imo. Duby will also come around hopefully in the playoffs when we really need him. Stay put guys, keep the chemistry it is the most important ingrediant to the team suxcess.

      3. I’m not for trading for Nash for reasons I mentioned below, but on what planet is Nash soft? His play in the crease and along the boards is excellent. He would fit into any system.

        He doesn’t block shots because CBJ doesn’t collaspe in front of their net the way we do. They play a different system. Does anyone actually watch this guy play or are people just making assumptions based on stats?

          1. Yes, my post was utterly insane. Jeeze, what was I thinking. Let’s mortgage the farm on Nash because he can crash the net!

          2. Let’s take a step back, Suit.

            Perhaps, “soft” wasn’t the best description of Nash’s play. Maybe I should have went went “defensively listless.”

            I didn’t intend to call into question his ability to attack the net, and admittedly, I haven’t really seen much of his work along the boards.

            But, out of the entire substance of my post, the notion that it was an insane screed simply because I used the term “soft” is hyperbolic to the extreme.

            I made my case, and it touched on many repercussions of obtaining Nash.

            I’d like to point out one more thing: since Nash’s 40 goal year in 08-09, his goals, points, shooting %, PP production numbers, +/- numbers have all taken a dive.

            I simply don’t believe that the Nash of today is as inspiring as he once was.

  4. Get nash if you can our 1st rounder this year will be between 24th and 30th pick + give up our next year 1st ,Zucc Wolski ,and Bourgh

  5. If you can add Nash to this group without taking anyone from it in a trade the CBJ you do it Prospects are just that prospects . Nash into the line up means either Mitch Fedder or Rupp sits you can rotate them on a game to game basis
    Nash Step Gabby
    Hags BR Cally
    Dubie Boyle Brust

    AA can center for what is left according to the opposition and if Sauer comes back but i dought it we will be good to go add Nash with anyone leaving the roster would be great
    Package Zucc 1st Bourg Thomas WW and anyone else CBJ want

    1. So let us understand your logic here; Columbus would take 2 players who’s contracts expire after this season.
      2 prospects I doubt you even would know without a picture to guide you and a 1st rd pick.

      If someone was to come along and make the same kind of offer for Henrik; I better you would be freaking out.

      FYI Dave, At this point given Sauer’s past concussion history then I would say is return for the regular season is just about zero.

      Being shut down like he was means he has to start from scratch plus you factor in how many games he has already lost. Odds are better that the NYR shut him down for season and use LTIR money elsewhere

  6. imo the way to win cups is not to tool up for the one year you think you have that best shot at it. the playoff is so unpredictable think how many #1 teams get dumped in the first round.

    i hate to invoke the team from the swamp but when the devs won 3 cups in 9 years, most of the years in between they didn’t make it past the first round. but they had a team that was built for long term success and that’s what the rangers could have if they can just the flexibility to keep all of the key guys in place today while adding new talent from the farm. rick nash is a good guy to have but i don’t think he’s worth the sacrifice looking out at the next 2-3 years of contract expirations.

    my hope is crafty trader glen is just trying to drive the cost up so that nash comes at high a price as possible to any other eastern conference team we are likely to see in the playoffs 🙂

    1. We are getting a goal-scoring stud for next several years. He would be part of the long term success. Thinking about cap numbers in 2 years makes absolutely no sense to me. Half the players here might not even be around anymore. Who knows what happens with the lockout. Who knows if someone gets hurt.

      1. i guess i’m not sold on the need for another goal scoring stud relative to some other areas of focus. for example, of the last 4 cup champs most had balanced goal scoring in the regular season and playoffs. in fact of those 4 teams only one player had a 40-goal regular season (hint not named crosby or malkin)

        the rangers may sometimes be light on scoring but i don’t see that it’s because they are not top heavy enough.

  7. I like Nash as much as the next guy, but his contract would really hamper the Rangers in years to come. It’s been stated that there are significant raises due Mac, MDZ , Step and Sauer after next season. Even trading Dubi would not be enough to keep this core group together moving forward. I do agree that we need another legit scorer, just not sure Nash is the right way to go. I love this team, but I would be surprised if we made it to the finals as currently constructed. I just don’t think we have.the horses to carry us when goals are at a premium in the playoffs.

    1. I agree with the last part. I am just waiting for things to come back to Earth a bit with the goal-scoring and for the wins to get tougher. I am not entirely convinced this team can win the CUP without more reliable goal-scoring, which a guy like Nash would provide. Don’t worry about cap hits in 2 years. We will be more than fine next season and other guys might be gone after 2 years, especially with so many cheaper prospects waiting in the wings. There is almost always a way to make the cap work. The key is to get your stud players and go from there.

        1. Don’t worry about the cap in two years? Not very good advice IMO when you have a young core all on RFA contracts. Look at what happened to Chicago. Team got dismantled.

          $7.8 million is a terrible cap hit, especially considering the length. Add to the fact that we don’t know where the CBA talks are going this summer and I think it’s better to play this one safe. Unless somehow we send more salary back and not include Kreider.

          Let’s see what happens with the CBA this summer and what Kreider can do next year. If the potential isn’t there, then you make a move of this nature IMO.

          1. Forget the tie give Suit the entire wardrobe.

            Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat those mistakes

          1. O I know, Its just when a high priced player is available we suddenly have scoring problems to and extent that we have to aquire them and blow the team up. But we don’t, were in the top 1/3rd (10th) a decent 2.78 in g/g and with 5 on 5 play were 4th another decent 1.34. All this with Dubi, Boyle, Arty and Prust having an off year. OMG could you imagine IF they all get going (Arty is picking it up) at once. Our g/g would be insane 6.78 (joking). Seriously though we need to stay with what we have and the up and coming Prospects. We will stay the Best in the east for quite many years.

  8. From a planning standpoint, the Rangers have to assume Sauer is out for the season or, at best, is questionable as a bottom-pair defenseman. I know he is better than this but it will take him quite some time to fully regain game form. Staal is not even close yet. So, I beg to differ: the Rangers would acquire a top four defenseman if the situation presented itself. Depth at defense is required in order to win the Stanley Cup, and it remains to be seen if either Eminger or Bickel can perform this role come playoff time.

  9. Emmy or Stralman for top 4 D? Can you name me any GM who will do this? I know you Dubi fan, but keep him away from the trade with his 4.2ml per with almost empty production just b/c you dream about his superior next season? Really? Sauer, even with comeback this season, it wouldn’t be Sauer we saw last season( look at Staal). Take off King from the ice and you will see do we need improvement or not.

    1. The “trade” (note the quotation marks) was Eminger or Stralman in exchange for getting Sauer back. It was a metaphorical trade, not a literal one. There are no other GMs involved in this.

    1. Islanders are in a surge right now, definitely in the hunt for the 8th spot in the East. They wont jeopardize that by sending Parentau, who is having a massive year, to the Rangers for a defenseman and some picks. The Islanders actually have the building blocks in place right now to put together some solid seasons, so they wont be interested in trading a potential playoff spot this year for building blocks. And even if they were, they’re not dealing the 1st place Rangers anything that could help the Rangers on their Cup run.

  10. I would not make the Nash trade nor any other at this point. It it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I think the Rangers, as they are, will be Cup contenders. Columbus is asking for way too much.
    What we have is working.

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