Did Christensen’s Trade Save Wolski?

When the Rangers traded Erik Christensen yesterday, they dumped a spare forward for some much needed AHL help in Casey Wellman. The Rangers had 14 forwards on the roster, including Wojtek Wolski, who had just been shipped to Connecticut on a two week conditioning stint due to lack of playing time. When Wolski returns, he returns as the 13th forward, not the 14th forward.

Most NHL teams carry a spare forward for two reasons. The first is the most obvious: a spare body in case of injury. The second is to stir competition and force players to come to play game in and game out. It is John Tortorella’s style to keep a spare player around.

That spare player right now is Wolski, whether we like it or not. Wolski’s $3.8 million cap hit is not that appealing to many teams, but team control for his next contract might be –Wolski is a RFA.

For the next two weeks, Wolski will be playing with the CT Whale in what is likely an audition for a trade or a future NHL job. But with Christensen gone, the Rangers are less likely to just dump Wolski like they did with Christensen. Wolski fits the “spare forward” role well, meaning that he is not a prospect that the Rangers need to groom and he is not someone who appears to be a key cog in the immediate future of the organization.

Maybe Wolski should be calling Christensen and thanking him, because with Christensen gone, Wolski has that roster spot as the spare forward.  For now.

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  • You might be right, but I think he’s more of an after thought either way. Zucc’s could easily fill that role at a fraction of the cost. Either way, if the team facilitates a trade for a top-6 forward Wolski will not be a factor in the decision. After all, he can just join Redden and Avery in Hartford…

  • I think that Wolski is done either way. I expect other guys to get a shot first. I could be wrong, but just a hunch.

  • With his history, we being his 3rd team already, in such a short span of time, what GM in his right mind would trade for this fool? Also his contract being what it is, the only GM who would trade for him would be a team that is at the minimun, and is forced to spend to comply to NHL rules!!!!!

      • Ah gee Suit I wanted to get to do that. You guys never ever let me have any fun.

        OK who is going to validate my parking?

        Oh FYI Wolski is here until trading deadline as the NYR will move him by any means to open up his cap spot

  • This post should be in the sin bin. WW isnt going to be saved because of this move. This move was a part of something futher down the road. WW is not part of the plans here.

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