Christmas Link Dump

Merry Christmas. Happy Hanukkah. Happy Holidays. All that good stuff. Today’s link dump is the only post for today, enjoy.

Jesse Spector of The Sporting News┬áhas some great quotes from Rangers players about how the coaching staff has been instrumental in getting the team past the rash of injuries on the blue line. Hopefully this is another blow to the “Fire Torts” crowd. He’s been fantastic and the team follows him. What more do you need?

Good friend of the blog Chris Peters Of United States of Hockey┬áhas a breakdown of Team USA for this year’s World Junior Championships. Rangers 2011 first round pick JT Miller made the squad, which is very strong again this year. Miller follows the likes of Chris Kreider, Ryan McDonagh, and Derek Stepan in representing Team USA.

If you don’t watch ESPN (I don’t blame you), then you missed this hilarious video of Derek Stepan calling in and surprising Linda Cohn (a life long Ranger fan) on the air. Here’s the video.

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  • No doubt, this coaching staff deserves tremendous credit for the state of this organization right now, not just the standings this season. Tortorella has been consistent from day one: invest in our youth, develop the core, and bring in critical pieces where necessary. Add to that a demanding approach to both personal and team accountability, and that is a winning formula. Sounds simply but, in practice, it is easy to deviate from; kudos to Sather for staying on page on the personnel side of things.

  • ESPN has really never covered hockey correctly,so I have never watched it except for football.Alot of credit also has to go to Ken Gernander and staff for having these guys ready to step up.They play the same system and really concentrate on the development of the players,and not so much trying to win games.Years ago,they played a different system then the big club.Now the transition is much smoother.And Gernander has these guys playing every role down there,instead of just playing them to their strengths.But Tort’s also is one of those coaches that gets the most out of his players.It’s a great feeling that we have been able to overcome all these injuries and still rack up the wins.The Rangers may be the only N.Y. sports team to do anything this year.Maybe they will start getting more than a little article in the papers.Well,Merry Christmas!

  • Had a Ranger conversation with the young ones at dinner.Can’t remember who was the last Ranger D-man that didn’t wear a helmet.Could someone please help?

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