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Erixon Returned To Connecticut; Rangers Making The Right Decision

Tim Erixon’s second call up was short lived, as the Rangers returned the rookie defenseman to the CT Whale of the AHL last night. Erixon was called up as a precaution for the Rangers road trip to St. Louis and Phoenix. Although many –including us– assumed he would be playing during this call up, John Tortorella specifically stated that Erixon was an emergency call up, and would be returned as soon as the road trip was over.

Much to his word, Erixon did not play and was returned even before the road trip ended. Erixon had recently returned from injury before his call up, and it is assumed the organization does not want to rush him.

It is curious that the Rangers didn’t intend to play him. If they needed an emergency guy, they have Brendan Bell in the AHL as well. But I guess the Rangers needed to be sure they would have the body in St. Louis (Bell needs waivers), and maybe Erixon needed another day or two before getting back on the ice. Regardless, still a curious decision to call him up.

What isn’t a curious decision is the decision not to force Erixon into the lineup. It’s easy to see why the organization might be tempted to do so: Marc Staal and Mike Sauer are out indefinitely with concussions, forcing them to play the Steve Eminger/Jeff Woywitka/Anton Stralman trio for extended minutes. While they have been up to the task initially, it’s assumed they won’t be able to keep this up. Combine that with Dan Girardi playing 75 minutes a game, and the Rangers blue line is in dire straits.

Erixon has a bright future, and it will be with this organization. There’s no need to stunt his growth by playing him before he’s ready. That is the right call, and it’s a call the Rangers have been making with almost all of their prospects in recent years.

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  • The Erixon call up, and eventual return was proper!

    Why didn’t they just send him home from St Louis, after the game, knowing that he won’t play against the Desert Dogs. Instead they take him out to Arizona, and then send him home. First there is the additional cost of doing this, then there is the emotional cost for this. Why not let him go bach to the Whale, and be over it, no they take the kid for a joy ride, and build his hopes of getting in the game, not good!

    I’m not too comfortable with the second tier of d-men we are playing, but I believe that we have to give them some additional playing time, when possible. Look Girardi is a horse, love the guy, but how long can we ride this pony, eventually he will wear down, or God forbid, get hurt. It is great for developing MDZ, and McD, but they too will get tired before long, then start making big time mistakes.

    I’m not the coach, and I don’t want to second guess Torts, he has his fair share of problems, but look at the long term implications, we need to really not pust these kids too far, too fast! And that’s all she wrote.

    • lol @ the ‘additional cost’. Rangers own their own plane so he just sits in the seat.

      Its about getting him some time with the big club. Even if he doesn’t play he is still around the coaches and the team, participates in practices, etc. In all he get a little more comfortable.

      I doubt there is an ’emotional cost’ as most of the players are professional and understand it is a process unlike some fans.

  • Isn’t Brendan Bell on a 2-way contract? On CapGeek, however, it isn’t stated how much his AHL salary is. Stu Bickel, however, could also have been recalled.

    • Bell and Bickel have been playing well with the Whale.Bickel threw some good ones in a fight last night too.Suprised they have not brought one of these guys up for some of the more physical offenses.

      • That sounds logical.I think they would both be able to hold their own.Woywitka has been adequate,a little worried about Strallmans D.But if he can get his O game going it would be a plus.

  • Would have loved to see him play,but if he is not going to get the ice time he may as well be with the Whale.Something has got to give soon.Girardi and McD can’t play these minutes forever.Strallman actually has started to look confident carrying the puck,hopefully we can get a little offense from him at the very least.Can’t count on him in the D zone.If we play teams like St.Louis,our D would look worse on a nightly basis.

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