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Good morning all. How are we? As you’re reading this, you’re clearly loyal Blue Seat Blog readers and that means you didn’t feel the need to sprint toward the cliff edge because of one mind numbing Loss to the Stars. We’re rational folks aren’t we? Without further ado, let’s get into my head for the musings.

I’m an unashamed Gaborik fan, so maybe I’m biased but he’s an elite player. What annoys me is when a player like Patrick Kane gets treated like hockey royalty by the media and yes, he’s very good but can we have some Gaborik love please? He’s at the same elite level as Pat Kane.

Some of you, via twitter, may know I’m moving to Brugge, Belgium for three months in February. Amid all the excitement I have found a negative. Rangers game will now, usually, start at 1.10am. That is not something to look forward to. More matinees between February and May please!

Welcome back Tim Erixon. The timing is perhaps a little premature because he was only a few games into his own injury return but on play alone he’s back on merit. He’s playing well for the Whale and is almost a point/game player for them. Is this another case of some brief AHL seasoning before cementing a place in New York? (think Mr R. McDonagh)

Here’s some food for thought for you: Will the HBO series and all the winter classic frenzy influence All Star voting? (Hell, I’m not even sure when the deadline is). With the great start top to the year will we see many Rangers make it? There’s a few deserving candidates.

Question Time (Justify your choices)

I’m ashamed to admit this (hence it’s half way down this post) but I haven’t seen 24/7 yet. Work and a lack of access to HBO have condemned me to frustration. Was it worth the wait? Has it ramped up the excitement levels for your team?

This has been touched upon recently (via the Ryan rumours) but if the Rangers maintain their current position and general pattern of results do you think the Rangers will be players come the deadline? Personally I can see them adding a big piece if they are fully healthy, a top seed and Sather thinks this team can replicate Boston (not the best team in the playoffs but with a legitimate chance)

I can’t help being a little underwhelmed by Brandon Prust this season. Maybe he set his bar a little high with such a good season last time around but beyond the pointless fights recently, he’s not doing much or forcing the coach to give him more opportunity. Needless to say, right now, his contract negotiations won’t be hard for Sather.

All you Sather haters out there, we’re beginning to see the fruits of his labour from the past 4-5 years. It took far too long to get to this stage but he’d done a fine job in recent times. Organisation stacked, team young, key pieces in place, cap space going forward. Me Likely.

The Rangers MVP so far? For me it’s Ryan Callahan, then Henrik Lundqvist with honourable mentions to Brad Richards, Dan Girardi and Marian Gaborik. It says a lot when there are so many deserving candidates.

Comeback player of the year? Without doubt it has to be Gaborik, honourable mention to Del Zotto

Oh, here’s a final thought for you; should the Rangers MVP discussion include John Tortorella? Take a look at the record and the injuries dealt with and tell me what you think. He’s on the shortlist for me.

See ya

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  • Geez,couldn’t agree with you more on the issues you brought up. 1)Gaborik is right there with the rest,not much love when you play in N.Y. 2)Erixon will be a solid NHLer for years,if he has half the heart and dedication his father had,he will be loved for years 3)1st HBO was good,not great 4)Expected Stepan to be this good,so more surprised and happy with AA,watched Hags with the Whale,could tell he had it in him,shocked with Dubi,Mitchell should be next,but never know with Torts 5)Everything else I just agree.I finally can say we have a damn good organization,and I have been waiting for years to say that.I especially would like to give kudos to Ken Gernander for doing an excellent job utilizing and working with the players and having them ready to step right up to the bigs. If my computer bunches this into one paragraph I apologize.

  • 1. Gaborik is fantastic offensively, but almost comical on defense. He has good hands, so sometimes he would swipe the puck, but whenever he tries to hit someone even a much smaller someone, he just bounces off. I was stunned to find that he outweighs Callahan by 15 pounds. That being said, refs don’t call 80% of penalties that happen on Gabs. When he turns on the afterburners and splits either the forwards on the blue line or D men on a rush, he gets slashed, hooked and tripped almost every time.

    2. Anisimov makes that line go. He’s the big body that gives space to the other two.

    3. Hagelin. I wanted him here to start the year. Dubi is having a down year, but not as much as you’d think.

    4. All three. Throw in Rupp. I’d rather give Audy-Marchessault a shot – he’s scored in every level of hockey he’s played – but I don’t see Torts giving him a chance even if they bring him up.

    • I’m in a similar boat as you Chris. I’m studying abroad in Galway next semester so if I want to watch Rangers hockey, I better be prepared for a late night.

      When I was a junior in high school I spent two weeks with a Belgian family in an exchange program in Brugge. That place is awesome. Amazing beer haha.

      I would say I’m more surprised with Dubi than Hagelin. There were people who thought Hagelin had a shot of making the roster out of training camp, let alone being a call up, and while he definitely he definitely outperformed expectations, I dont think ANYONE predicted Dubinsky only have on goal more than 1/4 through the season.

    • Good to see you also follow the Whale.Audy Marchessault got some set of hands.But like you said,I doubt he has much of chance this year.We seem to have a little bit of a log-jam of smallish skilled players.We should move one or two soon.We are just going to lose Zucc if we don’t get him up with the big club.I think we should give Rupp a chance,he may surprise us.But as far as Christensen,WoWo,Mitchell,I could care less if they go.But to be fair,Mitchell has been fine playing with the big club but would rather have Zucc(cap willing)or Audy Marchessault for a little more offensive pop.

    • for someone who has such a reputation of being brittle, gaborik does have decent size. that being said he does not have the frame of a power foward. therefore he has to stickle handle and finesse his way through defenders rather than merely powering by them say like jagr.

  • HBO’s 24/7 is worth EVERY penny. Loved the behind the seens of Artie “reloading” his weapon, and the players walking into the locker room smiling. Classic stuff.

    Better season – I’ll give it to Step, soley because he is setting up Gaborik, and doing a hell of a job.

    Most surprising – Hagelin hands down! With the splash he has made, he will be here for a long time. Kudo’s to the person who made this draft choice. That deep in the draft, and to pick a diamond in the ruff.

    Bus ride – probably Mitchell. But after Tort’s is done watching Avery modeling on 24/7. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is DONE as a Ranger.

    MVP for me for this season SO FAR is Girardi. The minutes he puts in every night, with the Staal and Sauer out, shutting down the top line on the other team. All those blocked shots. I realise he is NOT on the stat sheet, but he really has been the unsung hero of this team, and a BIG BIG part of why the Rangers are one of the lost scored upon. Yes Hank is the King, and is the most valuable player on this team in and out every year. But I’m giving this award to Girardi, NOBODY has earned it more.

    • Yeah,we got great luck with late round swedes,go figure.I don’t know if he will be as good a forward as the king is a goalie,but what more can you ask of a late round pick.I guess AA was the hit for the 1st episode.

  • 1. Anisimov – He’s matching Stepan almost point for point, and doing it without the aid of the PP time that Stepan gets. It’s like which you like better though, Whiskey or Beer. They’re both good, don’t make me choose.

    2. Dubinsky, easily. Hagelin’s playing over his head a bit and been a welcome addition, but Dubi’s play is shocking given his season to season progress, incl. juniors.

    3. Avery. Cap considerations will come into play, and he makes twice as much as the other two, and has fewer points than both as well.

  • Pat Kane gets press for one reason, he’s with the Hawks, and they won a cup with him in the line up. Gabbi, in my opinion, is a better player than is Kane, but until he does win a cup, there will be no love for him outside the metro NY area.

    I have to take issue with you on Prust. Underwhelmed, come on now please. He is the heart, and soul of this team. His chin is out there for anyone to try and punch out, and more times than not, he kicks the crap out of the other guy. Think back when Smelladelphia was in town, 4 seconds into the game, he fights, and then fights again with Simmons, a bigger guy than him, and still got the best of him. He is killing penalties, not scoreing at the pace as last year, but is still very effective. If you haven’t figured it oput, yeah, I big fan of Prust.

    • Can’t disagree with that Walt,Kids got heart.But its gonna hurt him if he does not slow down.The shame of it all,hes really all we got.Rupp may be bigger but he don’t fight very well.Him coming back will make it a little better.We still get a lot of liberties taken on us.So collectively we have to respond together,no matter what the penalties,otherwise they will continue.There have been way too many times this year our team did not respond.Look how Tampa went after AA,I want to see that when someone takes a cheapshot on us.That being said,he also has been having a rough time putting a full game together.I think he has been better as of late.

      • “Look how Tampa went after AA,I want to see that when someone takes a cheapshot on us.”

        It should be noted that didn’t require a Rupp type. That was Tampa’s power play unit that jumped him, i.e., all skill guys.

        Lecavalier, Connolly, Bergeron, Stamkos, and Purcell was the unit on the ice, plus Downie who ‘line changed’ into the scrum. Not exactly Liston, Frasier, and Ali out there.

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