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Sean Avery Clears Re-Entry Waivers

As expected, Sean Avery has cleared re-entry waivers, and will be able to join the Rangers during their practice tomorrow. It is unknown if he will be inserted into the lineup, as the Rangers played a complete 60 minutes last night in their 5-2 victory over the San Jose Sharks. The likely candidates to come out of the lineup are Erik Christensen, Wojtek Wolski, and recent call up Andre Deveaux. Considering the way both Christensen and Deveaux played last night, the front runner to sit if Avery dresses would be Wolski. As Suit pointed out in the comments of the recap, Wolski’s play without the puck wasn’t that strong, which may work against him.

Of course, there is a chance that Avery doesn’t even dress. Considering how well the team played, that is a legitimate possibility. Since Avery cleared re-entry waivers, his salary is added back to the books, with a 50% split between the Rangers and the Dallas Stars.

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  • I think, logically speaking we will see a determined and composed Sean. He must realize that this is going to be his last opportunity to play in the NHL. I believe him to be an intelligent person and recognize this. Maybe being sent down to Hartford was not such a bad move by Trots after all and having an inspired Sean on our team a very creative and tactical stroke of genius by Trots. Play smart Sean and don’t become a distraction

  • Forget smart Sean. He needs to be an agitator. Stop asking the heavyweight to walk aroundin tiptoes.

    Nobody epitomizes the rangers recently like avery of now and last season.

    1. Skate hard
    2. Has decent speed
    3. Takes stupid penalties
    4. Plays about 10 minutes a game.
    5. Can’t buy a goal

    Don’t know whether to love or hate the guy.

      • Dave I agree with you completely about his on again off again effort last year (or in general the past 2 seasons). At the same time though I think you would agree with me that Torts has yo-yoed him more than most other players in terms of giving him quality minutes, and then not giving him quality minutes. Torts has repeatedly stressed that he wants and needs Sean to play on “the edge.” I agree completely but, I also think if someone is going to play on the edge then they’re going to need to have a little leeway to step over the line and be wrangled in (but not to the point where he’s worried that his minutes are constantly going to be in jeopardy). Now if he’s repeatedly going to go to far, well that’s another story. The skill is there with Avery as in the conditioning. The thing I’ve always found funny is that on the surface you’d think these guys would love each other. I think their personalities are much similar than one would think on the surface.

  • There goes our chance to get a decent defenseman. With Marc Stall out for the forseeable future, Slats should have held onto the little cap space he had to acquire a solid replacement for Stall

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