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Breaking News: Sean Avery Being Placed On Re-entry Waivers

According to Larry Brooks via Twitter (his source was Bommer Esiason and Nick Kypreos), Sean Avery will be placed on re-entry waivers tomorrow, making him eligible for Thursday’s tilt against the Ducks.

Whether another team is interested in acquiring him is uncertain, but chances are Sather is giving the fans (well half of them anyway according to our polls) what they want for the time being.

For the other half of this fan base, all we can hope for now is that Torts and Sean can somehow get on the same page. Maybe Richards can be a middleman if issues arise? Who knows…

Sean has some skill no doubt, but his coach-ability has been questioned by every NHL coach he has ever played for. If this rumor is true, and he does end up back on the team, hopefully the relationship between Sean and Torts is somehow salvageable. I mean you would have to assume Torts gave the okay to Glen to make this move? Maybe, maybe not.

Either way, things are about to get interesting…

Get well soon Rupper 😉

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      • In truth when Rupp comes back and assuming we have the cap space, I’d just as soon send EC out. I’m tired of his absence on the ice. When he plays does anyone notice? I understood and defended keeping EC over Avery for cap purposes but if our cap is okay doing it then send EC out when Rupp is back.

        • I’m no fan of EC either, but I think they keep him around because he can play center.

          If Sean is going to stick, he’s going to have to stay out of the box, draw penalties, create space for linemates, and most importantly time is agitation skills better.

          If he can do these things consistently – regardless of how many minutes distributes – he should stay in the lineup.

  • Well at least everyone might get to see if Avery has what it takes to play with Richards and Gaborik, that’s if Coach Faccia Bruta even gives him a shot.

    That’s all they are asking for, a shot. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A serving of humble pie for Tort’s wouldn’t go amiss either.

  • Good for Sean,hope he seizes the opportunity and does the right thing.He has to try and not take those extra penalties.Not sure if he can control himself.If he wasn’t a marked man,I think he could strattle the line.I actually was suprised when they cut him due to his relationship with Brad but like they always say,I’ts a buisness.I hope he works out.My 10 yr. old was pissed when they cut him.

  • For the record, I don’t recall tom renney ever having a problem with Sean Avery. In fact, I’d say Sean played his career best under renney.

    • I am a big Torts fan, but you can’t bench a guy like Avery or constantly move him around in the lineup every time he does something detrimental to the team. If Sean hasn’t been playing his kind of game the past few years then Torts has to be at least partly to blame. Let him play with Richards and Gaborik and see what he can do. He’s going to have a huge chip on his shoulder now. Not to mention the fact that it’s a contract year for him.

      • I agree with you. When Torts saying what better for the club, did he mean his personal relation with Sean? I support Glen decision to return Aves instead of emotionless stiff EC, who Torts said is a better player and prompt him on 1st line center duty. It was laughable move and around NHL took with smile. Do we need forcheck? Yes Do we need spark? Yes. To make this trory shorter…. We need Aves now as our team sucks and I hope we will see Sean as he was good for us at the time.

  • I wonder if the Rupp injury has been why he was playing sparingly.I was starting to wonder myself if he was going to be a bust.I didnt feel he was signed as an enforcer as some people suggest.I thought he could be valuable as an all-purpose guy with good enough hands to stick in front of the net on the second PP unit.With our luck,we may never know.It also sounds like this was a preexisting injury that has recently been aggravated.Well hopefully Mr.Aves can help us out.

  • This whole Avery thing has really distracted us from our serious problems.We have to figure out whats going on with this team,and how to get this ship sailing right.This way management can read the blogs and figure out what to do.Kidding aside[although you never know] its obvious Avery is not our problem.He might actually be a part of the solution but we got some serious problems.I finally noticed some sense of urgency out of WW.The Richards move seem to get Dubie and Cally going.Other than that up front,not much going on except Gabs played well.Girardi,McD and Emminger had a bad game but Del Zotto and Sauer were okay.I’m sure Girardi and McD will be fine today.So we had some positive developments last game.We need the other players to start coming around.And we need everybody to play at a certain level to have success.It seems like if our goalie does not play lights out we have little margin for error.I’m hoping some guys are just having a hard time getting there bearings going,and in time some issues will just work themselves out.And with so many guys not going,Torts will not keep lines together so it will be a while before we truly see our glaring weaknesses up front.So from what I see is patience is going to be our biggest friend right now.

  • 5 game win streak. I can smell it.

    One thing I think that is overlooked is the smack talk Avery gives his own teammates when they don’t play hard. It’s one thing to hear it from the coach. It another when the guy next to you goes. Wtf were you thinking?

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