Musings: Avery 1st Line Material? Fantasy Hockey & More

Just trying to put things in perspective here…I mentioned earlier, one of the biggest problems for the Rangers last year was they didn’t do squat with their transition rushes, which everyone seemed to agree with. Yet, everyone wants to see Sean Avery on the first line? What am I missing here? Avery creates more off sides than RuPaul switches sides. Leave him and his 7 goal average the last three seasons in the bottom 6.

No one is talking about the Devils this summer. I know the media treats our most populous state per square mile (NJ) like it’s a small market, but I’m not writing them off. If the Devils get Parise, Zajac, and Kovy on the same page, this team is going to surprise a lot of people. Add a healthy Anton Volchenkov to the mix and watch out.  

Speaking of the Devils, someone said the Rupp signing was bad because it’s taking a roster space away from a young gun like an MZA or a Christian Thomas or something. Right because those are the guys we want on the fourth line. That’d be a Sin Bin winner…

In case you missed it, we decided to shutdown the Sin Bin. With the season approaching, there just won’t be enough space to devote to making fun of people’s comments. However, we do like the idea of getting our readers engaged in our site, so we’re going to try to put up more polls on divisive topics.

This week we polled to see who you all thought were the worst GM’s in hockey this past year. The results were polarizing. Everyone was pretty much split between Tallon, Holmgren, and Sherman. Our poll for the new Prospect Watch was a bit more lopsided. Everyone wants Christian Thomas and Chris Kreider.

Finally, Dave, Chris, and I were talking about starting a fantasy hockey league among ourselves and any readers who wished to join. Who wants in?

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  • Just thinking of a Rupp-Boyle-Prust line has me excited and should have other teams worried. You have size and toughness. They all can play the game, grind it hard and put the puck in the net. I bet you can get 40 goals and 40 fights from that line.

  • Even if Avery somehow found himself on the first line, he wouldn’t last longer than a couple games. He just doesn’t have it in him anymore.

    I don’t doubt that the Devils will be good this year. What I don’t understand is why experts still think the Flyers will be there. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

  • Definitely interested in the fantasy league.

    A quick note on Avery. He’s not 100% to blame for his seemingly huge # of offsides. I cant even count how many times the nyr players throw each other offsides by making lateral moves at the blueline… and I know I watched it happen a whole lot to Avery.

  • also in for fantasy, especially if you run it in the yahoo leagues and stay away from stoopid stats. shoot me an email.

  • I must defend my championship – Huber’s Heroes are gearing up for their sophmore season.

    Nice, I get sin bin nods even though it doesn’t exist anymore (although I don’t necessarily think Rupp et al is blocking youth when I use the words one and people).

    Example; One could argue that Avery hasn’t been playing with players who are fast enough (physically & mentally) on his line, hence all the off-sides. Hesitation at the blue line from the puck carrier is just as much of a cause for all the off-sides.

  • I would be in on the fantasy league. I like the rupp signing I said it right away when it happened. I think a fourth line ofnprust Boyle rupp says alot about this team. I don’t get the push by some to have any of these three in any other spot in the line up, except for an injury maybe a spot start. Do not get me wrong I like all three but our team is best suited with all three there.

  • In spite on all his antics on the ice, I like Avery as a hockey player. My concern is his offensive play, only 2 goals last year. Yes I know, it’s all the coaches fault he didn’t give Shaun enough playing opportunities, but did he earn any? Outsiders, Boyle, Prust, Stephan, McDonough and Sauer earned a spot on the team as did the rest of Rangers with their play. Avery has to come to camp ready to play and produce or spend the season as a Whale.

  • Avery can be 1st line material. But you can’t keep pulling the leash on him.

    Give the leash to br. Let him control the grate one.

    The question is can torts let a player be in control. He send the type that has to be in control of everything. And that is not good for play when you ask people to achieve. It stifles creativity, and accountability.

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