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Chris Drury Retires

Via Tom Gulitti, former Rangers captain Chris Drury has formally announced his retirement through the NHLPA.  Drury signed a big contract with the Rangers, but age and a knee injury kept him from competing on a regular basis towards the end of the contract, prompting the Rangers to buy him out this past June.  In 892 career games, Drury finished with a line of 255-360-615 and a reputation for scoring big goals in pressure situations.  Although soft spoken, Drury was a leader on and off the ice for the Sabres and Rangers.

It is sad to see his career end this way.  He is not a Hall of Fame player by any means, but he was definitely under appreciated during his stay in New York.

Update 11:30: I don’t think his buyout cap hit is removed from the books, but Suit says it is.  We are waiting for clarification from CapGeek.

Update 11:33: Suit has clarified that he forgot about the buyout. I think he deserves to be flogged.

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  • I miss Dru, no matter what he just seemed like a champ. I think it was the winning the little league world series thing too.

    Also, flogging is so 18th century. Let’s just make him wear a crappy suit for a week.

  • Sad to see a career end this way, especially a guy as well respected as Drury is. I’d imagine that the decision to retire was something that developed after he was bought out. Maybe he realized his body wasn’t going to allow him to give it another go. He also may have received very little interest from teams around league.

  • I love how everyone was demanding Drury’s head before he got bought out, and now everyone wishes that never happened. I don’t get it. I’m happy Drury’s gone. Yeah, he was a good guy and all that garbage but being nice doesn’t get you 7.5 mill bucks. Why do people’s opinions of people on the team change as soon as their gone?

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