Musings Day

It’s Musings day and it’s truly the middle of the hockey low season. Little bits of Rangers’ related news comes out – on occasion – but not exactly over flowing with news. We’ll try our best though. Let’s get in to it.

JT Miller made the US evaluation camp then. There’s a camp to get to a camp to get to the team? Leave no stone unturned I guess. Good for him though. He’s clearly a good prospect who is positionally flexible. His flexibility may see him in NY sooner rather than later.

Partners in Crime: My friend who came to NY with me in January has paid up and decided to join me in Sweden for the Rangers weekend. That mean’s two things: We’re guaranteed horrible hangovers and the two of us are truly trying to conquer the world. It’ll be our fourth different continent together.

Brendan Bell, eh? He has some offensive upside and can score at both the AHL and NHL level and is a solid depth addition that cannot hurt the club. Almost certainly one for the AHL, but he could help the power play down there. I guess someone on the blue line may well start the year in the ECHL?

I think Brandon Prust breaks the 30 point barrier next season. Why? Because special teams will be better and I think the PK will be even more lethal. He’s also looking for a pay day.

End of an Era: When Alexi Kovalev finally signed on in the KHL, the last active Rangers cup winner left the NHL. Time for a new set yeah?

(Another) draft Bust: Even though he was only just inside the first round, when ex Islander Rob Schremp signed for MODO this week it was another huge talent that failed to make an NHL impact. Kid had unreal skill and is another in the line of draft disappointments like Patrick O’Sullivan.

NFL rant: I’m a Giants fan. After this pre-season I’m seriously considering switching allegiances. (No, not to the Jets, Becky…) Seriously, could the Giants have a worse off season? Did Sather use up all the management skill in NY this summer? Didn’t think the Giants were penny pinchers. Apparently they are. Urgh

Sean Avery I am disappointed in you. That is all.

Having recently read that Wojtek Wolski is ‘working hard’ this summer, does it mean that he has read the memo that he needs to give a consistent effort to crack the line up? If Wolski can match his skill level with desire then he can still be a huge asset to the Rangers. Yes, huge.

Mikhail Pashnin. If I’m the Russian defenseman I’d also stay in Russia, for the time being. Though I’d have only signed a one year deal. He needs to remain as contractually flexible as he can until his NHL chance either comes or finally goes.

I read that the Rangers window to win is now open? No. It is opening. 2012-13 it’ll hopefully be wide open for a few years, but we’re still one year away from legitimate playoff expectation. Some more patience folks…

Me: I’ve had a bizarre 7 days. I’ve been invited to a wedding in California the week of my 30th. Seems too good to be true! I’ve also had 3 job offers in 4 days, one of them in Germany. Needless to say I’ve had a lot to think about this week!

Marian Gaborik CAN score 100 points next season. I’m being deadly serious when I say that. A good Rangers’ power play, sustained health and instant chemistry with Mr Richards and it could happen. Emphasis on could.

Insta poll: Who will be the Rangers highest scoring defenseman next season?

My answer: Del Zotto.

Current Ranger that won’t be a Ranger on October 7th: Erik Christensen.

I’m surprised Bryan McCabe is still homeless. He didn’t fit well in NY, but is likely cheap and can help as a depth guy. There’s certainly a lot worse under contract in the league.

Final poser: Who will score more points this season; Derek Stepan or Artem Anisimov?

Happy Thursday peeps. GO RANGERS (no go Giants. Urgh.)

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  • * For many year, we didn’t hear anything about how well our prospects did, because… they never did anything. It is nice to hear fairly consistent good news about the players that Clark select… even if they are out of nowhere and not always supported.

    * I think that both Boyle and Prust will regress in terms of scoring this season. They still will put it all out there and play well, but I’m just not sure it will show on the score sheet.

    * The Giants are going backwards. What are they doing???

    * Avery… ugh.

    * Totally agree with you on Wolski. Could be HUGE.

    * I think Gaborik will definitely rebound in a big way, but 100 points is a big too much IMO.

    * Most points? Staal.

    * Won’t be a Ranger? MZA

    * McCabe was terrible. He couldn’t skate and therefore play any type of D on the ice. I am not surprised.

    • Just to add… Boyle and Prust had HUGE roles on this team last season due to a lack of talent and a truck load of injuries. One of the reasons I think that their point production will slide is just because of shear playing time at even strength. The BR-Gabs line will get a ridiculous amount of minutes (Torts known for that) and you know that the 2nd line will get plenty. The other lines are naturally going to get less ice time.

  • By Zen, I agree with most you saying. I think Staal will take next step for offence, he has all the tools, btw Chris, can’t see MDZ even on roster this season, unless miracle. MZA? I like this kid, but his size will not allow him to be top 6 and being top 9 or 12 it’s waste his skills. It’s hardly imagine he plays against top guns in the NHL every other night. McCabe? good luck to him. Only Wolski will decide to be in NHL or KHL. This season is crucial for him. I also not expecting repeat last season from Boyle and regardless points Prust will be fan favorite with or without them. LOL

  • I can’t wait until Justin Tuck knocks the crap outta Vick. But Steve Smith makes me sick.

    As far as Gaborik goes, anything COULD happen. I think Richards has a better shot at 100 points. 22 goals 88 assists. Gaborik would have to go like 50-50 which for not a noted passer is more unlikely.

    • Completely agree that Richards has a better shot at 100 points. He will have a ridiculous amount of assists this season.

      I know Steve Smith has really stung Giant fans, but can you blame him? He said the Giants didn’t make him feel wanted, but the Eagles have been pursuing (and offering decent money) for weeks. What would you do?

      • It’s the equivalent of Gomez going to the Rangers. Except the Rangers threw the house at him.

        I personally could never play for a rival team, forget Devils and Islanders. If I was playing for Detroit (2nd favorite team of mine growing up) I could never go out and play for the Blackhawks after hating them for years. If I was a Hab I could never go to the Leafs. It’s that reason why I applaud Johnny Damon for coming to the Yankees. Took a lot of shit from Boston to do it. Ballsy move.

        • What if the Eagles were the only team interested and he couldn’t get the Giants to commit to anything? Should he take peanuts to play for a team just because their rival happens to be the other team bidding? I guess you are more emotionally involved than I, because from a business standpoint… the solution is a no-brainer.

          • I see what you are saying but they grew up rooting for a team also. What if you were drafted by the devils? Just because they are paying you doesn’t mean you’ll want to play for them. But I have never been offered millions to play for a team so I guess it’s tough to turn down. money will generally be the decency factor.

        • I think in general the fans feel these things much more strongly than the players. Maybe different if you spend 10 years with your first and only team or back in the days when guys didn’t move around so much and make millions to play the game, but most of the bad blood between players on rival teams seems to have left the sport. I’d be very surprised and interested to learn how many players are really making serious career decisions based on it.

          • Yea and you gotta remember these guys didn’t grow up rooting for the Giants. They’re not from here.

            They aren’t as connected to the team emotionally as the fans are.

  • These boys know how to make me keep reading the blog during the off season… come to NY and you’ll turn into a Jets fan. it’s automatic. especially if i’m influencing it 🙂

      • psh a few car bombs and I got a British husband, I think some sound logic would convert some Giants fans, especially now

        • Car bombs got you a British husband. This is correct… I’m cheap, what can I say! 😉 BUT… it’d take a hell of a lot more to make me a Jets fan. I’d rather support the Jaguars or someone completely irrelevant. Rex Ryan makes my stomach churn!

  • imagine if the flyers had poached cally. New York would declare war on the city of philadelphia after this last year.

  • I would work for the Devils if they paid me well. Just sayin…

    I’m a huge Giants fan and have no hate for Smith. The guy did what he had to do. I’m more pissed at Reese for sitting on his hands this offseason.

    I’m with Zen master, Boyle and Prust’s stats are taking a hit this year.

    No chance anyone on this team comes close to 100 points. We just don’t have that caliber of talent. Maybe Richards could if he had a bonafide 30+ goal scorer on his left wing, but even that’s a stretch.

    • completely disagree Suit. Gaborik and Richards COULD (emphasis, all along, on could) make 100.

      Gaborik played with no one and got 84 and now we give him a top 5 center and he will be nowhere close? One of them could easily make it. Not saying they will but they could.

      I agree with you that though Reese has had a shocker. Where’s Ernie when you need him?

      • 100 is seriously lofty now a days. Since the lockout, only Thornton has done it with fewer than 29 goals (a total Richards is unlikely to reach), and no one has done it with fewer than 49 assists (a total Gaborik has never hit, even on a prorated 82 game basis)

        Expect 80, be happy with anything over.

  • You didn’t bring this up, but one thing that has been brought to my attention is that Cam Fowler, the golden boy, was a -25 this season despite scoring 40 points. I’m also hearing that he was really soft this year defensively. Now I’m really glad we passed on him because the one thing that really grinds my gears is “smooth skating, puck moving” d-men that can’t defend to save their lives. I’m annointing Mcilrath as the new Chara and Fowler as the new Bouwmeester.

    • I am actually quite excited about McIlarth, though I am probably one of the few. I have a feeling he is going to be a monster. Not a Chara-monster, but a guy that people are going to hate to play against.

      • He’s going to be a very good player but no need to rush him when we have a good young D as it is. Let him develop steadily.

      • I’m excited about him to. In the playoffs against Washington this year, Ovechkin was running all over the place. Staal and Girardi managed to keep him off the score sheet for the most part, but they were getting roughed up against him. Mcilrath will be the kind of guy they’ll put out there against Ovechkin when he decides he wants to play it rough. Can’t wait for that day.

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