Sather Continues Summer Of Excellence, Re-signs Eminger

According to the internet (sources are overrated), the Rangers have resigned Steve Eminger to a one year deal worth $800K (this figure has yet to be confirmed). Last season Eminger played in 65 games registering 2 goals and 4 assists. More importantly, the 6-2 203-pounder brought some much needed physicality to the Rangers crease.

This season Eminger will most likely play the right side on the bottom pairing with either Michael Del Zotto or Tim Erixon. Should both young defensemen be ready for full-time duty, Eminger will be in the press box. For only $800K, it’s hard to see any negatives with this deal.

Should this cap figure prove accurate, the Rangers have about $4 million left under the cap to sign Ryan Callahan – this scenario includes both MDZ and MZA (cap Since the Rangers are going to want some wiggle room, you gotta figure the Rangers will trade a forward, buyout Wolski, or demote Erik Christensen.

Stay tuned…

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  • It’s closer to $5.1m, which should be enough for both Cally and MDZ.

    They don’t need to trade anyone, demoting MZA for the start of the year would give them ample room. Heck, Christensen’s $900k would be plenty.

      • Then you didn’t include Eminger. Capgeek has us at 5.7m, but they didn’t add Eminger’s deal yet.

        Also, I’m an idiot who counted Eminger at 600 rather than 800.

        They have about 3.9m left over for Cally, so a forward definitely moves (unless I’m right about Cally getting ~$3.75)

        I agree that I’d rather MZA here than not, but his contract will create an issue, especially if his ‘A’ bonuses includes a certain games played threshold.

  • 800k for Eminger is good. I assume Avery is on the move. The Redden treatment seems fair. What’s up with everyone wanting to demote MZA? The kid if playing the correct position could put up a lot of points. Even if he continued to play LW, if he was on that Gaborik Richards line he would be good. Avery is not going to get the chance to play that role. Wolski if not bought out will, christian thomas will, and Dubi definitely.

    IMO if Wolski isn’t going to be on that first line, he should not be on this team and should be bought out immediately.

  • EC is the one who should move first regardless of cap hit, although his should be enough for that wiggle room.

        • Whoever doesn’t play their heart out.

          I think this site is pretty objective when it comes to coverage of the players, more so than most sites actually…

        • I sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of another ranger player who looks like they don’t try.

          Wolski. Just because he has much more potential. If he’s not around. And ec isn’t round. I think I will puck on…

          The Islanders.

  • Given what’s out there this was a no brainer. I thought it was for $1M but for $800K even better. Allows MDZ to go to Hartford while Eminger plays along side Erixon who will absolutely play with the big club out of the gate. Loved Eminger’s game after he learned how to play with an edge. What took so long? lol.

    • I agree, the Eminger we saw in October was not the same we saw in January. Sometimes it just takes time I suppose.

      Was nice to see someone battle back after being booed at MSG. Rare sight…

  • Sather has $4.9 million left. I say he offers Callahan $4.5 million and they finally settle at $4.7 which is $500,000 more then Dubinsky. Make it for 5 years and Callahan should jump on it.If Callahan isn’t happy with that then eff him. Based on his production and talent level he’s not worth more then that, intangibles be damned. Fer Chrissakes, he’s a second line player at best.

  • I would take MDZ over Erixon or Eminger as it stands right now.

    Staal Girardi
    MDZ Sauer
    McDonagh Erixon/Eminger

    MDZ and Richards on the points to start the PP

    Eminger is the alternate is this lineup if Erixon is as good as everyone says he is.

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