Sunday Link Dump

It’s Sunday, which means it’s link dump day (side note: this was written on Friday because of time restraints on my end).  Today is a special link dump though.  My sister is getting married today.  To my sister, I love you, and congrats.  To my new brother…good luck.

Adam Proteau of The Hockey News continues his string of irresponsible Ranger bashing by stating that if Brad Richards flops, the Rangers will go out and sign Dave Andreychuk to a deal before “Messier kicks in the door and rips out Sather’s tongue the way Khal Drogo did to a rival in Game of Thrones, and then take over as GM”.  Really?  Let’s at least let the guy play a game.

Larry Brooks says that the Brandon Dubinsky contract sets the benchmark for the Ryan Callahan deal.  Callahan’s agent said pretty much the same thing to Kevin Allen and Mike Brehm of USA Today. I think we’ve been saying that they will get almost identical deals for a while, right?

So Alexei Yashin has an offer from the Islanders.  I think we can all join in when I say BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA