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The Prospal Era Officially Over

Vinny Prospal definitely isn’t coming back as a Ranger. TSN have reported that the now former Ranger has signed in Columbus for one year worth $1.75m.

While Columbus look re-vamped and dangerous (think Nash, Carter, Mason, Wisniewski, Huselius when he gets fit, and now VinnyProspal) they needed to make splashes this off season and are in a spot often, previously associated with the Rangers. What spot is that you ask? Over paying to convince players to play for them. The Rangers often had to entice players using the strength of their cheque book.

Prospal is still a solid player but even at 1.75m is getting a lot more than the Ranger would have considered giving him at this stage of his career while Wisniewski really cashed in when he too signed in Ohio. Not many teams would have taken Jeff Carter’s contract on either but Columbus needed to acrue talent whichever way they could. It seems throwing money around is their new methodology.

The signing of Prospal ends a solid era for the likeable veteran in New York. Many still considered him a solid player and he could have been a cheap addition although the Rangers certainly didn’t need him any longer. The youth movement is fully underway and Prospal simply didn’t fit in with that any more. Hopefully Prospal continues to prove doubters wrong and show that the tank is still not empty. Good luck Vinny, just not against the Rangers.

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  • I am just happy that he found a place to play and that Ranger fans can stop talking about him. It was clear that he was no longer needed after the addition of BR (to play with Gaborik). Good luck to you, Vinny.

  • Vinny played his heart out for us while here, even though it was a short period. I wish him all the best, he is a class act. Hopefully his knees hold up another year!!!!!!!

  • I’ll miss him. I still think he’s the reason Gabby had 42 goals 2 seasons ago and not much this past season.

  • Mason’s 3.03 GAA and .901 save percentage last season are pretty “dangerous” when you’re trying to win games.

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