Rangers Trade Grachev To St. Louis

In a bit of a shocking deal, the Rangers have dealt Evgeny Grachev, one of their top prospects, to St. Louis in exchange for a third round pick (#72 overall – used on Steve Fogarty). It is very surprising to see the Rangers give up on a 21 year old Grachev so soon. Grachev showed major progress this year in the AHL, and was a dark horse to make the roster this year. Grachev left the OHL early to play professionally in an attempt to jump-start his career. He may have been rushed, but the talent is definitely there.

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    • Why the work ethic thing again? I feel like that’s why we deal Horak and Werek. You can’t just dump these people. Grachev had potential and still had it. To only obtain a third rounder is absurd. A package deal is what I was looking for if we were gonna get rid of him.

  • This is not as strange to me, because I have heard pretty much every writer close the Rangers prospect system say that he was a lost cause. If they could only get a 3rd rounder in a poor draft, then you can see that most other teams thought the same thing. They obviously saw a lot in this HS kid to make a deal like this.

  • I definitely would have expected Grachev to bring more in return. Well they moved Bobby Sanguinetti to pick up a 2nd and a later pick used on Jesper Fasth and that seems to have worked out well so far. I’ll have to check out this Fogarty kid. Is he any relation to the Fogarty defenceman who used to play with the Nordiques?

    • I thought they would package him, but it appears that they use failed prospects to get more picks. Second time in two years they have done it.

      • Gentlemen, this kind of trades are the reason why we had won one cup in the last 71 years and one in 47 years since I became a Range fan.It blows me away.The’re picking players to suit Tortarella’s style but what is going to happen in 2 to 3 years when they find out that they can not win a cup with Tortarella and get a new coach? They’l have a team full of 3rd line grinders and back to the drawing board again? Freeking unbelievable.

        • Relax bro, there is much to be excited for this team. Grachev wasn’t dominating and other players came in and leaped over him on the depth chart. He obviously saw the writing on the wall. Have a little faith.

  • Work ethis is a critical variable to our scouting staff and if it’s not there, talent becomes immaterial. Wolski has great talent too, but work ethic has resulted in his being traded twice.

  • It was a poor week for the Rangers with Schenn going to Philly and not selecting McNeill or Biggs and finally this. I think he should have been included in a package and some sort of a deal then made than this particular way…When I look for the 2014 as the year of the Rangers making Cup runs I am now a little cloudy on who plays what up front. Who are the 4 centers and wingers? Another observation is this team lacks right handed forwards

    • Check back Monday, we will be covering all of that. There’s still plenty of trade pieces if that’s the direction you want to see. Grachev was a third round pick who was traded for a third round pick. Onward…

  • According to friends in Hartford, Grachev had supposedly been unhappy for over a year because of his perception that other forwards were leaping over him on the Ranger’s radar…He and his agent believe he is “NHL-ready” although the Rangers did not… I suppose the option to NOT trading him was his bolting to Europe or Russia for bigger bucks on a larger stage than the AHL… I don’t think Sather would “give him away” for no apparent reason.

    • He had a small window in 8 or 9 games and he was invisible.
      It’s is probably better to get something out of the trade, that losing him to the KHL and getting nothing.
      This kid out of Minnesota is a good kid.

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