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Jagr to New York Won’t Go Away

In a rumour that just won’t go away Jaromir Jagr remains a possibility for the Rangers as his agent Petr Svoboda has ‘offered’ him to five clubs – including the Rangers. Even more odd than the veteran winger being linked to the Rangers is the fact he is being linked to another ex club; the Washington Capitals. Jagr’s exit from Washington to New York may be one of the bitterest departures from a club in league history so to see him linked to the Caps is amusing.

With several sources including TSN reporting the rumours, there seems to be some legitimacy to it all ,however Jagr back to New York simply doesn’t make much sense. Yes the Rangers need scoring and yes, personally I would like to see one of my hockey idols return as he has proved in the KHL (and more recently the World Championship) that he still has a lot of game. However the Czech legend is 39, was never known for his speed and has a huge ego – all reasons why he doesn’t fit on this Rangers club, a club trying to be known for speed and collective effort.

Could he make a (positive) difference to the Rangers? Perhaps. He adds a lot skill; would help the power play and would take some pressure off of Gaborik and should the Rangers really manage to get Brad Richards, Jagr on the second line would give the Rangers real offensive depth. At this stage it is unclear what Jagr would expect to return to the NHL but the rumours of other involved parties such as the Montreal Canadiens (who could really do with Jagr’s size) seem to be much more realistic than a surprise return to Broadway. When will these NY rumours end? The day he actually signs somewhere else, so get used to hearing about them.


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  • If we are just talking about plain skill here, then Jagr would be nice fit with Gaborik on the top line IMO. But there is so much more that goes into having Jagr on your team (as you mentioned). Signing him would be taking a step backwards for the organization. And can you imagine the relationship he would have with Torts? Yikes!

      • That’s the only way I see it too. One of Jagr or Gaborik will have to switch over to the left. And you know for dam sure it won’t be Jagr.

  • What ego? His last tenure he played renney hockey. Actually backchecked and had a great season.

    We chased him off because it was Scott and chris’ team now.

    Haha. What a stupid movethat was.

    Like I have said previously. Roll out the red carpet. My arms are wide open for hi return.

    Slot him on the left side of step and gabby.

    No one holds the puck better than jagr. Still. Crosby close but he’s no jagr.

    1 yr 4 mil. Take it or leave it.

    • Mikeyyy, I LOVE the guy and yes, he did play the team game in his last year but you can’t argue that the guy has a big personality and ego that could clash with a coach like Torts.

      I agree with you about holding the puck too – he’s phenomenal. But Torts even makes a skill guy like Gaborik dump and chase (tow the team line….) so would he make Jagr do it too?!

      and no way would I give him 4m either. 2m max.

      • Torts can’t have his cake and eat it too

        You can’t ask for a game breaker without an ego.

        They don’t exist. Plus I think it would be great for steps development. He might even teach gabby a trick or two.

        Nyr needs an ego. They don’t have one.

        Torts castrated Avery. Snubbed dubi to lw duty. Demoted mdz.

        To play with an edge you need alittle ego.

        How did mess and Keenan get along. Those are two big egos bit they managed to win a cup.

        • I kinda agree with you. I think you need a few big personalities in a dressing room and most star players have one unless you are Mr Boring Crosby. BUT… what I am saying is that Torts doesn’t seem to tolerate them.

  • The Rangers need Jagr like I need another expensive tie. Sure I could always use another nice tie (who doesn’t?) but when you think about it, you have to ask yourself, does it fit with the rest of the ensemble?

    Jagr, while skilled, doesn’t fit the makeup of this team. Plus we are set at RW. Don’t see a fit.

    • All of your concerns are noted Suit and on point, but the real question would be how would the Torts/Jagr dynamic work. If both would be willing to bend a little then I believe a one year contract might not be a bad idea. Doubtful Jagr will embrace Torts style though. I think it may work only if Gaborik would be amenable to switching to the left.

      And you can lie to us Suit but don’t lie to yourself, you know when the Brooks Brothers summer tie styles hits the racks you will be the first one on line.

  • Brian totally see your point bro, and egos can get in the way winning, but in this case I would side with Torts. The entire roster is built to Torts specs using Sather’s materials. One piece doesn’t fit and the whole thing can come down.

    See not all my metaphors are white collar related!

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