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Cap Increasing; Increases Rangers Likelihood of Spending Spree?

Any Rangers fans that thought the Rangers would be relatively inactive during the free agent frenzy starting July 1st, well you were probably going to be wrong and if you weren’t wrong before the news broke about an increasing cap limit then you certainly are now.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly, speaking at a Lawyers’ conference in D.C. recently discussed the increase in league revenues and he also made mention of likely cap increases. The revenue for the league expects to rise, close to $3 billion, up from $2.7 billion.

“It appears our salary cap will be going up.” Projects new cap will be $60.5M to $63.5M, up from $59.4M this yr.

So, looking at the middle ground as a safe bet the cap could be close to $62m, up considerably from the current limit of £59.4 million. What does this mean for the Rangers? Well simply put, potentially a great deal. The Rangers do have important roster players to re-sign in Callahan, Dubinsky, Anisimov and Boyle (among others) yet looking specifically at Callahan and Dubinsky – even if they more than double their salaries there will be a lot of money left. This cap increase of course has a knock on effect throughout the line up. Chris Drury’s potential buy out becomes easier to absorb (making it more likely?), Wojtek Wolski and players such as Erik Christensen’s future may also be under threat. So much, so many players are affected by the final cap figure.

The Rangers have a big decision to make. If Sather and his team think the core is set and it ‘merely’ needs some top level talent added to it to become a serious contender in the East you may indeed see the likes of Drury jettisoned. With the extra cap space Drury’s departure creates, in addition to the cap space created by the truly awful circumstances around Derek Boogaard the Rangers may become very aggressive in free agency. Given Sather’s free agent dealings in the past however, that makes many fans nervous and for good reason when you think of Redden, Wade and Gomez, Scott to name a few. Of course the Rangers may not be active in free agency……. (Tumbleweed)

The Rangers are almost certainly going to go after Brad Richards. The extra cap space the aforementioned cap fall out creates could see Sather also go after a defenseman such as Kevin Bieksa, Christian Ehrhoff, Tomas Kaberle, James Wisniewski or Joni Pitkanen to name a few. Of course all this speculation about cap space then spirals out of control. Would the Rangers consider going after restricted free agents? Cap space, depth in the organisation and picks may allow Sather to deal for a star such as Shea Weber or an underperforming elite talent such as Zach Bogosian. The mind wanders with all this talk of spending money. All that is left is for the cap figure to be finalised and to watch what Sather does next. Nervous?


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  1. And yes, I’m nervous. I don’t want any of those defensemen…save Shea Weber, but he’s not going anywhere.

    1. Totally agree, not only do we not need those defencemen but let other teams handcuff themselves with $5mil+ contracts with no-trades clauses.

  2. I’m hesitent about poaching RFAs because it costs draft picks and promotes revenge poaching. Of course, Weber is worth the 4 1st round picks it would cost.

  3. I also don’t think there is going to be a huge spending spree a la 2007 and 2008. I am hopeful that there are calculated moves, like Richards, that are essential to the long term success of the team.

    If I were a betting man, I would bet on Richards and a big time LW (or someone that can play LW)via trade.

  4. I think richards and Gagne are the moves at the end of the day… the defensman that are UFA’s are good, but will get more then they deserve and i hope the Rangers do not give in to that, they are already strapped with some bad contracts… If they are going to trade for a LW, I don’t really know of any 1st line LWingers that teams will be willing to move… any rumors out there…

    On a side note, Joe Thornton is a loveable loser, but showed a lot of guts playing wit a seperated shoulder…

    1. The summer cap doesn’t mean all that much, especially with teams allow to go up to 10% over the summer cap until camp. That’s another potential 6m. Redden will be gone by camp again.

      Dave/Suit… simple error! dollar sign and pound sign right next to each other on my laptop! Even us Brits know the difference 😉

  5. Weber is a tank. If we got him and richards we are instant contenders. Totally worth the four first rounders since we do horrible with them anyway. I would bet the house on weber. I would give him a Kovalchuck contract. No joke. he’s that good.

    1. Staal, Kreider, McIlrath…not exactly terrible, but I see where you’re going here. We have a window to win, and Weber would be a huge help.

      But, what do you do if you sign Weber, forfeit those picks, and then all of a sudden MDZ finds his game?

      1. You have the greatest power play in hockey history. That’s what happens lol. I would expect to score roughly every other time if that were to be the case.

    2. I agree that Weber would be great but not at Kovalchucks contract. No one but the Devils are dumb enough to sign anyone for that length.I know that I’m in the minority but I would not go after Richards.He is damaged agoods after suffering a concussion last year and my gut feeling is that he would be another Erick Lindross if we sign him.How would we handle 3 huge saleries (Radden,Drury and Richards) with deabeat players. It would set us back for years to come. I like Paul Statsny better if there was a way to plry him away from Colorado.

      On another note, what’s up with Tortarella not attending Boogart’s funeral? He claims that the Doctors did not clear him to fly do to his recent surgary.If I was the coach and one of my players died,I would persue every form of transportation even hitch hike on crutches if I had to, to be there and pay my respects to the players family. What a lousy excuse.

      1. It’s Saskatchewan. Not exactly the most convenient place to go. He did have surgery also, there was a post about it on one blog I read roughly a week or two before boogaard died.

  6. It’s still no excuse,I wood have gone on a dog sled if I had to. He was a Ranger after all and Torts was his coach!

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