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Glen Should Fix A Boog Mistake

I try to be fair when talking about Sather’s acquisitions, I really do. Knowing people in the organization and understanding the work that they do, I try to be somewhere between an objective businessman and an over opinionated (but equally entertaining!) fan. But every summer I seem to be scratching my head, as most Rangers fans do. One year it’s Drury and Gomez, another year it’s Redden or Brashear, and last offseason it was Boogaard.

Sather has at least corrected most of these problems, but now begs the question, can he finish the job?

Never in a million years would I have thought Glen would be able to unload Gomez and Brashear, or have the stugots to bury Redden in Hartford. Well now it’s time for Sather to fix his last mistake. It’s time unload Derek Boogaard.

He was brought here to make sure that Lundqvist would never get run over again, but let’s face it. A guy who plays 5 minutes a game isn’t going to have that kind of effect on a lineup. You could try to trade Boogie and there might be some takers (hey it worked for Brash), you could bury him in Hartford, or you could just buy him out. Burying him in Hartford wouldn’t affect anyone’s ice time. Buying him out would only leave about a $500K cap hit, albeit till 2016-2017.

Is it a perfect situation? No. Far from it. And really, how many people could we possibly buyout this summer? However, keeping him does nothing to improve this team. He can’t skate, he can’t forecheck, and he can’t really hit, since he can’t catch up to anyone. Oh and the whole fighting thing? He can barely do that either. Not that Derek can’t through down, he has the ability, but whose willing to fight him? He’s 6’7-6’8!

Glen needs to acquire someone who can take the load off of Prust, so he can concentrate on actually playing hockey. Boogie doesn’t fill this need. Finding an enforcer isn’t a chore, but watching Boogaard try to play hockey is.

Do us a favor Sather, fix your last mistake and all debts are paid.

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  • as long as we get someone who can play hockey and take the load off prust and avery then im in. a lineup with prust having to get dirty hurts our team

  • I would bury him in Hartford for next season – see if he can handle a year in the “A” and then re-assess it after the season when Drury’s and Avery’s contracts come off the books. If he can’t hack it there then he will have more of an impetus to simply retire. This way at least for the time being he doesn’t take a roster spot from someone. I would rather see a Kris Newbury or a Dale Weise on the roster as a 4th liner. At least we would get some two-way play along with the sandpaper.

    And don’t sell yourself short Suit, I bet you could take him one-on-one if Boogie’s gloves were glued onto to his hands.

  • I have yet to hear of a solution to the enforcer problem. Any suggestions? Maybe get Koci from Avalanche in the deal for Stastny? Just kidding! He’s UFA. Maybe pens let Godard go?

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