Sunday Link Dump

It’s Sunday, time for the pre-game link dump.  Enjoy these articles while waiting for the game to start.

This is a rather old one, but Laurie Carr at Beyond the Blueshirts has a great interview with Artem Anisimov about how he is not pleased with his successful sophomore season.  He wants to get better and be a key cog on the Rangers, and that desire is what I think will make him a successful player in the long run.

Eric at 5-hole made a few of his own History Will Be Made videos involving the Rangers.  They are all very good, and will get you pumped for Game Three today.

Nick Montemagno at Rangers Tribune has a detailed preview of today’s game.  The last paragraph is definitely worth reading:

And one last thing. If you are attending today’s game at Madison Square Garden like I am, please do not boo the team if they struggle early on, because that is simply giving up. This team has rallied all season long, so it is our duty to give them the support they need until the final buzzer. Believe it or not, they are counting on us today just as much as we are counting on them. Do your job and hopefully they will do theirs.

I agree.

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