Thoughts and Musings (Jeremy Edition)

Hello. Happy Thursday. Let’s dive right in.

-A win would be nice, sometime soon.

-I wonder how much of Drury’s ineffectiveness can be traced to the knee injury. All of it? Some of it? Or is it completely not related?

-This team needs Gaborik, more than ever. They can’t really survive with no dynamic threat.

-Having complimentary guys is great. But, your complimentary guys can’t be your stars, your leading guys. That’s a recipe for disaster.

-And if Hank isn’t performing, well, say goodbye to playoff hopes. This off stretch usually comes in November, not February. Concerning, to say the least.

-February 28th is National Hate Sidney Crosby Day. Just sayin’.

-I wouldn’t mind Tomas Kaberle. He’s not great defensively. But he’s got that boom boom pow from the point. And we sure as hell need that.

-I still think MDZ needs to go back to Hartford. I didn’t notice anything terrible about Eminger’s play. In fact, they were winning when he was in. Coincidence? Probably. But you get the point.

-MDZ is young, still has talent, still has potential. Just needs to work out the kinks. This is someone with no minor league seasoning. Going straight from juniors to the pros is tough. Some guys can handle it. Some can’t. MDZ obviously needs a little more time. So give it to him.

-I’m still so impressed by McDonagh and Sauer. Can’t believe they are rookies. They don’t look like rookies.

-That’s why you don’t need MDZ up here. Because McDonagh looks like he is a 10 year pro. So, let MDZ develop. The big club is no rush. He’s not adding anything to the PP, so let him develop.

-At least try McDonagh on the PP. I know that’s not his strength. But, I could probably help the PP at this point, and I haven’t laced up the skates and put on the pads in years.

-Speaking of years, my birthday is a month for today. Go me.

-And, if anyone guesses my age in the comments, I’ll send you a virtual high five.


-I think the big thing for the Rangers is just to relax. Take a deep breath. Get back to the grinding, physical style that worked so well. Go to the net. Win the battles in the corners. And hope for good goaltending. If you do that, you can win. If you keep falling behind, and letting teams out physical you, you’re going to lose. Get back to Rangers hockey.

-I’ll be taking a bit of a sabbatical from BSB. Living here in Allentown, it’s hard to get the games, and when I do, I’m often busy. I’m not producing the type of work that I want, and I don’t think it’s fair to y’all. I’ll be back in the summer, when things are quieter here, and I can (hopefully) get the Center Ice Package. The BSB community, Dave, Chris, everyone, has just been terrific, and it’s been a blast to write here. It isn’t goodbye. It’s see you later (and in the ranks of cheesy lines, that has to be up there. I have to end with something better). Ok, I’ll end with this. Go Rangers, and I’ll see you in a bit.