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Unfortunately Jeremy can’t write his very entertaining thoughts and musings any more (Jeremy, you’ll be missed, please come back!) so I’m going to try and have a go. Here’s hoping they’re half as good as Jeremy’s ramblings. Forgive me if I stray too much….Anyway, let’s get into it!

If you follow me, Michael Gleich or a few others on twitter you’ll have seen our little chat last night on Tomas Kaberle. Here’s what I meant: I think he can make a big difference in NY. I think addressing the woeful PP with the Leafs blueliner can help the Rangers go deep(er). What cost does it take to get him? Who knows but just getting to the conference finals would be huge for the development of Sauer, McDonagh, Stepan, even Dubinsky, Anisimov and Callahan. It can help the kids learn how to win and if all the addition of Kaberle did was to give these kids a winning attitude and substantial experience of the playoffs it may be worth it. Just not at any cost.

  • Definition of Annoying? It’s taken nearly two weeks (!) to get my laptop fixed. At a large cost and it still isn’t 100%. If you’re reading this PC World (unlikely), I’m coming back this afternoon and not as a happy customer.

I know Versus sucks big time but during the Wings game you just had to enjoy them praising McDonagh so much didn’t you?! Pierre McGuire and the commentators were gushing over him becoming a great player for a decade or more for the Rangers. The way he has started his NY career is promising in a big way. He has so much poise for a guy with a handful of pro games. Thank you Bob Gainey.

  • TV time: Over here in the UK we’ve only just started getting (Steve Buscemi’s) Boardwalk Empire 10 days ago but I love it. What do you guys think? I’m pretty biased as I love almost anything by Martin Scorsese but it’s a great series so far. There’s not much TV I must see but this is one must-see series.

Back to the Rangers; Despite the Kaberle discussions I would rather see the Rangers not get him (unless its robbery – unlikely) and stay the course this year. Maybe add a Richards’ type center in the summer but mainly stick with what they have. Adding Richards and getting Gaborik back to his ‘normal self’ along with the maturing blue line corps, the youth… this team has huge potential especially when you look who is manning the net.

  • Word of warning: I don’t care at what cost. The next time the Rangers get to the Finals I’m on the next plane over from the UK. Seriously. Even without tickets I want to be in the city for the atmosphere and experience. Hopefully it’ll be in the next few years while women hear my accent and still take a passing fancy!
  • I’ve been going old school recently, musically speaking. I’ve been back in the sixties and seventies listening to Creedance, The Stones, The Who and The Kinks. Apparently I’m in my twenties but my music taste very much isn’t. Who cares, that stuff rocks. Exile On Main St: If you don’t own that album, shame on you.
  • Is there a price (in the summer) that if Ryan Callahan or Brandon Dubinsky demand it, then the Rangers would consider walking away/or look to move them? Or are we certain they’re coming back? We know Mr Sather’s history with RFA’s…. This is just me scaremongering. I think they’re certainly coming back I’m just alerting you all to the other side of the coin…
  • Is Mike Sauer making Dylan Mcilrath and Pavel Valentenko redundant before they even have a chance in NY themselves? Maybe. Probably not. You can never have enough good defenders though and worst case scenario you deal from a position of strength. I really like what’s happening with the organisation’s defensive depth.
  • I’ve rambled on too much now but a parting (Rangers) thought for you all to consider: When will Evgeny Grachev be ready? Will he be ready? Or will other kids such as Chris Kreider, Christian Thomas and Carl Hagelin catch and then pass him by? Does Grachev have to be worried about other prospects yet? Give it some though, I’m sure he has.

I promise the next musings will be briefer and easier to read… we Brits like to waffle and go on longer than necessary….. Go Rangers!

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  • I could see Pavel Valentenko becoming redundant but certainly not McIlrath, at least if he develops close to his projection. I believe that Tomas Kundratek is a righty as well.

    Since you are going old school you may want to check out the Who’s 4 disc compilation “30 years of Maximum R&B” – you will never have to buy another Who album again.

    • I think Tenk is trade bait now…Sauer has made sure of that.

      McIlrath and Sauer are different players though, McIlrath has a mean streak, Sauer is just a solid defender.

      • The only thing that makes Tenk not bait as such is his booming shot. He clearly, going on reports, has a better shot than Sauer and McDonagh so that may give him a chance next season. Other than that advantage he may be up for grabs

        • We have so many solid defenders, that it’s tough to say who stays and goes. Everyone has an upside and a downside. Downside on Tenk is that he isn’t a fluid skater.

          • yeah, this team will have a lot of good skaters in the coming years so that may cost Tenk but you never know. Dare we look ahead but training camp next year could be really fierce.

          • The competition is going to be intense, but in the end I think it winds up costing Gilroy his NYR spot next year.

  • “Hopefully it’ll be in the next few years while women hear my accent and still take a passing fancy!”

    Really dude? Come on

          • hilarious?! That’s not good! lol… Do you guys watch Frasier? the brother of Daphne?! well we dont all sound like that!… As you guys know! Was my accent really that hilarious?! My friend loved the New York accent by the way!

          • umm I already told you I’d find you hussies who love it slash get you a sitcom b/c the two of you were ludicrous.. and what is the “New York accent??”

          • we’d love our own sitcom. Do you think there’s a market in the US for a sitcom based on two young drunken Brits?! If needed we can exaggerate posh! lol

            What is the NY accent? its very distinct but i couldn’t describe it. It’s not a bad thing though!!

          • WAH I do not have an accent. I’ll look into the market for gongy Brits and get back to you fool

  • First, The Who “Isle of Wight” festival. Woe.

    Bought a stack of 20-year old, heavy-duty Harmon Kardons and Polk Audio speakers to do Pete and Moon the Loon justice at 120 dbs. Then NetFlix’d Beastie Boys at MSG/”Awesome, I F**king Shot That” DVD. Stellar.

    Now to the Blueshirt ‘biz. Kaberle? Please. Go away. Desist.

    Florida’s McCabe, maybe, if the price consists of a package of say EC, Weise, Kolarik, Per Djoos or Dale Rolfe.

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